You know, South Indian cuisine is a deliciously yummy and popular food throughout India. In the food of this region, everything revolves around rice. Here food is generally cooked with Coconut and regional spices.


South Indian foods are well known for the use of tamarind for its characteristic sour flavour, and you may be familiar with Sambar and rasam originating from this region. Here we list the 13 best South Indian cuisines that are famous for their aromatic flavour.


Top 13 South Indian Foods




1. Chicken Chettinad:

Chicken Chettinad is a famous cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. This South Indian dish uses a variety of spices, including fennel, kalpasi, bay leaf, cumin, tamarind and turmeric. In this style of cooking, dishes are not overwhelmed with spices, yet the complexity of the flavour of Chicken Chettinad is so vivid and strong. If you are an explorer or an avid traveller, you must try this dish when heading towards Southern India.



2. Fish Molee:

Fish Molee is a famous South Indian fish curry also known as Meen Moilee. The dish is stewed in Coconut based milk gravy with a very low quantity of spices. Surprisingly, no coriander or cumin is used in the dish. It gets its hotness due to green chilli pepper, black pepper and ginger only. The delicious cuisines of Kerala are one of the state’s main tourist attractions, and you will love eating Fish Molee from RailRestro while on a train journey to God’s own country.



3. Mutton Kola Urundai

Mutton Kola Urundai is a crispy ball made with minced mutton and spices. Similar to Kofta, these balls are aromatic appetizer food. Crispy on the outside and juicy from the inside, this dish originated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This Chettinad style cuisine is made for special occasions. However, you can order it from RailRestro with some traditional chutney from Southern India.



4. Masala Dosa:

Masala Dosa is the most ordered restaurant food famous for its slight tangy and savoury taste. Dosa is a thin crepe made with fermented rice batter. The crepe is stuffed with lightly cooked potatoes, coriander leaves, onion, and spices. Some people might suggest Dosa as an unhealthy food; however, it is a healthy snack with low saturated fats and natural ingredients.



5. Kerala Karimeen Fry:

Are you a seafood lover? If yes, then you will not regret eating Kerala Karimeen Fry. Karimeen is a popular fish in Kerala which is also known as Pearl Spot. The fish has a unique flavour due to the sweetness of fresh water and the salinity of ocean water. The dish is prepared by coating fish with spicy masala and then deep-fried. Karimeen fry is mainly served as lunch in houseboats in Kerala. However, you can order it from the RailRestro app while travelling to South Indian regions.



6. Idli Sambar:

Soft, Fluffy, and amazingly delicious Idli Sambar is a famous meal from Southern India. Idli is a rice cake made up of steaming fermented rice and lentil batter. Sambar is a savoury stew made with mixed vegetables, lentils, tamarind, and regional herbs from the Dravidian hills. This recipe is loved throughout India, and you can relish it as a delicious breakfast anytime during your trips.



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7. Ayala Curry:

Ayala is the Indian Mackerel spices of fish. The fish is used for cooking a variety of dishes, out of which Ayala curry is the most popular. The dish is known for its red colour gravy which is deliciously flavorful. Ayala curry is for those who wish to enjoy the bold flavour of typical South Indian fish curry. Relish the hot and spicy Ayala while travelling with your loved ones for a delightful experience.



8. Prawn Kuzhambu:

Prawn Kuzhambu is a South Indian style gravy dish cooked with prawns, Coconut, spices. Medium sized or small sized prawns are a good choice because they absorb spices very well. Prawns are marinated in turmeric and salt and then cooked in tomato and coconut gravy. The semisweet, mildly salty and savoury taste of Prawn Kuzhambu will leave you amazed during any time of the day.



9. Kheema with Coconut Curry:

Kheema with Coconut is a popular speciality dish from Kerala. This non-veg food is made by mincing meat in a freshly ground coconut with aromatic spices, green chillies and mint leaves. Southern India is known for its incredible variety of cuisines. Kheema goes well with chapatti or rice. However, the dish is also associated with Mughals; it has a perfectly distinguished South Indian flavour.



10. Hyderabadi Biryani:

The aroma of Saffron, the flavour of Zafran, and the tender taste of meat or chicken describe well the Hyderabadi Biryani. The dish is cooked traditionally so that its spices get infused deeply into the recipe. The taste of Hyderabadi Biryani is different from all the traditional Biryanis originating from India. This exotic Pulao style cooked non-veg rice recipe will offer you a taste of paradise.



11. Chicken Stew with Appams:

Chicken Stew with Appam is popular breakfast food in Kerala. Chicken Stew is relished with Appams, which are round, fluffy pancakes crispy on the edges. People love eating the delectable thick gravy of this recipe which is elevated by adding fresh coconut milk. Often served hot to your table, this popular Chicken dish will brighten up your breakfast delight.



12. Korri Gassi:

Kori Gassi is a less known yet delicious non-veg recipe from Karnataka. Also known as Mangalorean curry, in this recipe, Kori means chicken, and Gussi means curry. It is a signature dish of the Bunt community. This creamy and delicately spiced chicken curry will offer you a phenomenal taste while travelling.



13. Uttapam:

Uttapam, aka Uttappa or Oothappam, is a South Indian pancake. The dish is prepared with rice and an urad daal batter. It is crispy with golden edges and pulpy soft at the centre with veggies topping. This recipe is a popular breakfast in three states of Southern India. In Kerala, it is known as Oothappam; in Karnataka, the recipe is called Uttappa, and in Tamil Nadu, it is known as Uthappam.


How to Order South Indian Food in IRCTC Trains?


Follow the steps below to order South Indian Food in IRCTC trains:


• Install RailRestro App or visit its website (Its leading IRCTC e-catering Partner)
• Enter your PNR number to order food
• Select the restaurant and station where you want delivery of your meal
• Choose the South Indian food items you want to eat from the menu
• Proceed to the payment option for confirming your order
• You can either choose to pay online or select Cash on Delivery, COD
• After successful payment, your order for the meal will be taken, and you will receive the confirmation on your email and mobile via SMS


Chat with a co-passenger, and enjoy the train ride till your meal arrives at your seat. At RailRestro, our restaurant partners are FSSAI approved, and they specialize in South Indian Cuisines, so always serve a delicious meal to you.


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Why Is South Indian Food Healthy?


South Indian foods like idli, Dosa and uttapam are good for health because they are fermented. According to scientific researches, fermentation improves the digestibility of the food, improves Vitamin B absorption, and boosts the immune system. Fermentation is good for a healthy microbiota. Therefore South Indian cuisines are healthy foods.


Why Are South Indian Dishes So Popular?


South Indian Dishes have a unique taste due to the variety of spices used. Also, their cuisines have the influence of Dravidian culture. They have retained the age old (4500 years old) food culture. You will still find steamed dumplings with Coconut and food served in banana leaves, indigenous Kari Podi or curry powder, and jaggery and cardamom in a rice wrapper are so popular.


Is Dosa a Junk Food?


Not really! Dosa is not junk food. This is because dosa batter consists of rice which has zero cholesterol or dietary fat. Dietary fat or Trans fat increases the risk of heart problems or other health problems. Also, the Dosa is eaten with Sambar and Chutney. Sambar is made with lentils and vegetables, which add to its nutritional value regardless of the oil used in cooking this recipe. Whereas, Chutney is prepared by grounding Coconut with peanuts or coriander leaves to add texture and flavour.


South India is well connected with the Indian Railway network. Whether it is Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, or Andhra Pradesh, you can reach all the destinations conveniently with trains. RailRestro provides you best veg and non-veg food in trains. They also provide regional food from Southern India on trains. Moreover, you can also get huge discounts on your food order. Heavy discounts are provided if you order food in bulk. You can also track your food order status on the website and app.


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