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Culinary diversity or food diversity is a treasure of India. You will not find any homogeneity in food flavour and taste between North, South, or East and West. Right from the extreme food of North-East to sugar-laden cuisines of Gujarat, Indian food diversity stretches across every corner of the country.


Most of you would agree that Railway Stations and trains are the best places to indulge in local delicacies. Indian Railway (IR) has more than 7300 stations across India. Some of these stations are famous for regional foods and they represent the local taste by serving mouth-watering dishes.


Check out 25 Railway Stations in India that serves the best local foods.



  1. Kanda Poha at Ratlam Station


The busy Ratlam Junction Railway Station of Madhya Pradesh (RTM) is famous for Kanda Poha throughout the country. Poha is a light breakfast food, steam cooked with spices and herbs. The mouth-watering aroma of Poha compels passengers to get down from the train and buy it from the local vendors at the station.



2. Daal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada Station


Dal Vada is also known as Masala Vada or Chana Vada in South India and is a popular local food. Idli, another popular regional dish that is made from fermented rice and lentil batter. You will find many vendors selling Dal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada Station of Andhra Pradesh. Travellers love to eat soft Idli cake and crispy Dal Vada with local tea at this station.



3. Aloo Chat (Tangy Potato Snack) at New Delhi Station


Delhi style Aloo Chat is famous everywhere in India. If you are travelling by train, try this tangy potato snack at New Delhi Railway Station for its distinguished flavour and taste. Shallow fried potatoes mixed in spices, chutney, and lemon juice, perhaps there is no better local food than Aloo Chat to start your journey from capital of the country.



4. Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut Station


Kozhikode Halwa is the legendary dish available at Calicut Station in its most authentic form. It is a jelly-like Halwa made from coconut oil, local spices and nuts of Kerala. Travellers love to satiate their sweet craving with this local dish while passing through Calicut by train.



5. Aloo Tikki at Tundla Station


Tundla Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its extremely flavourful Aloo Tikki. Foodies claim desi tadka at its best for this local dish. Aloo Tikki offers a perfect balance of spicy and sweet which you can enjoy while travelling on trains that run between the Howrah-Delhi route.



6. Onion and Potato Pakoras at Chittorgarh Station


Pakoras are famous in the Chittorgarh Station of Rajasthan. Though the State is well-known for its royal dishes, simpler food like Pakora makes you learn how earthy taste palate Rajasthani people have. You can enjoy eating this local snack in the vicinity of Chittorgarh Station. In case you travel by train on some other route, you can still have some delicious bites of Onion and Potato Pakoras by ordering them from RailRestro online.



7. Ven Pongal and Uthappa at Guntakal Station


Ven Pongal is a popular rice lentil dish that South Indians offer to God especially during Durga Puja. Whereas, Uthappa also known as Uttapam is a dosa like dish with crispy toppings. Ven Pongal and Uthappa is a perfect local duo that you wouldn’t like to miss when in Guntakal Railway Station.



8. Appams and Onion Rich Coconut Milky Stew at Thiruvananthapuram Station


People know Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station of Kerala for two local delicacies Appams and Coconut Milky Stew. Lacy soft Appam hoppers are made from fermented rice and coconut batter. With soothing Onion Rich Milky Coconut Stew, Appam is the best local food you can eat to kick-start your train journey at Thiruvananthapuram Station.



9. Biryani at Daund Station


Biryani at Daund Junction Railway Station is no less than a Hyderabadi Biryani. Passengers travelling on the Mumbai-Chennai route get off the train to settle down their craving for mouth-watering Biryani at Daund. Believe me, you will never forget the aroma of basmati rice and secret local herbs used for making this dish.



10. Moong Dal Pakode at Bareilly Station


Barely is not only a famous political constituency but it is also known for its local cuisine. Hot crispy Moong Dal Pakode is the all-time favourite of local people. If you are in the vicinity of Bareilly Junction of Uttar Pradesh, don’t forget to walk by the nearby food stall and grab some hot frying pakoras to tantalise your taste buds.



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11. Kachora at Nasirabad Station


Nasirabad Railway Station (NSD) is famous for its crunchy Kachora worldwide. Kachora in Nasirabad is eaten without chutney, however, in other parts of India, it is mostly served with sweet or sour chutney or sabzi.



12. Pazham Pori at Ernakulam Station


Pazham Pori is a local cuisine of Kerala made from banana fritters. This all-time Malay favourite will uplift your mood with every bite. At Ernakulam Railway Station in Kerala, you will get the best Pazham Pori to satiate your hunger. It is the perfect snack for a journey that you can have with a cup of tea or coffee.



13. Camel Milk Tea at Surendranagar Station


Have you heard about Camel Milk Tea? When you travel to Gujarat, don’t miss the famous Camel Milk Tea at Surendranagar Railway Station. It is a tea with a difference and with every sip, you will have no other words to describe its taste like yum, mmmm, and wah!



14. Chole Bhature at Jalandhar Station


Punjab is the ultimate food destination of India with varieties of local cuisines and beverages. Jalandhar is one of the best landmark eateries in Punjab famous for lip-smacking Chole Bhature. You can experience the spirit of Punjab by relishing local Chole Bhature at Jalandhar Railway Station.



15. Chicken Biryani at Hyderabad Railway Station


Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani is world-famous. The local Hyderabadi Biryani is a unique blend of spices, flavour and texture. Never miss out on the mouth-watering Chicken Biryani when you visit Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station (HYB) which is also known as Nampally Station locally.



16. Lal Chah (Assam Tea blend) at Guwahati Station


The beautiful tea gardens of Assam produce some of the finest teas in the world and also attracts travellers from the entire world. People who visit Assam don’t forget to take a sip of Lal Chah (lal chai) which is frequently available at the local tea stalls on the Guwahati Railway Station. It is a blend of black tea, Indian spices, sugar and lemon juice which gives it a sweet and sour taste. You will see the crowd of passengers enjoying Lal Chah on a rainy day in Assam.




17. Litti-Chokha at Patna Junction Station


Litti-Chokha is a traditional meal of Bihar which is famous worldwide for its deshi flavour and delight. Litti is a ball-shaped dish made with wheat flour dough stuffed with sattu (gram powder) which is drenched in ghee. Whereas Chokha is made with mashed tomatoes, brinjals, garlic, and salt. Passengers can order locally cooked Litti-Chokha at Patna Junction from RailRestro and enjoy it at their seat on the train.



18. Rava Dosa at Chennai Central Station


Rava Dosa is a popular local cuisine of South India. It is also the most popular variant of Dosa from South Indian cuisine. Locally cooked Rava Dosa at Chennai Central Railway Station is something travellers must try when they visit Tamil Nadu. Vendors serve crispy and tangy Dosha with varieties of fillings and vegetable curries on the station.



19. Kadhi Kachori at Ajmer Station


Kadhi Kachori is a delicious combo of classic Dahi Kadhi with crispy Kachori. Crossing Ajmer Railway Station and not trying Kadhi Kachori, trust me you are doing a crime. Kaldhi Kachori is a local favourite in the Rajasthan and Gujarat regions of India. You will find it selling in every street and it will make you drool at the first sight.



20. Lassi at Amritsar Station


If you are going to Punjab, supercharge yourself with a huge glass of Lassi at Amritsar Railway Station. Blended yoghurt with cream, and dry fruits, lassi is a healthy desi drink originating from Punjab. Traditional lassi is served in clay glass with Kulcha or Paratha. Although you may try it on empty stomach to feel the strong flavour of Punjabi cuisine.



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21. Sandesh at Howrah Station


Are you travelling on a train and crossing Howrah? Never miss out on eating Sandesh from the local sweet stalls at the Howrah Station. Bengali people practice sending Sandesh sweet as a gift to their relatives, and friends. It is one of the most famous Indian desserts that is soft and melts in your mouth. Also, Sandesh is one of the oldest sweets known to be originated somewhere between the 16th century, so it’s a dessert worth trying.



22. Fish Curry at Jamshedpur’s Tatanagar Junction Station


Jamshedpur or Tatanagar Junction has one of the best station canteens which is famous for local cuisines especially Fish Curry. Fresh catch prepared with most flavoured spices in a homely style is simple and delicious. Canteen staff serve Fish Curry with plain boiled rice and tomato & onion salads with coriander leaves topping. You cannot afford to miss this gravy-based masala fish curry while you are at Jamshedpur station.



23. Vada Pav, Pune Railway Station


Vada Pav, also known as Wada Paw is the native dish of Maharashtra. The mesmerising aroma of Vada arising from the local vendors at Pune Railway Station tempts passengers to try them at least once. Vada Pav served with dry chutney and green chilies at Pune junction has a distinguished taste due to the cooking style and spices used. It is also the best breakfast to start your journey.



24. Vada Sambar and Fresh Fruit Juice at Bangalore Station


Bangalore Cantt Railway Station is famous for local foods. Passengers love to eat Vada Sambar and drink fresh fruit juice while they are at this railway station. Vada is a crispy fritter made of black lentils (urad dal). Sambar is a stew made of mixed vegetables, spices and a special powder known as sambar powder. The combo is the most popular South Indian dish that you must eat while crossing Bangalore.



25. Pav Bhaji and Batata Vada at Mumbai Central Railway Station


World-famous Pav Bhaji is the king of street foods in Maharashtra. Batata Vada is Potato Vada which is yet another local food popular for its unique taste. When you cross Mumbai Central Railway Station, make sure you don’t miss these two local cuisines which represents the taste of this State at its best.


Why Eat Local Food?


Local foods are healthier, tastes good, and have high nutrient value. Also, local cuisines are food that is consumed within a short distance. They are influenced by a specific set of cooking traditions often associated with regional culture.


Eating local foods not only gives you the opportunity to taste different varieties of dishes but also supports native crops, local farmers, and help the community through profits and jobs. Indian Railway Stations are the best place to try local food of a region while you are on the go.



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Which Railway Station in India Serves the Best Food?


There are many Railway Stations that serve the best food and snacks in India. These local foods will add excitement to your journey. You can get lip-smacking local food on many Railway Stations in India. For example, Aloo Chat at Delhi Station, Lassi at Amritsar Station, Sandesh at Howrah station etc.


Regional food, snacks, and beverages are best served at the Railway Stations. So, make sure to try them while you are crossing a particular Station in India.


How Do I Order Local or Regional Food on a Train in India?


Ordering local food on the train is just a few clicks away. Follow the steps below to order local or regional food on any Railway Station in India


  • Visit the RailRestro website or install its food in train App from Google Play Store
  • Enter the 10-digit PNR number of your ticket
  • Choose the Station at which you want the delivery of local food
  • Following this, options for restaurants along with a food menu will appear
  • Select the local or regional foods you want to eat
  • Next, choose the mode of payment, you can either pay online or cash on delivery for your food order
  • Confirm your order and wait till the food arrives at your seat.


Passengers prefer to order local food from different Railway Stations in India. With RailRestro you get the most delectable local delicacies from all regions at your seat without any hassle. In addition, you can directly call their customer care at 8102202203 to place a food order.


RailRestro offers everything from the special food of Ajmer to the famous food of Ratlam. Whether you are at New Delhi Railway Station, Goa Railway Station, or Bangalore Railway Station, order and get the best regional food cooked by local chefs.


If you are travelling with family or friends, place group order to avail heavy discounts on your food order in train. Apart from ensuring tantalising regional taste, we also make sure that the food is prepared under hygienic conditions because we care for your health and well-being.


For the convenience of passengers, RailRestro offers various train enquiry facilities like PNR check, live stations, and live train running status. In addition, you can also check the train schedule and get information about the arrival and departure of trains between stations.


If you have a great love for regional cuisines, we provide famous food with local flavour on Indian Railway Stations, so you always eat like a local.


Imagine experiencing the food culture from around the country at the comfort of your train seat and have the most joyous journey you ever aspired!

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