Trains and flights are the two most fascinating ways to travel in India. One way is where flights are the fastest and most comfortable mode of travel. The Train journey comes with wonderful experiences. Choosing between a train ride or flight, at which time, and where you want to travel all depends on your requirement. However, sometimes, whether we should consider a flight for a journey or a train gets confusing. 


Here, we are presenting to you 10 differences that might help you to decide which travel mode best suits you and your priorities. 



1. Sceneries Offered by Train vs Flight 


Train and flight both offer beautiful and distinct sceneries to the eyes. Trains allow us to enjoy the food and cultural diversity just like a screen show. With its rides, we can witness the changing landscape like greenery, rural areas, urban cities, mountains, caves, lakes, rivers, and many more. Whereas the plane only offers a bird-eye view and almost static scenery to the eyes. 



2. Food Options on Train vs Flight


In-plane, you can have a limited number of foods offered by the flight attendee. You can’t even carry homemade snacks to eat in between your journey. But on the train, you can carry your homemade food and take e-catering app services to enjoy some mind-blowing regional, street, veg, and non-veg food.



3. Long Waiting to Board the Flight 


You will need at the airport at least 1 or 2 hours before your scheduled flight. At the airport, you are required to be in a long queue for luggage check, ticket verification, etc., which is tiring and a mood killer for vacation. But, on the train, you don’t need to be in a long queue and come super early to the station. At your home only, you can check the live running status of the train and move from your house accordingly. 



4. Stay In or Out of Network 


In today’s world, we all are freaked out by mobile phones. We are addicted to seeing our phones from time to time to get regular updates. But on flights, you need to put your phone on flight mode or switch it off. Nevertheless, you can fearlessly use your phone, listen to music, watch movies, read e-books, and order food on the train online. 



5. Luggage Rule in Train vs Flight 


In-Flight, there is a luggage restriction. Different airlines have different baggage rules. Indian railway is a uniform body that states you can carry 40 Kg luggage in the sleeper and 70 kg in AC class. With an extra luggage charge, you can take 100 kg of luggage. So, during packaging, you do not need to restrict yourself with a question of what is more important to pack and what is not. 



6. Sit at One Place and Walk around for Some Stretch


On the flight, most of the time, you need to sit in your seat by putting on your belt. But on the train, you can walk a bit to stretch and sleep on your berth when you feel tired. A plane journey may seem comfortable as it takes less time, but in reality, train travel is more comfortable. You enjoy it more and celebrate the aesthetic beauty it presents to you.  



7. Train Ride Better Choice for Vacation


We go on vacation to spend time with our loved ones. Train journey provides this to us. What we miss in your busy schedule is that we don’t talk our hearts out to our friends and family. On the long train journeys, we can do long conversation, celebrate togetherness, and enjoy diversified food on train. On the flight, you can not sit comfortably in a single place to talk with each other. 



8. With Train, You Can Cover India’s Most Places 


We all know the fact that India has vast rail networks. With it, we can travel to any corner of India, whether rural, urban, big, or small. Indian airlines are limited to only capital cities and some tourist attractions. In India, we have only 103 domestic airports. At the same time, Indian Railways includes over 7300 railway stations that ease the journey experience.  



9. Witness World Heritage Sites 


With Indian Railways, you can explore the UNESCO world heritage sites. Indian Railways owns four UNESCO Heritage sites that are worth visiting. Kalka Shimla, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Nilgiri Mountain, and Darjeeling Hills are recognised UNESCO world heritage sites. With a train ride, you can visit these places. 



10. Taking Journey Break in Train is Easiest 


Imagine! You are planning a solo tour to such a route, where a beautiful place comes in between, and you want to visit that place in the same journey plan. For this special visit, you can easily take a train journey break and after visiting the place, lead to your destination. Doing the same thing is not easy with the plane. 


Apart from these reasons, on a train, it is easy to make friends, travel with pets, board your bike, cycle, and any heavy luggage. A plane might take less travel time, but you must spend extra time at the airport before and after the air trip. Airports are also located far from the city, which needs you to step earlier from your home. Railway stations are mostly vested in the city’s center, making it easy to go anywhere from there. 


Why do Most People Prefer to Travel by Train?


Train journeys are more exciting than air trips. It offers thrilling journey experiences and can be accessed by millions of people. It is affordable to many. The air ticket prices change with time. You can get a plane ticket at less price if you buy it in advance. Train ticket price stays static and changes with classes such as sleeper, AC, and First class. However, Tatkal Quota tickets cost a bit high. 


What Makes a Train Tour More Exciting Than an Air Trip?


Innumerous Food options, beautiful landscapes, spare time, long conversations, silence in the chaos, and an experience that you might never forget are all that a train journey can offer you. On the train, you can bring back your childhood memories by just sitting on the window seat, staring far from the train, and enjoying some Moongphali and childhood food to make it a nostalgic journey.


Besides, you can also enjoy different kinds of regional food without deboarding the train, like seafood in Goa, Machh-Bhat in Howrah, South Indian Dosa, Idli, and Petha at Agra station and many more. For ordering these foods, you just need to download the e-catering app RailRestro. 


RailRestro is a food delivery app that allows passengers to order different kinds of food on train and check train schedules, live train stations, and PNR status. This app allows you to do bulk food orders for your group and delight your train journey. RailRestro also offers Sattvic food and Jain food on trains.

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Author: Sakshi Kumari