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Besides Paneer, what rules the Indian veg food menu is Mushrooms. It is a healthy addition to any meal. Like paneer dishes on train, Mushroom dishes also come in varieties. You can get Mushroom food in almost every restaurant or function in India.  



You can also have delicious mushroom recipes on train and enjoy them while travelling. From Mushroom Kadhai to Mushroom Special Pizza, rail e-catering services offer a delectable range of mushroom food options on train. 


Different Types of Mushroom Dishes 


Here are the top Mushroom Recipes you order on train and relish their delicious taste. 

Mushroom Soup


Hearty, rich, and creamy Mushroom soup is a classic and healthy dish you can order on train. The soup is a one-pot recipe prepared by sauteing button mushrooms with onion, garlic and combined with flour, butter, and milk. While journeying, you can enjoy Mushroom soup in the evening. 


Chicken Mushroom Pasta


What about trying the delicious Italian dish Pasta with the flavour of chicken and Mushroom? Isn’t it a fabulous party mood food? Surely it is! You can order Chicken Mushroom Pasta for your evening snacks or as quick-bite food in train. The mushroom pasta recipe tastes so spicy and yummy that you can’t control yourself before trying it. 


Mushroom Kadhai 


Craving for an amazing meal, Mushroom Kadhai with Naan is an excellent treat to your tastebuds while travelling. Mushroom Kadhai, made by sauteing mushrooms, onions, and capsicum, with an extra addition of tomatoes and green bell peppers, tastes delicious. With each bite, you can feel heaven. You can relish Mushroom kadhai at lunch or dinner on train. 


Capsicum Mushroom Pizza


Nothing can be better than capsicum mushroom pizza if it’s all about a good pizza bite on train. The mushroom toppings on the thin pizza base, mozzarella cheese, and sauce taste delicious and offer your train ride wholesome. You can also order and get varieties of pizza delivery on train in bulk if you are travelling in a group and looking to make your trip memorable. 


Mushroom Chilly 


An Indo-Chinese version dish, Mushroom Chilly is a crispy snack. Deep fried Mushroom tossed in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce, the snack tastes epic with its crunch. You can order Mushroom Chilly in train for your appetising train trip experience.  



Mushroom Butter Masala


A delicious alternative to Paneer butter masala, Mushroom butter masala is a great option. The side dish pairs well with roti/naan/paratha. You can get it delivered to your seat and enjoy it while travelling. 



Mushroom Biryani 


Biryani is a wholesome meal. The special spices and their aroma are so soothing that it fills not only our tummy but also our souls. Mushroom Biryani is a vegetarian delight made with fluffy rice, flavourful spices, and juicy mushrooms. You can enjoy this Mushroom recipe Biryani with raita and salad on train.  


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Mushroom Chicken 


A mouthwatering blend of Mushroom and chicken, the dish has a different fanbase. Creamy and juicy dish with a tantalising texture, prepared by sauteing mushrooms in butter and then adding them to the juicy chicken sauce. This chicken mushroom recipe paired with Naan or butter roti wins the heart of non-vegetarians. 



Mushroom Masala Curry


The Punjabi mushroom recipe, Mushroom curry, is a delicious and flavourful dish you can order with rice or roti. Mushroom, onion, and tomatoes are sauteed to prepare this dish, and spices are added to it for an aromatic flavour and taste. You can get a simple mushroom curry on train if you want to avoid spicy Mushroom recipes. 



Mushroom Rice 


A one-pot dish of mushroom rice is a complete meal with aromatic spices, fluffy rice, and golden-brown Mushrooms. The mushroom rice recipe is the favourite dish of mushroom lovers. Usually, you can have yummy mushroom rice all alone. Although, you can pair it with roasted chicken, cucumber raita etc. 


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Cheese Stuffed Mushroom 


This cheese-stuffed mushroom side dish is about making your tastebuds experience a quirky snack experience. The dish gets prepared with Mushroom’s top portion and fillings of cheese, chopped spinach, seasonings, and herbs. Order cheese stuffed Mushroom while travelling and enjoy it with your favourite chutney. 



Mushroom Chettinad 


Love Chicken Chettinad? Must try its vegetarian version, the Cheetinad-style Mushroom recipe. It is a semi-gravy spicy dish prepared with succulent mushroom, aromatic spices, onion, ginger, garlic etc. You can pair Mushroom Chettinad with roti or steamed rice. 


These mushroom dishes are superfoods and are best in taste. You can order them to relish on train. 


Popular Railway Stations to Try Mushroom Special Food


Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Delhi 


What can be a better place than Delhi to relish some mouthwatering food? Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, NZM, located in Delhi, is one of the best railway stations to order mouthwatering mushroom recipes on train. Most of the major trains halt at this railway station, going to Dehradun, Amritsar, Jabalpur etc. RailRestro e-catering delivers fresh and hygienic food at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station



Vijayawada Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh 


Vijayawada railway station is one of the top stations from which online e-catering receives food orders from passengers. The station is known for serving Lip-smacking food on train at Vijayawada railway station, BZA. You can order Mushroom Chettinad, Mushroom Biryani, or Mushroom Rice here. 



Amritsar Railway Station, Punjab 


If you want to try special mushroom dishes in Punjabi style. There is no better option than ordering Punjabi food at Amritsar railway station, ASR. You can order Makki di roti, Sarson ka saag, Punjabi mushroom masala curry, etc on train at this station. The flavourful food at Amritsar railway station offers satisfying taste buds while journeying. If you are travelling through Punjab in summer, don’t forget to order summer chiller “lassi” with your meal while travelling. 

At these railway stations, you can mushroom special meals or snacks to satiate your hunger on train. 


What type of Mushroom Dishes can I Order in Train? 


You can order any of your preferred mushroom varieties on train, including Mushroom butter Masala, Mushroom Pizza, Mushroom Biryani, Mushroom Curry with rice, etc.   


Is Mushroom Good to Have in Train? 


Yes, you can have special mushroom dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is good for your health. Different types of mushrooms carry different nutritional benefits. It is a good source of fibre, vitamin D, and selenium. You can order and relish your favourite mushroom food while journeying. 


Food in train app RailRestro helps you to order your favourite meal on train. You just need to provide your PNR number and select your preferred food and railway station. Complete the payments. Your food will be delivered once the train reaches your food boarding station. 


Get Your Food, Relax in Your Seat and Enjoy the Meal!

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Author: Chandan Raj