If you want to explore the culinary diversity of India, try 29 thali from 29 States. As you know, there are 29 States in India, and all of them have unique cultures, customs, and cuisines.


Since ancient times, travellers from all around the world have admired the rich diversity of India, especially its cuisines and languages. You can easily differentiate between the regional dishes, their cooking style, and the spices used as you will move from one Indian State to the other.


In this blog, you will read about the 29 special thali from 29 Indian states and learn why they are so special. 



1. Kashmiri Thali – Jammu & Kashmir: Apart from beautiful lakes and scenic beauty, Kashmir is also famous for royal delicacies. The Kashmiri thali is the best non-veg platter that includes regional food items like Rogan josh, Yakhni, and Gushtaba. The fabulous ingredients of this thali are Saffron rice, Munji chetin, Kashmiri haaq, roti and shufta, which you will love to relish any time of the day.



2. Himachali Thali – Himachal Pradesh: Himachali thali is also known as Dham thali. Dham is a popular festive food of Himachal. The dishes of this platter are traditional and slow-cooked to give it a unique flavour. The food items in Himachali Dham thali includes steamed and fried Taro leaves, boiled mango with jaggery, rock salt block cooked lamb, sweet caramelized rice with raisins and dry fruits.



3. Haryanvi Thali – Haryana: Haryanvi thali is a grand platter with staple food items like Mithey chawal, Kachri ki sabzi, Bajra aloo ki roti, besan masala roti, Hara dhania cholia, Alsi ki Pinni, and Kachi lassi. This large local thali gets its essence from the homemade ghee, butter, and curd. Accompanied with a tall glass of lassi, Haryanvi thali offers a heavenly eating experience to all food lovers.



4. Kumaoni Thali – Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand’s famous Kumaoni thali is a special platter that greets foodies with regional culinary items. The thali contains delicacies like Aloo ka jholor, Potato stir fry, Phaanu, Baadi, Pomegranate chutney, Cucumber raita, Black turtle beans or Bhut ki daal, and Poori. Eating these food items of the Kumaoni thali would be a lifetime experience for anyone visiting Uttarakhand.



5. Punjabi Thali – Punjab: Punjabi thali is heavenly large and robust as the people of Punjab. It contains popular North Indian dishes like chole, paneer tikka, dal makhani, butter chicken, chicken tandoori and Makki di roti, Sarso ka saag. With a glass of sweet lassi and a lot of ghee, the Punjabi thali will take all the space in your system. Also, if you travel by train, there could be nothing more special than a Punjabi thali for a delightful journey.



6. Thali from Uttar Pradesh: The thali from Uttar Pradesh, UP is a pure North Indian thali. The main food items in this thali are dal, veggies, smoke-roasted sweet potatoes, roti, and rice. The influence of both Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines can be seen in the tali from Uttar Pradesh. Surprisingly, the state is famous for its cuisine specialities such as Royal biryani and kebab from Lucknow, petha from Agra, Peda from Mathura, and paan from Benaras.



7. Rajasthani Thali – Rajasthan: Rajasthani thali personify the traditional royal cuisines of the state. Bajra, Makka, and Jowar ki roti, daal baati churma, and gatte ki sabzi, is the main highlights of this thali. The food items of the Rajasthani thali offer a fusion of spicy, tangy, sweet and sour tastes. Some restaurants provide papad ki kadhi and mangodi ki sabzi on this platter though they are less famous dishes of Rajasthan.



8. Gujarati Kathiawadi Thali – Gujarat: Gujarati Kathiawadi thali offer a sweet-salty and spicy taste with varieties of dishes. In this Grand Indian thali, you can relish thepla, puri, bhakri, dhokla, papdi, sev mamra, and maal purah. To offer your palate a delicious treat with many flavours at a time, there could be nothing better than a Kathiawadi Gujarati thali on your platter. Are you travelling by train and want to relish an assortment of dishes on a single platter? Order a Gujarati thali from RailRestro now.



9. Maharashtrian Thali – Maharastra: Maharashtrian people are very picky when it comes to the matter of food. A Maharashtrian thali mainly consists of traditional food items such as Poli, Bhakri, Bhajis, Chapatti, Daal, Sabudana vada and Pao bhaji. Accompanied with sweets like aamras and sheera, this Marathi thali is irresistible. Whereas, in a non-veg Maharashtrian thali, you will get local mutton recipes like mutton Sukka, mutton Lonche, and Alani soup to satiate your taste buds.



10. Goan Thali – Goa: A Goan thali is synonymous with seafood. In this awesome thali, one can get hot curries like Vindaloo and Sheet Kodi Nustea (fish curry). The platter also offers Kismur, a Goan salad made with fried prawns and grated coconut. Are you a seafood lover? Try out the Goan thali with a local drink Sol Kadi, a kokum-coconut milk drink. Like Goan beaches, you will surely appreciate the delicious Goan thali.



11. Andhra Thali – Andhra Pradesh: Andhra thali is one of the best platters in India. The food items of this delicious platter are served on a banana leaf. The rice and yellow lentil is served with a mild amount of ghee, Charu (a type of rasam), Avakya (mango pickle). You will also love the Rava Ladoo and Bandhar Ladoo served along with the Andhra thali.



12. Telangana Special Thali – Telangana: Telangana Special thali is similar to that of the Andhra Pradesh thali. Both the states have common culinary culture because Telengana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh in 2013. Three types of Telangana thali includes veg thali, non-veg thali, and seafood thali. In this thali, you can find some of the popular local dishes like Kuntikura Pappu (lentils cooked with rozelle leaves, red chillies, and mustard seeds), Jonna Roti (Sorghum flatbread), and Kodi Roast (boneless chicken cooked dry in Telengana style).



13. Kannadiga Oota Thali – Karnataka: Kannadiga Oota thali is a typical Kannad thali that contains dishes like Koshambari, playa, Gojju. The thali from Karnataka brims with regional delicacies like Akki roti (rice flatbread), Badane ennegai (masala stuffed brinjal), Gattisoppu (yellow lentils and greens), Ranjaka (garlic-chilli chutney), fritters), and a sweet-sour yoghurt. There is no rule for designing a Kannadiga Oota thali, you can try out your culinary skill to blend beautiful flavours in one platter.



14. Kerala Sadhya Thali – Kerala: Kerala Sadhya thali is a great example of elaborate meals in India. Food lovers celebrate Onam, the famous harvest festival of Kerala, with this great Sadhya thali. The grand Sadhya thali consists of Uepperi (fried and salted banana chips), Inji soup (ginger curry), Parippu, Sambar, Olan (spicy pumpkin curry), Pulissery (a special recipe made up of pumpkin and yoghurt), Avial (mix vegetables), Kaalan (the banana curry), Moru Kachiyathu (buttermilk) etc. Traditionally, 26 multi-course vegetarian dishes were served in this thali.



15. Chettinad Thali/Sappadu – Tamil Nadu: Chettinad thali is a platter that originated from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. The food items of this thali are highly influenced by the Nattukotai Chettiars or Nagarathars community of the state. The recipes in this signature thali include sun-dried meat and salted vegetables. You will love the aromatic mutton biryani made with seeraga samba rice and Tawa fried prawns in this thali.



16. Bhojpuri Thali: Originated in the epic state of Bihar, Bhojpuri thali will surely wonder you with the various platter. Famous Litti ka Chokha, scrumptious Sattu ka Paratha, Kale Chane, Gurma (raw mango chutney), and Rasiyaaw (rice dessert), Kale Chane, and Bharbhara are right in your thali to give your gustatory delight.


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17. Jharkhand Thali: Amaze yourself with a desi fiesta at Jharkhand. The delicacies are served on thali consisting of items like Dhuska and Litti Chokha, seasonal salad, dhania-lahsoon chutney, Dhuska, and aloo-chana curry, Kurthi dal, urad dal dumplings Lal Saag & Marwa Rotis prepared with rice and ragi flours. Non-veg food lovers can enjoy mutton ka jhol, dehati chicken and Dudiya and Dudh pitha as dessert.



18. Dalma Oriya Thali: This robust Thali of the eastern state consists of non-spicy veggies with a basic panch Phoran flavour. The Dalma Oriya thali offers Roti, Rice, Phakala (rice in fermented and spiced curd), Dalma (signature lentil and vegetable dish), Karela bhaja (bitter gourd fries), Aloo Posto (potatoes with poppy seeds), Baingan chatka (roasted brinjal mash), Phulgobi kosha (dry cauliflower curry), Tomato khatta (sweet-sour tomato and date chutney), and the divinely delicious Kanika (sweetened rice-lentil khichdi) will satisfy your taste buds.



19. Bengali Thali: Tradition thali of Bengal is influenced by seafood and fragrant spices. The Bengali thali served to gastro nomad is a complete platter consisting of Begun Bhaja, Patol Bhaja, Shukto (a bittersweet medley of veggies), Shaak and Alu Bhaaja to Cholaar Dal, Bhaat (rice), Maach Bhaja (barbeque), Maccher Kalia (fish curry), and Kosha Mangsho (mutton in thick gravy). Grabbing Payesh and favourite ‘Rosogullas’ from the thali would help you experience the flavour for a long-time.



20. Chhattisgarhi Thali: The most beautiful state of Central India unveils authentic tribal meals through Chhattisgarhi Thali. The thali gives you an opportunity to enjoy well-known dishes like Fara, Rice pakoras, Dehati vada, and Muthiya. This thali comes with varieties of bread angakar poori, Paan roti, and Chusela. Pick relishing desserts famous as Kusli and Sweet Fara from your favourite Chhattisgarhi thali.



21. Thali from Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, offers you luscious Thali arranged with Butte ki kees (highly spiced corn mixed with milk), Dal bafla, Poha, Malaiidar Shikanji (milk with plenty of nuts). Relishing the food items of this thali will remind you of the traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines.


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22. Assamese Thali/ Aalohir Exaj: Assamese Thali/ Aalohir Exaj – Assamese Thali starts with staple dishes like Khar (special curry made from uncooked papaya, lentils, and powdered dry banana skins), Pura (smoked meat or fish), Poitabhat (Soaked rice garnished with mustard oil, onion, and chillies), Pitika (a form of mash), Shaak bhaji (green leafy vegetable), Bor (fritters), and pickle. Its a good chance to taste well-known Assamese’s, Tenga, a (spiced sweet and sour fish curry) that will surely amaze you with the yummy flavour in this thali.



23. Meitei Thali – Manipuri Thali: A Thali enriched with a captivating urge for food represents, Eromba (brewed hidol fish and vegetables), Sinju (veggies salad), Thanbou (lotus stems), Ooti (peas curry), Chareng (a fish curry), Pakora thongba (gram flour curry), Manikha (a combination of brinjal and fish oil), Kangsoi (veg stew), Chambut (boiled and made with papaya), Kangsoi (boiled dry fish) and, of course, a mustard chutney. Chak hao khee (black rice dessert combined with cardamom powder) is a satisfying local cuisine of this Meitei thali.



24. Sikkimese Thali: Lip-smacking, non-oily cuisines straight from the area of the dramatic landscape will delight you. We are talking about the cuisines of Sikkim. The Sikkim thali is served with Tibetan delicacies momos Dalle chilli and tomato chutney, Thukpa (noodle soup), Gundruk (fermented inexperienced greens), Chhurpi ka achaar (pickle made from Yak milk), Ningro curries (mess around-head curry gravy), Sel roti (doughnut-fashioned bread), Shimi ka achaar (string beans and sesame pickle).



25. Thalia from Meghalaya: Special Thali served in the Meghalaya region is tasty with sesame seed as the main ingredients. The flavoursome Thali is adorned with healthy Meghalian savoury Puklein boiled veggies, special dal, “Daineiiong”, and varieties of dried meat dishes. If you belong to North-Eastern states, you will like to try this thali.



26. Arunachali Thali – Arunachal Pradesh: Arunachal gives you a unique Thali filled with a refreshing taste of bamboo shoots as the main ingredients. The traditional platter has cheese and soybeans and rice as the staple food that is served here with pork meat and Lukter (dried meat chilli flakes). Relish this vibrant Arunachali thali in a mountain of divine and lush green forest of North Eastern State.



27. Mizo Thali – Mizoram: It’s time to enjoy Mizo Chawmeh that means non-oily Mizoram Cuisine. Mizo Thali prettifies with Vawksa (smoked pork), Samtawk, Bai (soup), Hmarcha Rawt (Chilli chutney), Chhum (a type of salad) including chow cluster beans, Behiiang, and so on. This is a perfectly distinguished thali that dignifies the glory of Mizo cuisines.



28. Naga Thali – Nagaland: Settled in a lush green valley, Nagaland is famous for its meals fanatic. The unique Thali of Nagaland is served with varieties and simplicity. The relishing Naga Thali is full of veggies, rice, and non-veg dishes. Galho (Naga khichdi, which is prepared with veggie and meat) is the integral dish of the Naga thali. Accompanied with traditional drinks like rice beer, Zutho, Dzutse, and Ruhi may be the actual taste of your amusement.



29. MUI Borok Thali: Tripura, a famous state of 7 sisters, offers you a tremendous welcome with its well-known delicacies. The traditional MUI Borok Thali served with Khichuri, Begun Bhaja, Tomato Chutney, Aaloo sabzi, Fish Stews, and Mua is enriched with the heavenly taste of aromatic spices. When you travel to Tripura, don’t miss out on the chance to relish the tasty dishes of the Borok Thali.



The platters of India are famous Worldwide. Tour India and Try this 29 special thali from 29 states of India. If you have previously tried any of these thalis, please tell us how you can describe the taste.


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