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Punjab, the land of five rivers and agriculture, is also famous for its food. The local Punjabi food is influenced by the lifestyle of farmers, making it famous all over India.


In terms of agriculture, Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in India, and so, it’s called the breadbasket of the country. Food has a deep impact on Punjabi culture, which can be seen in its varieties of delicacies.


Punjabi Food in Train


Imagine eating Punjabi food on train! Almost every Indian state has a different set of food and culture. Foods and trains unite Indians in a way that’s perhaps not possible with any other means. When travelling by trains in India, you will notice how food, culture, and people diffuse together, making the journey more delightful.


Let us see some of the best Punjabi foods that you can order on train and enjoy while travelling.


1. Sarson Ka Saag Makki Ki Roti:


When it comes to the staple food of Punjab, Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti is the first name that people take for Punjabi foods. Sarson Ka Saag is made from mustard leaves and has a slightly bitter taste. On the other hand, Makki Ki Roti is made from maise flour.

Both Sarso ka Saag and Makki Ki Roti are the best companion for each other, served with desi-ghee and green chillies.


2. Amritsari Kulcha:


Amritsari Kulcha is a Punjabi version of naan, which is crispy yet soft. It has many variants, such as Aloo Kulcha, Masala Kulcha, and Paneer Kulcha, with particular food stuffing. Punjabi Kulcha is spicy and eaten with Channa Chhole with a side drink like lassi or buttermilk.

Besides being delicious, it is an appetising traditional food of Punjab that you can eat while travelling on train.


3. Tandoori Chicken:


Tandoori chicken is also known as Bhatti Da Murg in Punjab. In the courtyard of Punjabi homes, one can find tandoor, which is used to make roti, naan and tandoori chicken.

This is a mouth-watering chicken dish made from medium-sized chicken pieces marinated in spicy gravy. The traditional Punjabi chicken tandoori masala paste is prepared with chilli powder, coriander, turmeric, pepper and other spices. Cooked in a tandoor by placing marinated chicken pieces on skewers, you will love eating it with fresh lemons while travelling on the train.


4. Chhole–Bhature:


Chhole-Bhature is one of the famous foods of Punjab, which is liked all over in India. Made with fine flour (maida) dough and Kabuli chana (chickpea), both Chhole and Bhature complement each other.


Chhole is spicy with a lovely red texture, while Bhature is a slightly deeply fried large crunchy poori. So, when you are travelling on the train and craving food from Punjab, make Chhole-Bhature your first choice.


5. Dal Makhni:


Dal Makhni is a popular Punjabi culture food. It is made with whole black lentil (urad daal), kidney beans (rajma), spices, and butter. Fox nut (makhana) is the ingredient that makes Daal Makhni so special.


All the ingredients are simmered on fire for a prolonged hour to bring the creamy, thick texture. You can eat Daal Makhni with naan or tandoori roti to have a mouthfeel experience while travelling on the train.


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6. Punjabi Fish Fry:


Although fish is not a staple food of Punjab, eating fresh and crispy fish fry is something a native Punjabi can’t resist. Freshwater fish is battered in gram flour (besan) with chilli powder and other spices and then fried in oil till it turns golden. Also known as Amritsari fish fry, it is a healthy, nutritious dish perfect for a train journey.


7. Paneer Tikka:


Paneer Tikka is a special Punjabi dish sometimes referred to as chicken of vegetarians. It is made by cutting paneer in large chunks and then marinating them in spicy tandoori masala. The marinated paneer chunks are thread in skewers and baked in the oven.


However, Punjabis prefer baking paneer tikka in tandoors. Served with onion and lemon, eating nostalgic Paneer Tikka on train would remind you of traditional Punjab.


8. Lassi:


Lassi is a traditional yet famous food of Punjab. It is a curd-based drink that offers enormous health benefits. Generally served in a huge glass with cream and dry fruits toppings, lassi can provide calming effect during a train journey in summers. In addition, if you order lassi from RailRestro, you get the option of different flavours like mango, rose, and strawberry.


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9. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora:


Kadhi Pakora is a famous Punjabi food made from gram flour (besan) and yoghourt mixture. Veg fritters called Pakora is deep-fried and dunked in a curry made from yoghourt. Often, it is served with steamed rice that offers a truly blissful aroma and taste.

If you want to eat a Dhaba styled Punjabi Kadhi Pakora on the train, order it using the RailRestro app now.


10. Pinni:


Pinni is a sweet Punjabi dish mainly eaten in winters. It is made with wheat flour, jaggery, ghee, and dry fruits like almond & cashew. Pinni is cooked on low flame till it turns brown and starts giving a pleasant aroma. Apart from the mesmerising taste of Pinni, Punjabis also eat it as a nutritional supplement which gives them a burst of energy instantly.


These are some of the best Punjabi dishes you will love to indulge. As Punjabi foods are mostly buttery heavy and so, they can make you drool.


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Why are Punjabi Foods so Popular?


Like, Punjabi the food of Punjab is rich and robust. Whether it is Chaach or Lassi, Rumali Roti or stuffed paratha, and any non-veg Punjabi recipe like Chicken Tandoori, the hearty spices and high-quality ingredients make Punjabi foods so popular. Also, Punjabis are famous for warm hospitality and their spirit for foods. All these factors make the food of Punjab popular in India and around the world.


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How can I order Punjabi food on a train?


Exploring the Amritsari taste while travelling by train would be a fantastic experience. Follow the steps below to order Punjabi food on train.


  • Download and install RailRestro App from Google Play Store.
  • Enter the PNR number (travel and passenger info is automatically fetched).
  • Select the restaurant and then Punjabi dishes and from the menu.
  • Next, choose the station at which you want delivery of your Punjabi foods.
  • Finally, you can select the payment method, which is either online or cash on delivery.


After the placement for food order is made successfully, you will receive a confirmation message on the mobile. Further, you will get the delivery of your Punjabi food order at the scheduled station following all the COVID protocols mentioned by the Indian Railways.


RailRestro provides food delivery at many stations in Punjab. You can order your favourite Punjabi food at Ludhiana Junction, Bhatinda Junction, Jalandhar and other popular railway stations of Punjab. Additionally, train passengers can order food in Punjab Mail Express and other trains connecting the state with various destinations across India.


The most beautiful way to enjoy a journey on the train is to eat some delicious food and observe the scene outside through the window. If you are travelling on a train and want to cram down these traditional foods of Punjab, place an order from the RailRestro food in train app. In addition, passengers can use this app to check PNR status, train schedule, live train running status and other information regarding trains.

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