Here is good news! Now you can celebrate your Birthday on trains. Birthday celebration is common at home, restaurants, and banquet hall. Imagine celebrating your Birthday with co-passengers and IRCTC staff on the moving train! Wouldn’t it be an unforgettable experience?


Presently, the birthday celebration is done by IRCTC on its flagship train Tejas Express. The railway staff will bring the Cake for you and sing a happy birthday song while you are cutting the Cake. In addition, IRCTC also selects passengers for surprise gifts through lucky draws.


IRCTC has taken many moves to modernize and popularize its services in recent years. Moreover, IRCTC doesn’t charge any extra amount in the ticket for providing a Cake for the celebration. Besides this, RailRestro has been providing cake delivery in trains for a long time.



Birthday Celebration on Tejas Express 


Birthday is a special day and an important phase of your life. It is a celebration of another year of living. After the Tejas Express operation resumption on August 6, IRCTC announced celebrating the Birthday and giving surprise gifts to lucky passengers. Notably, Tejas Express is the first private train operated by Indian Railways.


The Birthday celebration scheme ran from August 27 until September 6. The lucky passengers were chosen via a draw.


Can We Celebrate Birthday in Trains Other than Tejas Express?


You may celebrate your Birthday on trains other than Tejas Express. For this, you will need to pre-book Cake on the train from RailRestro. The Cake will be delivered to your seat at the scheduled station. Then you can celebrate your Birthday with your friends, family members, and co-passengers.


Though there are no Indian Railways official guidelines for the birthday celebration, you may celebrate while travelling. Indian Railways doesn’t allow any risky activity. So, make sure to avoid lighting candles or carrying a knife on the train for any celebration or cake cutting.



Cake Delivery in Train


The Birthday celebration is important to realize the positive experience of the day. As this is the special day of anyone’s life, it is important to make it enjoyable and memorable. With cake cutting, singing the happy birthday song and offering the slices of Cake to your family members and friends, you make the day joyful. Sometimes you may be travelling on special occasions or a day of your life, and that’s on the train. It’s time to install RailRestro cake delivery in train App and place your order.



How to Celebrate Birthday in Train?


Many of you may wish to give a surprise to your loved ones by celebrating their Birthday on the train. Follow the steps to ensure a memorable birthday celebration on train:


  • Visit the RailRestro website or install the RailRestro App on your mobile
  • Enter your PNR Number, this will fetch all the details of your journey
  • Select the restaurant and your favourite Cake for your birthday celebration
  • Proceed to the payment section, where you can choose to pay online or COD for your Cake order
  • After successful payment, a confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you


You can also order a delicious meal to add flavour to your birthday celebration on the train.



Precautions to Take While Celebrating Birthday in Train


Birthday celebrations are officially organized on select trains like Tejas Express. However, you may celebrate your Birthday on any train according to your convenience and follow the railway guidelines for safety and hygiene. Make sure to pre-book your Cake; don’t carry a knife, candles, matchbox or any flammable substance on the train.


Follow the below-mentioned safety guidelines:  


Handle Cake with Care


It’s necessary to handle Cake with care on a moving train. Moreover, there is a passenger’s crowd on the train, and they pass by close proximity, so there is always a chance for falling of the Cake and then its disruption. So, take precautions while handling the Cake.


Don’t Light-up Candle


Indian Railways prohibit carrying any flammable substance on the train. Don’t light up candles or cake crackers while celebrating your Birthday on trains. It may cause hazards to passengers and trains. Also, Birthday Celebration Decoration is not allowed in trains.


Social Distancing


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is a must. Keep a safe distance from the co-passengers, avoid touching frequently touched surfaces, and do not shake hands with them. This will help you stay safe while travelling and celebrating your Birthday on the train.


Follow Hygiene Practices


Carry a sanitiser kit, disposable bedroll, napkin and towels when you travel by train. Wear a good quality mask and make sure to not share your seat berth with fellow passengers. In addition, avoid purchasing snacks or food from unauthorized vendors or shops. Always book your food on train from an IRCTC authorized e-catering company because they follow standard and safety guidelines issued by the Indian Railways and the FSSAI.


Can I Order Cake in Train?


Yes, you can order Cake in train from RailRestro. You can choose from the varieties of cakes such as Pineapple, Strawberry, Chiffon, and Vanilla flavours as per your likes. If you wish to get delivery of Cake on train with customized design, make sure to place your cake order at least one day in advance. Besides birthday celebrations, you can order Cake for the marriage anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion you may like to celebrate on Indian Railways trains.


Some More Delicious Foods for a Joyful Birthday Celebration


You will agree that Birthday is a special day in anyone’s life. It becomes more enjoyable when you add food items like Desserts and Pizza along with the Cake. With RailRestro, you can order and get delivery of popular local sweets like Sandesh, Mysore Pak, Ghevar, Kaju Barfi, Balu Shahi, Kheer, and Bebinca. You can also order from varieties of Pizza on train such as Margherita, Peppy Paneer, Deluxe Veggie etc. These mouth-watering dishes will surely contribute to your birthday celebration and make it an awesome experience.


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RailRestro is committed to serving Indian Railways passengers with the best meals on the train. People trust its prompt food delivery services on their voyages throughout the country. If you wish to order Jain food, or pure veg food, Sattvik food, Chinese and Italian recipe and non-veg food etc., install the RailRestro food in the train app.


When you travel in groups, make sure to order food in bulk to avail huge discounts on your food order. You can also track your food order soon after placing them online. Rejoice a new way of travelling with the birthday celebration and cake cutting on IRCTC trains.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar