In this fast and furious life, we must pay special attention to our health. The changing pace, season, and increasing pollution tremendously affect our well-being. During travelling, the chances of getting sick also increase. So, it becomes essential for travellers to pay attention to health beyond the joyfulness and excitement of exploring a new place. 



RailRestro encourages you to get in-take even on the tour that is good for your health. RailRestro Piyo Garam is a unique service by online e-catering  in Indian Railways to deliver hot and fresh beverages on trains. It allows passengers to order hot milk, hot coffee, black coffee, and hot drinking water on train. 


RailRestro Piyo Garam: An Overview 


This problem often occurs when you’re travelling with a kid, elders, or patient and you need hot milk or hot drinking water on the train. Sometimes, it also happens that some of us follow a special dietary system to stay healthy. But we couldn’t get enough varieties of food and beverages on train that keep us healthy and offer us comfort. To fix this problem in train, RailRestro introduced Piyo garam, which includes various items like hot milk, hot coffee, black coffee, and hot drinking water. You can order these items on train at  your fingertips and get it delivered right to your seat. 


Types of Piyo Garam You can Get on Train



Hot Milk 


Milk is an essential source of nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin D, and potassium. It is an important part of a balanced diet.  People of all age groups include milk in their diet. If you are also someone who likes to drink milk, you need not to worry as you can now get hot milk on train. In addition, if you are travelling with a kid or elders, to whom taking milk is compulsory, you can place a milk order without even worrying about its taste, quality, and hygiene. RailRestro is catering fresh milk on trains with excellent packaging. Toddlers milk, plain milk, turmeric milk, saffron milk etc. are available on trains. 



Hot Coffee 


Another comfort beverage is coffee. If tea is a sukoon, coffee is the mood. With RailRestro, you can get both. Coffee gets prepared with roasted coffee beans that contain caffeine. The dark-coloured, bitter taste and slightly acidic drink left a stimulating effect on humans. It is a comfort drink you might need to enjoy your ride or sometimes treat your tiredness.  People consider consuming coffee as it offers a focused mindset and increases energy levels. Although, the health benefits of coffee are quite controversial. You can order coffee on train and enjoy it while journeying to offer yourself a perfect dine-in experience. ‘Hot coffee on train’ is available in varieties such as Espresso, Americano, Mocha, Cappuccino, and more. 


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Black Coffee 


If you are someone who likes to have coffee without milk. Then also, you need to look no further! We have covered your taste as well. You can get black coffee on train from us. Black coffee is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which enhance your memories, improve your body functionality and release stress. During journeying, many times it happens that we get tired physically and mentally and we crave for black coffee.  



Hot Drinking Water 


Consuming hot drinking water is considered healthy. It improves digestion, relieves congestion, and promotes relaxation. While travelling, many people prefer to drink hot water, and if you are some of them, you can order hot drinking water in train to ensure your healthy trip. Hot drinking water from RailRestro is available at almost every station of Indian Railways. Whether you want to drink hot water in the morning or just because you feel uneasy, you can get hot water in train.



Features of RailRestro Piyo Garam 


RailRestro Piyo Garam has numerous benefits for train travellers. Here are some of the most significant benefits. 


Served Hot: The major problem with train travelling is that you don’t receive hot & fresh things. RailRestro is changing it by offering hot beverages on trains. 


Quality and Hygiene: RailRestro Piyo Garam items are prepared in hygienic conditions and meet the highest quality standards.


Convenience: Passengers can easily order Piyo garam items online for their train journey easily with Food in Train app or website. 


Cost-effective: RailRestro offers food and beverages on trains at reasonable prices.


Excellent Packaging: The RailRestro Piyo Garam items, including milk, coffee and water, are excellently packed in leakage-free containers. That is convenient enough to enjoy a hot drink while travelling. 


Why is Piyo Garam Important for Travellers? 


Indian Railways is an integral part of the country’s transportation system, but the Indian railway system possess a challenge regarding food. The quality and hygiene of the food served on trains have been a long-standing issue, and many passengers are left with limited options that compromise their health and comfort during the journey. However, RailRestro e-catering is a saviour as it offers varieties of food on train. And Now its introduction of Piyo Garam is a game-changer in the Indian railways that ensures passengers have a healthy and comfortable journey by train. 


How do Rail Passengers Order Piyo Garam on Train?


Passengers can visit the RailRestro website or mobile app and enter their train ticket PNR number or train details. They can then select the Piyo Garam items to order from the menu, make the payment online or choose for cash on delivery, and sit back and relax as their hot and fresh meals arrive at their seats at the designated station.


Apart from Piyo Garam, passengers can also order varieties of food, including Jain, Veg, Non-Veg, and Regional food on train. 


Ordering food from RailRestro is an easy process. To make it more convenient, RailRestro also allows travellers to order food through Whatsapp number 8102888999.

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Author: Sakshi Kumari