IRCTC e-catering services have changed the way people eat on the train. Millions of passengers prefer rail for commuting in India. Food becomes a necessity in a long-distance journey. Providing passengers with fresh and hygienic food in train is a challenging service. However, e-catering partners of IRCTC like RailRestro is doing it well.


IRCTC introduced e-catering services to provide quality food and a wider range of cuisine in trains. RailRestro is the leading e-caterer that has gained passengers’ trust by providing the best food delivery on trains since 2015. You can either use their web portal or install the app to order food in train.


With more than 50 lakh meals delivered successfully to date, and contactless food delivery in train during the COVID-19 pandemic, RailRestro has emerged as the most successful e-catering provider of Indian Railways.


Top Vendors of RailRestro


RailRestro relies on its vendors for providing food delivery on trains. We have more than 250 vendors across India, and each of them has some food specialty. Our top vendors specialize in both veg and non-veg foods.


RailRestro offers the credit of success to its valuable restaurant partners across India. Here are the top ten vendors that help us deliver mouth-watering food on train all over India.



  1. Yen Vadodara (BRC):


We serve train passengers with the best food at Vadodara from the restaurant, Yen. Among veg food items, Paneer Butter Masala and Dal Makhani is the specialty of this vendor. Yen is also famous for mouth-watering Fish Tikka prepared with secret herbs and local spices. The slightly spicy taste and light lemony flavor of tikka would be the crunchiest delight for your journey. So, when you pass through this route, make sure to eat these dishes on the train.



2. The Rockyard, Jodhpur (JU)


The Rockyard will make your way for a hearty meal on trains while passing through Jodhpur Railway station. It is one of the best vendors of RailRestro that have a specialty in both veg and non-veg foods. Order smoke-roasted Paneer Sholay and Dahi Ke Kebab for a festive journey if you love to eat veg. For non-veg lovers, finger-licking Mutton Seekh is the best food option. Besides that, the Rockyard provides delivery of cakes on the train. So, you never miss a celebration on the go with an awesome KitKat Chocolate Cake best suited for a birthday or any other treat on the train.



3. Shisha Badnera (BD)


Our vendor restaurant partner Shisha serves our customers with the best Veg Standard Thali at Badnera Junction Station. As thali is one of the most ordered food in train, we take extensive care to ensure the best in class quality. The restaurant Shisha is famous for exclusive veg thali that contains fried rice, roti, dal fry, mixed vegetable, shahi paneer, pickle, salad, and sweets. This aromatic thali is tasty and appetizing and will make your journey more delightful.


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4. Sharma Foods – Kota Jn.


How about eating delicious Punjabi food at Railway stations of Rajasthan? Yes, we can help you do so! We serve passengers with delicious Matar Paneer from Sharma Foods at Kota Junction Station. Your all-time favorite Matar Paneer from one of the most trusted RailRestro vendors is also the specialty of this restaurant. In addition, this restaurant offers luxurious dining to locals from Kota. RailRestro partnered with Sharma foods to provide you with the best food on train when you visit or pass the Kota Junction. So, next time you visit Kota Junction, don’t forget to order the creamy and delicious Matar Paneer with roti, naan, or rice from RailRestro.



5. Shikha Roof Top – Bhopal (BPL)


Here comes another thali from one of the best food vendors of RailRestro. We proudly serve Shikha Special Thali from Shikha Roof Top to our customers at Bhopal Station. This special thali contains steam-cooked Basmati rice, dal fry, paneer curry, mixed veg, roti, and raita. In addition, salad and desserts like gulab jamun make it a complete meal on the wheel. Thali is the perfect assortment of delicious regional cuisines that will make your journey awesome.



6. Ranjeet Dhaba – Itarsi Jn. (ET)


Ranjeet Dhaba in Itarsi is one of the best vendors of RailRestro. This restaurant is famous for veg food specialty. We serve all our health-conscious passengers with nutritious and mouth-watering veg food on trains. Spicy yet healthy Veg Pulao, flavourful Paneer Kadhai, and home-style cooked mixed veg is the perfect combination of healthy dishes for a trip. These nutritious dishes from Ranjeet Dhaba would be the best choice between your hunger and a long journey.



7. Raj Hans Hotel – Abu Road (ABR)


Do you love eating traditional dishes of Rajasthan? If yes, then we have the best food option for you at Abu Road Staton. Raj Hans Hotel in Abu Road is RailRestro’s best vendor. The restaurant is famous locally for tangy Sev tamaatar and creamy Rabri. You wouldn’t like to miss them while passing by Abu Road on a train. Eating is the best part of traveling, place your food order on train from RailRestro to enjoy these dishes.



8. Krishnum Food Plaza – Nagpur (NGP)


We provide food delivery in train at Nagpur Station from our vendor Krishnum Food Plaza. Krishnum Thali and Handi Biryani is the food specialty of this restaurant. The Krishnum thali is a complete platter with Basmati rice, dal fry, roti, paneer curry, mixed green veg, and salad. You will also get curd, a dessert or sweet, and a bottle of mineral water packed in the thali. Handi Biryani, the other special dish from this vendor, is the most satisfying food for the long-duration journey on the trains.


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9. Delicious Vegetarian – Ludhiana Jn. (LDH)


We rely on Delicious Vegetarian in Ludhiana for serving the best Punjabi food on trains. This restaurant is famous for Grand Punjabi cuisines, including Dal Makhni, which is also its specialty. Rich and delicious gravy is a healthy mix of lentils, rajma, butter, and spices. With great taste, Dal Makhani is the ideal food for train travel which can be served with fried rice or roti. Don’t let your mouth water; order this recipe from RailRestro App online.



10. Biryani Station – Prayagraj Chheoki Junction (PCOI)


Keep calm and eat Biryani from our famous vendor in Prayagraj, naming Biryani Station. It is the one-stop destination for Biryani lovers. We serve spicy and mouth-watering Chicken Biryani to passengers via this restaurant. With the best ingredients like Basmati rice, chicken thigs, curd, onion, and tomato, saffron, and milk, eating this Biryani recipe would allow you to relive the era of Nawabs. You can order this tempting Chicken Biryani from RailRestro while you travel by train through Prayagraj Chheoki Junction (PCOI).


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Are RailRestro’s Vendors Approved by FSSAI? 


Yes, All the vendors of RailRestro are approved by the Food and Standard Authority of India, FSSAI. They follow all the guidelines of FSSAI to ensure high-quality food delivery on trains.


What Precautions does RailRestro take to Ensure Food Safety on Trains?


RailRestro takes food safety seriously. To ensure that passengers always receive clean, and hygienic food on the train, RailRestro has partnered with restaurants approved by FSSAI. Apart from that, they ensure COVID hygiene protocol to be followed by its vendors properly.


Besides that, RailRestro has a quick grievance redressal team to address the complaints made by the customers. The team members work on a mission mode to provide a quick solution to customers regarding food delivered by its vendors on trains.


Are RailRestro Vendors Following COVID Guidelines?


All the RailRestro’s Vendors are following COVID guidelines strictly. They follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure no contamination in food ever takes place and further prevent the spread of Coronavirus transmission:


  • Temperatures of All Kitchen Staffs, including delivery boys, are taken regularly.
  • Everyday RailRestro vendor restaurant’s kitchens, including the dining space, are sanitized properly.
  • Foods are packaged in special packets, they don’t spill or mix, and an extra outer covering is provided for extended food safety.
  • Delivery Boys and other staff are not allowed to pick the packets unless they have a negative COVID report.
  • It is a must for every staff to wear mask and hand gloves while handling food.
  • Those found with high temperatures and any other symptoms like Sneezing, Coughing, etc., are immediately sent on leave and asked to rest at home.
  • We are providing contactless food delivery on trains during COVID.


At RailRestro, we follow COVID guidelines issued by Indian Railways, State Government, and Central Government simultaneously to ensure the highest standard of service on trains.


Are RailRestro Vendors Authorized from IRCTC?


Yes, All the vendors of RailRestro are authorized by IRCTC. In fact, they cannot deliver food on train without the approval of IRCTC. Before we partner with any restaurant to deliver food on train, we proceed with all the legal formalities under the umbrella of Indian Railways, following rules and regulations. Apart from IRCTC, all our vendors are also approved by FSSAI.


RailRestro is currently serving passengers with the best food on train at more than 450 stations in India. Besides these top ten vendors, we have partnered with hundreds of restaurants across India to deliver you the best regional foods. Mouth-watering foods are just a few clicks away with our vendors in different cities.


RailRestro provides you the best food experience on trains. Millions of people trust us for food in train. You can also track your food order with order Id and your mobile Number. We appreciate your concern for quality food and fulfill them through our valued vendors.


Stay in touch with us for food, travel stories, and make your travel easy with our variety of train enquiry services that include PNR check, live train running status check, and train schedule check. Happy fooding, Happy Journey!


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