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Shravan also called Sawan, Sharavana, Shrawan is one of the auspicious months according to the Hindu calendar. During this month, people who follow Sanatan Dharm consume sattvic food by avoiding non-veg dishes, and food items that include onion and garlic.  



So, for the convenience of rail passengers,  RailRestro, an online e-catering company serves shravan special dishes on trains. You can order a range of special food including Sabudana, Kichadi, Sattvic thali, Kheer etc on your religious trip in Sawan.  


Shravan 2023: An Overview 


In Sharavan, people worship Lord Shiva and ask for his blessings. They also visit different places and temples dedicated to lord Shiva. Usually, devotees first visit Ganga and take its holy water in a mud pot for the Abhishekam of Shiva and then visit any of the temples dedicated to Shankar. Sawan month 2023 is of 58 days, offering people an opportunity to visit numerous destinations in this holy month. 


However, what worries pilgrims during travelling is their food requirements. Since, following a sattvik food diet gets a bit difficult outside. RailRestro Shrawan special food services ease the hassle of Kanwariya travelling through rails. They can order pure veg food in train free from onion and garlic in shravan and take the pious trip without any trouble. 


Sawan Special Dishes to Order in Train 


Wondering! What you can order in train during your Shrawan trip? As, you might observe fast on each Monday of the month or just strictly follow the sawan diet plan. To ease your trouble, here, we have listed some of the must try Sawan special dishes in train. 



Sabudana Khichadi 


Travelling by train and you’re observing Shravan Somwar fast? Then try out Sabudana Kichadi on train. It is one of the best Sawan Mahina recipes, prepared with soaked sabudana, vegetables, and some local spices. Sabudana Khichdi is a dish popularly relished on fast during Shrawan, Navratri etc. The dish is a good source of energy and carbohydrates. Moreover, it is also easy-to-digest, which makes it the best food to consume while travelling. 



Sattvik Thali 


Sattvik thali is a complete festive thali meal you can order while travelling. The thali contains Sabudana khichdi, Veggies, Kathu ki puri,  Gulab jamun, and Pickle. You can relish this thali for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sattvik meal is a delicious and light recipe, specially for the people performing fast. For more information, you can read – How to Order Sattvik Food on IRCTC Trains during Shravan Month



Curd Rice 


What can be better than this curd rice option on train, especially during the fast? The combo dish is the coolest and simplest dish ever. You can get the curd rice on train for your comfort meal during your breakfast or lunch. The south Indian dish, prepared with only few ingredients like precooked rice, salt, and local aromatic spices, is also the healthiest and delicious food option, you must try on your auspicious shrawan trip.  



Plain Dosa 


The crispy South Indian dish, plain dosa is one of the most ordered breakfast dishes during festivals. The dish is  served with coconut chutney and Sambar prepared by following Jain food recipes. It is a pure-veg food, kanwariyas can have without any worry. RailRestro e-catering partnered restaurants prepare and serve sawan special food in train by following all the rituals. You can order plain dosa for your breakfast especially if you’re travelling through South Indian states. 



Jain Delight Box 


If you’re not on fast but following the Sawan Mahina diet plan, you can order the Jain thali in train. Pure Jain thali is a meal prepared by following Jain special recipes. The jain meal avoids food ingredients including onion, garlic, potato or any kind of root veggies. The meal box contains Sweet, Shahi Paneer, Salad, Plain Roti, Pickle, Rice, Dal, and Mix Veg.  Apart from the Jain delight box, you can also order Jain special food in train





This Gujarati delicacy, Dhokla is the healthiest and savoury cake dish. It is a light-weight, soft and spongy dish. You can relish it as a snack with coconut chutney while journeying. The dish is prepared with gram flour and spices, and tastes delicious.  You can order Dhokla on the train during Shrawan month and enjoy it as your Sattvik snack. The dish, simply steamed, is easy to bake and digest . You must try it. 





The sawan special food list also enlist the South Indian dish Idli. It is a pure veg food, prepared using rice and pulse batter. In shravan, RailRestro partnered restaurants prepare the dish by following all rituals you can have during Sawan without compromising your religious beliefs. Idli can be served with Chutney and Sambar, prepared using those ingredients, allowed in shravan special dishes. 





If you’re on fast and can eat only sweets. Kheer can be your train meal to satiate your hunger. It is a popular dessert, usually prepared at home for any special occasion. It is made  using rice, milk, sugar, and dry fruits. During the auspicious month of Sawan, you can order the dish on train. Moreover, you can get plain puri with Kheer, if you prefer to eat this combo during your fasting. 


In addition, you can also order any of the dishes at over 450+ railway stations with a special instruction of Shrawan food with RailRestro train food app. Our food in train services is known for providing customised food on train. 


What is the special food of Sawan month?


You can get an array of Sawan special dishes on train including Sabudana Khichdi, Kheer, Plain Dosa, Idli, Dhokla, Jain Delight box, Sattvik Thali, etc. Moreover, you can also order customised Sawan mahina food on train. 


What should I eat in Sawan and What not? 


Sawan is a holy month according to the Hindu calendar. During this month, people avoid food ingredients like meat based food, onion, garlic, etc. Moreover, they prefer to eat fruits, sattvik food items, and desserts. You can also get Sattvik or sawan special food delivery in train while journeying and enjoy your rail ride.  


RailRestro wishes you a happy Kanwar Yatra!

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Author: Sakshi Kumari