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Indian Railways e-catering partners are providing passengers with the best and popular food on the train. Since the IRCTC has authorised food aggregators like RailRestro to serve food on train, passengers are enjoying popular foods from all corners of the world while travelling.


Earlier, when food on the train was only served by Pantry cars, passengers had to rely on the pre-existing menus. However, the emergence of IRCTC authorised e-caterers has changed the way people enjoy food diversity on trains.


Popular Food on Train


Exploring different dishes has always been associated with the train journey. There are some popular foods that remind us of those nostalgic train trips. In 90’s Samosa, Bhunja, Rabri, Lassi, and Tea were some of the popular and readily available foods on train. However, the passengers now have a wide range of food options like Pizza, Biryani, and Paratha to choose from. Also, they prefer restaurant-cooked food over traditional dishes.


So, here we list the 20 popular and most demanding foods on train. Read on to learn about each of them in detail:



  1. Margherita Pizza


Pizza is a rich, creamy, and flavorful Italian dish. It is also the most popular food ordered via food delivery apps. Invented in the early 1800 in Naples, Margreitha Pizza was invented in honour of the unification of Italy. This Pizza with mozzarella cheese is irresistible and mouth-watering.


Perfect for all occasions, Pizza order on train has an increasing trend. The Indian pizza market is worth over Rs 1500 crores which is growing at 26% annually. Passengers prefer Margherita Pizza over other toppings. Give yourself a royal treat by ordering Margherita Pizza from RailRestro while travelling by train.



  1. Chicken Curry


Chicken curry is one of the most popular curry recipes in India. Spicy, peppery, and insanely flavourful, chicken curry is the best food for travellers. It is the most appetising dish for a train journey. Passengers prefer eating chicken curry with plain or fried rice. However, if you are fond of eating chicken in Punjabi style, Tandoori roti or Naan would be the best combo with this recipe.


In India, chicken curry is cooked in different styles in every state. So, with RailRestro, you have the option of trying a variety of chicken curry from all regions. Give yourself the delightful treat while travelling on an Indian Railways train.



  1. Dal Tadka


Dal Takda, the popular Indian desi lentil dish, is widely consumed throughout the country. Dhaba style desi Dal Tadka with a tempering made of oil/ghee, garlic, red chillis, and spices would give you the most satisfying eating experience.


At RailRestro, we provide varieties of Dal Tadka made from different lentils such as Arhar dal, Piegion pea lentil, masoor dal, urad dal, and toovar. Passengers prefer eating it with basmati rice or Paratha.



  1. Rajma Chawal Combo


The popular Combo Rajma Chawal is also the favourite food on train. Passengers rejoice with this famous recipe for its slightly sweetish taste. The strong flavour of hot Rajma and Basmati rice would make you fall in love with this combo.


Punjabi style Rajma curry is made using tomato and onion pureed in it. Satiate your taste buds with Rajma Chawal while you are on a long train journey. You will literally feel the world is passing by you with every spoon of this recipe.



  1. Chicken Biryani


Another popular recipe, the Chicken Biryani, is spicy and savoury. The delicious taste of this non-veg Biryani would make you smack your lips. Passengers love eating Hyderabadi style Chicken Biryani all over India.


Added with raisin, cashew nut, saffron, and fresh mint leaves, long-grained Basmati rice with chicken pieces makes it the perfect aromatic dish for a train journey. You can easily order Chicken Biryani via the popular food in train RailRestro App.



  1. Paneer Tikka


Made with Paneer cubes marinated in spices and grilled in tandoor, Paneer Tikka is the mouth-watering food for train trips. It is a vegetarian alternative to Chicken Tikka that passengers love to eat during a train journey. Paneer cubes are skewed with onion and tomato petals and grilled in the tandoor for authentic local taste and flavour.


So, if you are travelling by train, eating Paneer Tikka would make you feel full for longer. Super rich in protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium, it is also a healthier food for people of all ages.



  1. Tandoori Chicken


Marinated chicken roasted in a tandoor is popular in Punjabi food. People all over India love eating Tandoori Chicken. Often served with lime juice, it is a crazy good appetiser. Smoky Tandoori Chicken gets its flavour from ginger, garlic, yoghourt, and spices used to marinate it.


Chicken tandoori is a food that will surely make your travel experience more exciting, Order it from the IRCTC authorised e-catering partners for the best quality and food safety.



  1. Thali


Thalis are popular food on train and all over the world. It is so popular because thali is more like a cultural exploration rather than a platter of food. You can celebrate the delicacies of your region with the famous local thali of your state.


With RailRestro, passengers have the option to book both North Indian and South Indian Thali. Further, there is a sub-category of these two – the veg and Non-veg thali. You will get every type of dish on a single platter, and this makes the thali most preferred food in train.



  1. Chicken Lollipop


When it comes to Indo-Chinese cuisine, Chicken Lollipop is the most popular dish. It is prepared with frenched chicken winglet tossed and whisked together in vinegar, soy sauce, red chilli powder, salt, and garlic paste & then fried. Chicken Lollipop is definitely a starter food that will make your trip even more memorable.


Passengers frequently order Chicken Lollipops and enjoy eating them on the train. They have forgotten the flabby and mass produced pantry foods and preferred cuisines from e-catering partners like RailRestro.



  1. Pav Bhaji


Thick vegetable gravy served with a soft bread bun, yes, you guessed it right, and we are talking about your favourite Pav Bhaji. Other than being popular street food, it is also the most loved meal for train journey.


Pav Bhaji is famous for its sweet flavour and texture. Also, it is the best meal for a train journey due to its phenomenal taste. A delicious mash of veggies and potatoes with buttery Pav will make you addicted to its taste with just a single bite.


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  1. Chow Mein


Chow Mein is stir fried noodles with vegetables or meat. It is particularly famous in India, Nepal, the US, and the UK. However, one can easily find this popular Chinese recipe in all parts of the world. Since the IRCTC has launched e-catering services, passengers love to order Chow Mein and enjoy eating them on the train.


Velvety noodles with the crunch of veggies, there are more than 20 different varieties of Chow Mein. The most popular varieties include Chicken Chow Mein, Pan-Fried, Sichuan, Liangpi, Calamari etc. At RailRestro, We provide delivery of both Veg and non-veg Chow Mein on Indian Railways trains.



  1. Veg Manchurian


One of the best Indian Chinese dishes, Veg Manchurian, is spicy, sweet, and tangy. Manchurian balls are made by chopping and deep-frying ingredients such as cauliflower, capsicum, onion, Paneer etc. These balls, sautéed in Soy sauce, are amazingly flavorful and tasty.


Food is much about the occasion, moment, location and taste. Why not make your journey on train crunchy with some mouth-watering Veg Manchurian.



  1. Paneer Butter Masala


Creamy, buttery, and sweet, Paneer Masala is a popular Indian dish. The dish is prepared with onions, tomatoes, cashew and spices. The subtle sweet taste and perfect balance of flavours make Paneer Butter Masala so popular. That is why it is also one of the most preferred foods in restaurants.


Trains are beautiful; they allow you to explore people and places. Take this opportunity to enjoy the best Paneer Butter Masala with some side dish like Fried rice or Naan from RailRestro. Trust us; you will lick your finger while having this dish.



  1. Muttar Paneer


One of the best and popular North Indian dishes, Muttar Paneer, is a Punjabi style curry recipe. This delectable dish is made up of deep-frying paneer cubes and cooking them in a creamy and buttery tomato based curry. Green Peas gives this recipe a unique flavour and texture whereas, the toppings of coriander leaves and kasoori methi enhances its flavour and aroma.


If you love to eat some traditional food on the train, Mattar Paneer would be the best option. Install RailRestro app to choose from the mouth-watering recipe from its vendors.



  1. Aloo Paratha


Potato stuffed Paratha is a popular breakfast for all occasions and places. This flour  based flatbread is a synonym for the Indian staple snack. However, Aloo Paratha is also prevalent in Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.


Aloo Paratha is ideal for lunch boxes and long train trips. Start your journey with a crunchy Aloo Paratha on the train from the IRCTC best e-caterer.



  1. Palak Paneer


Made with Paneer cubes dipped in a thick spinach paste, Palak Paneer is a popular vegetarian dish. It is a healthy and delicious food often served with parathas, Makki ki roti, Naan, or rice. In recent years, tempting Palak Paneer has evolved as one of the preferred dishes on trains.


Popular Palak Paneer is the best food option for a hilarious train journey. Believe it; you will lick your fingers while eating luscious Paneer cubes pureed in the Palak paste from one of the RailRestro vendors.



  1. Paneer Paratha


The famous North Indian flatbread Paneer Paratha is stuffed with crumbled cottage cheese, green chillies, and fresh coriander leaves. You can either consume the Paratha as itself or with a side dish like curd or butter.


If you want to connect your journey with some delicious food, Paneer Paratha would be the best option for you. You can also try Sarso ka Saag or chutney as a side dish with this popular paratha recipe.



  1. Lachha Paratha


Lachha Paratha is a flaky flatbread made up of wheat flour. Fried on Tava and not in tandoor, it is a popular Paratha variant of North India. Lachha is the multi-layered shallow-fried wheat bread in ghee. Both oil or ghee can also be used for laminating these Parathas.


Laccha Paratha is a great food for the train journey, especially if it’s a long trip. This recipe will provide you with the necessary energy that you will need for an overnight journey.



  1. Veg Pulao


When it comes to delicious rice dishes, Veg Pulao is the first name that comes to our mind. It is the medley of rice with vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom etc. Light and fluffy, the tasty Veg Pulao is a popular traditional food in India.


If you are fond of food and travelling, Veg Pulao would be a great accomplishment. Order the best local Hyderabadi Veg Pulao from RailRestro for a great food experience on trains.



  1. Idli Sambhar


Popular South Indian food, Idli Sambhar is a satisfying and comforting meal for train travellers. Soft fluffy steam cooked cakes are served with tangy vegetable lentils. This restaurant style dam good recipe is the best vegetarian food that you can eat on a train.


The RailRestro provide Idli Sambhar at all the railway stations in India, including Chennai, Ernakulum, Bangalore, and Nagpur. Passengers need to provide a 10 digit PNR number of their ticket to get this dish delivered to them in trains.


Longer duration train trips can be tedious. You do not need to worry if you are on such a trip and not carrying your home cooked food. With RailRestro, you can always place your food order through their mobile app, website or call. All the popular food items mentioned here can be booked with them. Therefore, you need to install RailRestro App on your mobile to order and get delivery of famous and most demanding foods on train. 



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In addition, you can use RailRestro tools to know the PNR status of your ticket, live train running status of all trains, and train schedule. 


What Is the Most Popular Food in India?


Pizza, Biryani, and Thali are the most popular foods in India. According to data revealed by famous food aggregators, more than 17 lakh Pizzas were ordered till November 2020.


On average, Indians ordered more than 95 Biryani dishes per minute in the year 2019. Subsequently, Masala Dosa and Paneer Butter Masala are the other most ordered food items online. The trend shows that these food items have become more popular even in the year 2021.


Which Food Is Good for the Journey?


Light foods like Idli Sambhar, Veg stuffed Paratha, and Mattar Paneer is the best food for a journey. However, if you wish to eat non-veg food during a train journey, Chicken Biryani or Fish curry would be the best option. 


The choice of foods can vary depending on an individual’s likes and dislikes. Therefore, it will be better to choose the food that suits you best. For example, A North Indian will prefer a thali, whereas a South Indian may choose Idli Sambhar or Dosa while on a journey. 


Which Stations Are Famous for Serving Local Food on Trains?


Indian Railway stations are famous for serving regional cuisines. Passengers enjoy eating popular dishes when they visit these stations while travelling by train. Popular dishes served by some of the stations are listed below:


  • Daal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada station, 
  • Biryani at Daund station, 
  • Fish Curry at Jamshedpur Station. 


You can also read this blog to get a complete list of stations famous for serving regional foods at stations and on trains.


Tell us about your favourite dish among these popular foods. Share your preferences with us on We would love to hear from you soon!


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