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Pleasant weather, overcast sky, soil smell, and the wet street all remind us about Monsoon. The season makes all of us nostalgic and forces us to think of a time when we used to craft paper boats and float them in water. Undoubtedly, this season means for many of us that God is showering blessings in the form of water. Travelling during this season can turn into one of the best experiences. You can get monsoon special food delivery in train to make it more exciting. RailRestro has got you covered with its wide variety of train food options.


With us, you can order delicious Soup to Garam Chai on train to warm your train trip. 


Delicious Monsoon Meal For Your Train Trip 


Nothing can beat the jugalbandi of delicious hot meals, rainfall, train journey, and leisure time. It’s the perfect moment, isn’t it? Definitely, it’s something that must be experienced. And to enhance your experience, savour your trip with delectable food on train



Chai and Pakora 


During the rainy season, indeed, it’s the most desirable food combo. It waters our mouths, and most of us crave it. You can order this special rainy combo on train and enjoy your trip with tea and its ultimate companion, Pakora. The best train stations for Chai and Pakora are Ahmedabad Junction, Bhatinda railway station, and Nagpur Station. You can order patties in train, like Bread Pakora, Aloo Pakora, Dal Pakora, Eggplant Pakora etc. 





Pizza is an incredible food that we love to relish anytime. While journeying, you can order this Italian dish and enjoy the delicious Pizza on train and the beautiful scenery outside the window. You can get various pizza types, including Tomato pizza, Capsicum pizza, Paneer Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Chicken Pizza and more.





This delectable dish of Mumbai is famous all across the country. Pav Bhaji, prepared with mashed spiced vegetables like capsicum, beetroot, pea, potatoes, carrot, and cauliflower, blended with special Maharashtrian Masala, served with grilled fluffy bread, tastes epic in the season of rain. 



Medu Vada 


Medu Vada is a crispy, fluffy, soft breakfast dish prepared with black gram lentils, spices, and herbs. The dish is fried deep in oil and served hot with sambar and coconut chutney. The savoury doughnut-shaped snack is a popular South Indian that you can order as your meal at Mysuru railway station, Chennai Central, Bengaluru Cantt. as your comfort treats on rainy days.    





Warm soup in misty weather is all you need to complete your train journey. The liquid food, prepared with a healthy combination of vegetables, spices, and herbs, is a healthy and delicious meal you can have for breakfast on train. You can order various soups, including tomato, ginger, corn, and Korean. 





A sandwich is a delicious dish filled with veggies, cheese, and paneer between the two slices of bread. The snacky meal is one of the great treats on train you can give yourself during your journey. You can relish the dish with tomato ketchup and green chutney. You can also order chai or coffee with it, according to your preference.


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Aloo Paratha


North Indian popular flatbread dish- Aloo Paratha, is a classic Punjabi dish prepared with mashed potato stuffing. It’s a crisp, savoury, and hearty dish you can relish with plain curd, cucumber raita, tomato sauce etc. Apart from this stuffed paratha, you can also have other paratha varieties like Paneer Paratha, Sattu Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, etc. 





What can be better than having Pasta in train? Whether you’re looking for a dinner option on train or a cosy dish, macaroni, spaghetti, or Pasta is a delicious meal. You can order a range of pasta varieties from white sauce pasta to Red Sauce Pasta, Cheese Pasta to Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Pasta to Veg Pasta, and get its delivery right to your seat. 



Spring Roll 


The list of Monsoon special dishes can only be completed with the Spring roll. The thin paper wrap dish, made from flour and water, filled with the stuffings of veggies, has the scrumptious taste you can have while journeying. Apart from this roll variety, you can also order chicken rolls, egg rolls, veg rolls etc. During the Monsoon, they can enjoy masala tea or coffee. 





The famous dumpling dish from the streets of Nepal, Momos, is a platter almost everyone craves in the evening. Serving with mayonnaise, tomato-chilli sauce, and Schezwan chutney is a complete treat. You can get veg momos, chicken momos, fried momos, and paneer momos on train, making your travel to your desired destination a beautiful experience.


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How to Order Monsoon Food in Train 


You can conveniently order food in train with RailRestro e-catering app and website. Here is the step-by-step guide to ordering hot, fresh, and hygienic food in train: 


  • To order food in train, provide your PNR number or train details. 
  • Click on the “Order Now” button. You will be directed to a page listed en route stations’ restaurants. 
  • Explore the menu of these restaurants, and choose the preferred food you want to relish in Monsoon. 
  • Proceed with your order process by entering your personal details. 
  • Apply any code if applicable. Pay the order value. You can also choose to pay by COD. 


Now, Relax, you’ll get your food delivered on the train, when your train reaches your selected railway station for food delivery. 




Monsoon special dishes are all for making your journey on rainy days a complete travel experience. However, if you’re travelling in Monsoon, make sure you travel hassle-free and conveniently. 


In addition, take care of your health while travelling. If street foods or oily foods don’t suit your health. Go for healthy dishes. As with the RailRestro e-catering services, you can order healthy snacks and food on train. 


FAQs Related to Monsoon Food Delivery in Train 


Which food delivery app is available in train?


There are various food delivery apps available on the google play store and app store. RailRestro is one of the renowned food delivery apps in India, through which you can order a range of food in train and get its delivery at your desired railway station. RailRestro food delivery service is available at over 500 railway stations in India. 


Can we order food while Travelling in train?


Yes, with RailRestro, you can order food while travelling in train by entering your train details or PNR number. Moreover, you can also pre-book your meal with its app or website and get free delivery in train. 


How do I order food in train if the train is late?


In Monsoon, sometimes, the train gets delayed because of heavy rain or waterlogging. In that case, also, you can order food in train through your customer care executive at 8102202203. The executive will assist you in getting food delivery in train even in unfavourable circumstances. 


Can I get free food in train?


With RailRestro’s first meal-free scheme, you can get free food in train. You just need to pre-book your meal, apply the coupon code “MYFIRST”, and get free food delivery in train. Under this scheme, first-time users of RailRestro get RS. 75 discount on their first meal order and RS 75 cashback in their wallet. Note that the end RailRestro First meal free scheme is subject to the company’s decision. 


How does railway e-catering work?


RailRestro e-catering works on a service model in which the food company gets a partnership with FSSAI-approved restaurants located nearby the railway stations and takes food orders through its app and web and ensures its timely delivery directly at the passengers’ train seat at their desired railway station. The e-catering service aims to deliver food on all the IRCTC trains, including pantry or non-pantry cars.

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Author: Sakshi Kumari