The train is one of the fascinating ways of travelling in India. It offers an economical, accessible, safe, and memorable ride to almost everyone. However, people travelling by it experience a need for good and affordable meals on train. Usually, rail passengers need to pack home-cooked dishes to have on the train. But it gets contaminated during long train journeys, making train travelling a boring experience. 



Understanding this, with the mission of providing affordable meals on trains, RailRestro came into existence. It is an online e-catering service platform that offers numerous delectable dishes for your train trip that is good as well as affordable. This time it has introduced a delight box that is a complete one-time meal at a reasonable price. It includes varieties of food items in good quantity, enough to satisfy your hunger. 


Order Different Types of RailRestro Delight Box 


RailRestro delight boxes come in varieties of types. You can order it as per your need and preference. 



Veg Delight Box


Veg Delight box is a complete pure veg meal. The box contains Paneer Lababdar, Mix Veg, Dal Makhani, Veg Peas Pulao, Butter Chapati, Raita, Salad, Pickle, Gulab Jamun, and Papad. It is a one-time meal for a passenger. If you’re in doubt about which food to order in train, get this veg delight box for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The excellent packaging and good quantity and quality of food are all you need to make your train trip satisfactory. 



Jain Delight Box 


If you follow Jainism, a pure Jain delight box is your travel need on train. The Jain box includes food items free from Jain-restricted ingredients like onion, potato, garlic, and sweet potato. The food box consists of Sweet, Shahi Paneer, Salad, Plain Roti, Pickle, Rice, Dal, and Mix Veg. You can order this Jain meal box in train and get its delivery right to your seat. You can use the meal box as per your preference for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in train. 



Non-Veg Delight Box


If it’s the non-veg delight that makes you happy. Get the Non-veg delight box on train. RailRestro e-catering Non-Veg delight box includes Sweet, Mix Veg Curry, Chicken Butter Masala, Jeera Rice, Pickle, Salad, Butter Chapati, and Raita. You can order this meal box as your dinner or lunch. It has enough quantity and delicious taste freshly packed in a hygienic box. 




RailRestro Delight Box – the Best Meal for Your Trip 


RailRestro food in train app’s delight box is the top meal choice, as you don’t need to worry much about selecting food items and their quality. Here are some exclusive features of the RailRestro delight meal box for travelling. 


  • Excellent Packaging – RailRestro delight box has excellent packaging that keeps the food leakage-free and hot for longer. 
  • Convenient to Eat – In trains, we usually face rush. The Delight box is packed, taking care of the convenience of rail passengers. It offers passengers an Open and eats facility. 
  • Hygienic from All Prospects – The delight box is a hygienic and delicious treat. All food items in the meal box are prepared following the meal hygiene guidelines.  
  • Good in Quantity – All the food items in the box are served in good quantity. You will not need to worry about anything. Stay sure your tummy will fill, and your soul will be satisfied. 
  • Reasonable Pricing – RailRestro, a complete one-time meal, is available at an affordable price. The price of the Veg delight box is Rs. 195, the Jain delight box is Rs. 205, and the Non-veg delight box is Rs. 220. Note that the price can be slightly changed with the change in station. 


Customers can order a delight box for a simple and complete meal on train. It is also good to offer older people and people travelling by train who don’t prefer continental and Chinese dishes. 



Beverages You Can Order With Your Delight Meal Box


Tea – Tea is a perfect pair for any meal. To complete your meal delight box, you can order tea in train with your veg, nonveg or jain delight box, especially when you have ordered it for breakfast. RailRestro tea is available in varieties including Chai Adrki, Masala Chai, Regular Chai, Tulsi Adraki Chai, and Premium Elaichi Chai. 

Milk – If you’re ordering a delight box as your dinner option, order hot milk in train to provide your body with enough nutrition while travelling. RailRestro has introduced milk for toddlers, elders, and health-freaked people. So, no one has to compromise anything while travelling.

Hot Drinking Water – If you prefer hot water to drink. You can order hot drinking water on train. Drinking hot water is also considered good for health. 

Summer Chillers – Travelling in summer, don’t miss to order soothing summer drinks with your delight box on train. 

Coffee – If you like to have coffee, you can also get it on train. RailRestro Piyo garam offers you a variety of coffee, including Regular Coffee, Black Coffee, Expresso, Americano etc. 


Which is the best food for a train journey?


Ordering a Delight box is great food to have on the train. The one-time meal is easy to eat and available at a reasonable price in train. However, you can order any meal in train. As RailRestro, food delivery in train services offers travellers a wide range of food varieties. 


How can I order food in train? 


You can order food in train by visiting the RailRestro app or website or using the WhatsApp train food order facility. To order food in train, enter your train ticket’s PNR number or train details. Afterwards, you will need to click on the “order now” button. Select food items and place the food order by proceeding with the payments. 


Your train food order will get delivered to you right at your seat by delivery of RailRestro.


Now you open your meal box and enjoy it while travelling. To let us know how you like the Railrestro services, review us on Google, play store or IOS. You can also connect to us on various social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. 

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Author: Sakshi Kumari