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Thai food is one of the most sought-after cuisines throughout the world. Just like various Indian cuisine, Thai foods maintain a careful balance of all six tastes. Thus, the Indian palate is considerably more open to Thai cuisine’s comforting flavours and harmony than many others. The rising popularity of Thai food is making it a hot favourite among many Indians.


If you like having food with a distinctive culinary flavour during a train journey, Thai food and snacks could be an ideal choice.


Here are the top Thai dishes you can  order on train  



1. Pad Thai(Thai Fried Noodles)


Pad Thai is one of the most iconic stir-fried Thai dish. A balanced mix of seafood, veggies and sauces complete the exquisite taste of this cuisine. Roasted peanuts and herbs are then added on top. It is well-known for its distinctively sweet, sour, and salty Thai flavours. Moreover, Pad Thai will arouse your taste and inspire you to discover more about Thai cuisine. 



2. Tom Yum Goong(Soup with a Sweet and Sour Flavour)


Tom Yum Goong, one of Thailand’s most demanded foods, is a fiery, sour soup stuffed with shrimp, veggies, herbs, and spices. This wholesome soup combines the flavours of fresh Thai chillies, galangal, fresh lime juice and herbs. Mushrooms and coconut cream make up the creamy variant, giving it a more flavorful aroma.



3. Som Tam(Spicy Green Papaya Salad)


Som Tam is a flavorful, green papaya salad dish with a spicy twist. This salad is unlike other salads you may have tried before. Shredded papaya is blended with fish sauce, lime juice, red chillies, tamarind juice, roasted peanuts, and vegetables. The sweet, chilli and tangy taste of the Som Tam salad makes it a hot favourite Thai dish.



4. Gaeng Massaman(Massaman Curry)


It mixes Indian and Thai curries with classic Thai red curry pastes and dried raw Indian spices like nutmeg, cumin, cinnamon, bay leaves, and coriander. Massaman Curry may be quickly customised to suit individual needs and includes protein options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  



5. Khao Niew Mamuang(Mango Sticky Rice)


Mango Sticky Rice is a great place to start if you want to explore the finest Thai food. It is a dessert rather than the main course but works well as a snack. Mango’s sweetness and sticky rice’s consistency blend well with a special Thai touch. With a single bite, you’ll realise why it’s one of the most demanded Thai dishes. This recipe truly pops with fresh mango, and the rice gives a little kick along with the coconut sauce.



6. Gaeng Panang(Panang Curry)


This famous red curry dish incorporates tastes from Malaysia, India, and Burma. It features a lot of tasty and rich ingredients. Red curry paste, onions, garlic, fish sauce, peppers, basil leaves, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves are mixed. The dish is typically made with chicken. Try the curry first to experience the incredibly fantastic aroma of Panang curry. 




7. Khao Pad(Thai Fried Rice)


It’s a simple dish equally popular throughout Thailand as Biryani in India. In Thai, rice is referred to as Khao, while stir-fried food is called Pad. Rice, egg, garlic, onion, and protein sources are the main ingredients of Khao Pad. Additionally, The dish gets packed with the flavour of herbs and spices, topped with a fiery Thai fish sauce.



8. Kaeng Luang(Yellow Curry with Chicken)


Unlike hot red and green curries, this curry contains less fiery paste. Thai yellow curry with chicken or vegetables is suitable for children and people who prefer a milder flavour. Yellow curry paste contains a significant amount of turmeric and curry powder, lemongrass, galangal, coconut cream and coconut milk. 



9. Gaeng Daeng(Red Curry)


Gaeng Daeng is a flavorful red curry dish with meat, creamy coconut milk, red curry paste, and sliced kaffir lime leaves. Although it has a deep-red colour, it’s rather mildly spicy. If you prefer spicy food, you can ask for fresh chilli. Gaeng Daeng is customisable to suit both vegetarians and non-vegetarian palates.



10. Kai Pad Med Ma Muang(Chicken Sauteed with Cashew Nuts)


Essentially, this dish is stir-fried chicken with cashews. The combination of chicken, cashew nuts, veggies, soy sauce, honey, and dried chilli makes it moderately spicy. So, children or people who can’t tolerate excessive spiciness will certainly enjoy this dish.



11. Phak Sak Khai(Stir-Fried Tangy Veggies)


The dish contains squash and eggs and fits the specification of the main course. Its tangy flavour is further enhanced by adding fried zucchini, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and soy sauce. For extra nutrition, shrimp may occasionally be added.



12. Khai Thot Kra-Thiam Krop(Garlic Chicken)


This delicious fried chicken dish has a strong garlic flavour. It may be one of the most basic Thai recipes, but only after tasting it will you realise its actual potential. The ingredients include white peppercorns, cilantro, chicken legs, and a lot of garlic.



13. Hor Mok Pla(Curry Dumplings on Banana Leaves)


Pla denotes fish, and Hor Mok is the method used to prepare these curry dumplings over a banana leaf. A delectable Thai dish that has impacted its neighbours, including Cambodia, with its renowned Amok fish. Hor Mok Pla resembles coconut cream, curry paste, and kaffir lime-based steamed fish souffle more than other dishes.



14. Pla Plao(Roasted Fish)


It is a dish prepared by roasting fish smeared with coarse salt and filled with lemongrass over hot coals. Although it seems dry on the outside, the recipe is surprisingly moist once you try a mouthful. Fresh noodles, fresh herbs, leaves, and a little unique sauce are typical side dishes.



15. Khao Mok Gai(Thai-Style Chicken Biryani)


Known as Thailand’s version of Biryani, this dish is influenced by Malaysian cooking. The rice is cooked with meat, turmeric, and other spices, producing a fragrant, yellow meal. The key differentiator between this form of Biryani and others is the use of a blend of Indian and regional spices served with slices of cucumber and fried onions.


How Popular is Thai Food in India?


In India, there is currently a sizable fan base for Thai cuisine. As per YouGov’s (London-based market research and data analytics organisation) 2019 survey, approximately 66% of Indian respondents preferred Thai food.


What is So Distinct About Thai Food?


Thai cuisine has excellent taste and aroma because of its strong, contrasting flavours. A Thai meal usually consists of a variety of minor dishes and desserts. Thai food involves the use of fresh ingredients. So, it offers a superb choice for health-conscious people who must adhere to a certain diet.


Which Are the Famous Thai Restaurants in India?


A few well-known Thai restaurants in India include:

  • Siam Thai Restaurant, Alice in Gaya Cafe & Bistro, and Orchid Cafe & Restaurant(Bodh Gaya)
  • Baan Thai(Kolkata)
  • Rim Nam(Bengaluru)
  • Thai Naam by Ananda(Mumbai)
  • Soy x Neung Roi(New Delhi)


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