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Millions of people travel every day in India. Most of them like to travel by trains because travelling by trains is not only comfortable but economical as well. So today we are going to tell you about a train app that will make your train journey easier. With the help of this train app, you can get all kinds of information about every train of Indian railways.


Whenever we choose to travel by train, we need a lot of information about that train such as train time table, live train status, train location, train number, and finding “Where is my train”. If you do not have all this information, then you can understand how difficult it is for you to travel on the train.


In India, trains are often delayed. In such a situation, if you do not have the right information about the train, then you may have to face many problems. 


What is NTES?

The full form of NTES is the National Train Enquiry System which has been launched by the Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). With the help of NTES, you can get information about every train in India. The NTES app is available for both Android and iOS users.


Now with NTES, you can learn about the live status and running status of any train of Indian Railways. This is the fastest and easiest way to get accurate information about the exact position and location of your train. To know the status of your train, download the NTES app, and you will know where your train is at present and between which two stations.


NTES App Features

  • Spot your train with diversion information
  • Live station
  • Trains schedule with save feature
  • Trains between stations
  • Cancelled trains list
  • Rescheduled trains
  • Diverted trains
  • Manage favourite trains
  • Stations and train schedules


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How to Use the NTES App?

First of all, download the NTES app from the Play Store or App Store. Steps to download the NTES app are:

  1. First, open Google Play Store or App Store and type NTES.
  2. After this, you will see the logo of “NTES app” as shown in the photo above.
  3. Now click on the install button, and your app is now ready to work.

You can also download NTES apk from third-party app stores if you want old NTES apk link.


How to get information about every train from NTES app?

GPS tracker and navigation system detects the latest location of the train, which helps in providing accurate and real-time data to the passengers. In this app, you get many features using which you can get information about any train. Some of the things that you can learn from the NTES app are when the train will arrive, whether the train is running late, the live status of the train, the time table of the train, and various other information. As soon as you open the NTES app, you get many features. So let’s know about its features.


  • Spot your train


When you click on Spot Your Train, enter the name of the train you want to know about or type the train number and after selecting the journey station, click on show status. After that, you can get all the information about the train.


Whether the train is running late or on time, what is the current location of the train, train time schedule, next stoppage, total number of halts, etc. If you click on the time icon ???? at the top of this screen, you get more details of that train. And if you click on the heart icon, then it gets added to your favourites. After you add a train to your favourites, you can go to your train details and see it again in one-click.


  • Trains live station


If you are at a station where you do not know which trains you can get from there, then you can use the live station feature of NTES. For this, you have to enter your location, and you have to select the time for which you want to see the list of trains. After selecting the time, you will get detailed information about all the trains.



This feature of NTES allows you to check the schedule of any train. For this, you have to enter the name or number of that train, and all its information will appear in front of you.


  • Trains between stations


Using the “trains between stations” feature of NTES, you can learn about all the trains that operate between two stations. You can also learn about the number of stoppages of the train.


  • Cancelled trains


Many times the train gets cancelled, and we do not even know, so if you feel that your cancelled train is not there, then you can check it easily with the help of this feature. From here you get to know about all the trains that get cancelled.


  • Rescheduled trains


Lots of trains are running late every day, and their time also keeps getting rescheduled. If a train is late and if you want to see the list of all the rescheduled trains, then you can use the NTES app.


  • Diverted trains


When a train is diverted for some reason, many people face trouble. So if you want to check the list of all the diverted trains, then the diverted train option of NTES train app can prove to be very helpful for you.


  • Manage favourites


This feature is especially for those who travel on the same train every day because they need proper information about their train. With the “manage favourites” option, you can easily get all the information about trains which you added to your favourites.


How Does NTES Work?

Now you do not need to call the helpline number of Indian Railways and wait for several minutes. You can get the exact information about your train from your mobile, computer or tab. Are you also wondering how NTES works and how NTES gives the live running status of trains? The whole process is extremely easy and requires no GPS and satellite technology. Indian Railways uses Control Office Application (COA) software to track the running of trains in real-time from section control offices located at each divisional headquarters. 


Train arrival/departure and passing details are updated in this system through inputs from station masters which helps controllers to route trains (through signals). NTES directly interfaces with COA from all divisions to show the running status of trains online through various interfaces and channels.


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