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India is blessed with home of wonders. Choices for destination to travel in India seem to be infinite. From cultural sites to historical palaces, scenic cities to beaches;there’re multiple locations to select for a perfect gateway and a relaxed stay.There are few reasons for travelling; some travel for business purpose, some travel for recreation and some are those who love traveling to explore the world. If you are traveler enthusiast and want to enjoy the journey with moving sceneries’ and delicious food; the Indian Railways is best option for you. It is one of the largest and biggest railway networks in the world that connects 16 zones of the country. Our Railways offer a pleasing experience to the travellers with delicious food in train. Some of the Railway stations of our country show amazing architectural style like Royapuram Railway station, Ghum railway station etc. Our Railways offer journey in train at economical price rate which is economically supports you to travel more. Indian Railways provides many facilities to its passengers for making their journey memorable.

Facilities Provided by Indian Railways to the Passengers:

  1. Wi-Fi at Railway Stations:
    Indian Railways has taken the initiative to provide free Wi-Fi connection on railway stations for 2 hours. This facility is not only for railway people, it is for everyone who has a Smartphone and at railway station. To connect with Railwire, switch on Wi-Fi of your smartphone, click on the notification sent from Indian Railways and verify your mobile number. Now you will enjoy free Wi-Fi for 2 hours.

  2. Water ATM’s on Platforms:
    Indian Railways has installed various water vending machines on railway platforms. It helps passengers to buy hygieni cwater at a very low cost compared to other packaged water bottles. Price of water per liter may vary, depending on different divisions, but average cost lies between INR 5 to INR 10 INR per litre. If you don’t have the bottle, ask for it from the vendor. You can purchase it from the vendor at the ATM with a maximum of INR 10.

  3. Special Trains:
    Special festive trains and tourist trains are run by Indian Railways on any festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, Chhath or New Year. Some special trains run for tourism purposes like Maharaja Express, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and Royal Orient Train which are designed to run with special royal facilities.Tickets in these trains have higher chances of confirmation. However, there’re many packages available for tourist trains which needs to be booked in advance.

  4. Digitization of Indian Railways
    Adopting digitization was one of the historical decisions of Indian Railways. The Indian Railways initiated digitization to make journey easy. Now passengers can avail the services of Railways through their smartphones. This step of railways helps to control the crowd before PRS counter. Now passengers can check train schedule online before commuting to station. Booking tickets online help you to save your time. Use RailRestro mobile application or website to check PNR status of the ticket. RailRestro- an official catering partner of IRCTC allows you to check train running status online. If you’re on platform and want to know the upcoming train then you can also check live station via RailRestro app.

  5. Digital Apps:
    Indian Railways provides many facilities via apps. IRCTC app offers many facilities to passengers. To reduce the struggle for ticket booking from PRS counter, use IRCTC’s application. Rail Complaint has been started for the passengers to complain about the problem for their inconvenience. Indian Railways is now more active on Social Media especially on Twitter; you can also address your concern for any inconvenience.
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  6. Food Facilities in train
    Now passengers don’t have to carry an extra luggage for food for train journey. Food delivery in train is a commendable step of our Railways. Many e-catering companies provide food in train and RailRestro being one of them is a catering partner of IRCTC providing . It creates link between passengers with top restaurants. Now passengers can book their favourite food from top restaurants while travelling in train. Download RailRestro food ordering app or visit the official website to avail discount over food orders.

  7. First Aid Facility:
    For any medical emergencies, passengers can contact on number 138 to get first aid treatment. All trains, either Express, super fast or passenger, are provided with first aid box containing essential medicines and dressing materials.

  8. GRP/RPF
    There are two types of police forces active for the safety of passengers and railway property. They’re Government Railway Police (GRP)&Railway Protection Force (RPF). GRP force are available to maintain the law and order, detection, and for investigation of crime on the Railways. The RPF force helps in passenger’s safety. They have the power to investigate arrest and prosecute the criminals.

  9. Waiting Rooms/ 5-star lounge
    Railways waiting rooms are provided for those passengers who have reservation ticket.It is for short term duration and free for the passengers. Passengers can stay here until their train has not arrived.Indian Railways started AC premium lounge on many stations like Kirti Lounge at Ahmedabad, IRCTC lounge at Katra station etc. for the passengers who want to stay for short span of time to wait for their train. They’re available at minimum rates on hourly basis. IRCTC has also planned to inaugurate the concept of POD hotels at many premium stations.

  10. Facilities for Handicapped Travelers
    Passengers who are handicapped can avail the services provided by Indian Railways. Indian railways introduce DIVYANG quota to provide confirm seats to the physically handicapped travelers to travel from one location to other. The cost of DIVYANG quota is cheaper than the general quota. Our Railways provide wheelchairs for those who are unable to walk or need support for mobility from one platform to other.

  11. Ladies Special Facilities
    Indian Railways had increased ladies coaches and quota for traveling. It has provided helpline numbers for help during emergency. Police forces in coaches are also provided for women during train journey.

  12. Platform Maintenance Service:
    With the step of SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN, our railways have contributed to sanitation services by maintaining the cleanliness on the platforms. You can find dustbins on the platforms at the range of every 50 steps. Cleaning and maintenance staffs are also available to clean the platform every few hours.

With such facilities travelers can enjoy their journey via train and explore the vast continent of India.

Learn to travel; travel to learn…..

Author: Rohit Choubey

Rohit is an avid guest blogger as well an eminent digital marketeer. He has immense passion towards food blogging. His hobbies include travelling, cooking and watching movies. He is the content analyst at RailRestro