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Order Meal in Train at Chittaurgarh Junction

Order delicious food in train at Chittaurgarh junction. Experience the taste of regional specialties of Chittaurgarh with our premium e-catering partners at Chittaurgarh station. Railrestro offers wider coverage of restaurants from which you can chose to order food while traveling in train. You can either chose to pay online through our secure payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD). You can place your food order at Chittaurgarh station via our website or Railrestro Mobile App. We love to serve you the best cuisines at Chittaurgarh junction. If you're traveling in group and want to place your food order at Chittaurgarh station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in ordering food in train at Chittaurgarh station. Currently Rail Restro has active restaurants that delivers food in train at Chittaurgarh Railway station.

Chittorgarh Junction is a major station of Rajasthan serving the city Chittorgarh. The junction is located on broad gauge (BG) lines. The junction falls under western railway zone of Indian Railways. The station serves mainly three railway lines and facilitates trains as halt station. There are total 7 platforms with 10 railway tracks lied. The station facilitates Ajmer-Ratlam section, Chittorgarh –Udaipur section and Kota- Chittorgarh Railway line. The station is not electrified yet but electrification is on its move at this station.

There are regular trains’ passing by the station for Rajasthani district such as Bhilwara, Kota, Ajmer, Bundi, Jodhpur etc. the trains for other cities such as Bhopal, Ujjain, Mysore, Delhi etc. run from this junction. There are weekly trains which connect this city with major cities of India such as Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Kanpur, Mathura etc. BG lines on which Chittorgarh station is located that extends from Ghodhra to Bhopal, Ujjain to Indore after that it reaches Ratlam and Chanderia.

The station is well-equipped with basic facilities such as PRS windows, water and sanitation facilities, flyover bridge connection and tea/coffee stalls. The railway station is well connected with taxi and auto-rickshaw to the city. There is waiting halls and other amenities are also available at this station.    

About the City:
Chittorgarh is an important city of Rajasthan, India. This place cherishes a glorious past and stories of irrepressible courage. The place has been home to Mewar Rajputana Kingdom where the rulers sacrificed their lives in battlefield and women sacrificed their lives to safeguard their dignity and pride. This place has been the place of Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap, the place is known for Panna Dai and her sacrifice for this place.

Now this city is also known for many cement producing factories and granite/marble production. The place is also world famous for having largest fort of Asia as “Chittorgarh Fort”. There are also some more attraction built beautifully and attracts the tourists.

Places to Visit at Chittorgarh

  1. Chittorgarh Fort
  2. Kirti Stambh ( Fame tower)
  3. Vijaya Stambh ( Victory fame )
  4. Fort reservoir at Chittorgarh fort etc.

There is many restaurants in the city serve very tasty food. You can find all kinds of food from national and international boundaries are served here. But there are some of the traditional Rajasthani cuisines are prepared and served to the visitors.  Some of these traditional cuisines are prepared with fresh species to add up hot and spicy taste into cuisines. Don’t miss the chance to have a bite of Rajasthani food prepared in Chittorgarh.

Lal Maas- The cuisine is actually meat prepared marinated with chili (Kashmiri Mirch) and spices on slow fire. The meat tastes heavenly and tastes great to the meat lovers.

Mohan Maas- This cuisine is also a non-vegetarian cuisine prepared with milk and cream thick gravy. The meat tastes amazing and this cuisine is a retreat for the people who hunt for tasty meat cuisine.

Daal-Bati Churma , Bati Ki Khichadi , Kachodi, halwa and Bajra Puri are some of the vegetarian food served hot in the plates offered by Chittorgarh.

Food in train at Chittorgarh Station
If your train is passing by the station, and you feel like to have a plate of a plate of meal on train then you must order your meal by RailRestro to feast your hunger. There are our premium e-catering partners serving tasty and fresh food at the station. You can order your favorite food from the vast catering menu to be delivered in the train. There are many restaurant partners of RailRestro serving hot and steaming plate of food in train at Chittorgarh junction railway station. For group food orders call us at 8102888111 or chat with our digital food advisors to place your order.  

Food Partner at Chittorgarh junction
There are a number of restaurants partner of RailRestro serving delicious food on train at this station. All kinds of food from the different zones of India and cuisines out of the Indian plates are served here at this station. You can order your favorite food from these restaurants at Boriwali restaurant.

Meera Restaurant - This restaurant is serving quality food at the Chittorgarh railway station. They assure to provide you good food values with hot and steaming plates of delicious meals.  You can order these frequently delivered foods from this restaurant-

  1. Aalu Paratha combo 
  2. Choole Masala
  3. Masala chana
  4. Gulab jamun
  5. Dal Tadka
  6. Steamed rice
  7. Jeera rice
  8. Veg Pulao
  9. Jain thali
  10. Veg mini thali
  11. Maharaja vegetarian thali
  12. Poha

You can browse the menu to explore more food options as there are more than 150 vegetarian / non vegetarian /Chinese cuisines are listed and being delivered in the train at Chittorgarh railway station.

How to order food on train by RailRestro
To order your food in train at Chittorgarh junction, enter you PNR number and select the food items of your choice.  After selecting the food, you can choose to pay via secured CC Avenue or by Cash on Delivery (COD).    

You are advised to order your meal at least of 1 hour before reaching the particular station. You can order your meal using RailRestro mobile application or official website. You can also request a call back and our food advisor will connects to you within seconds.

So this way your orders get accepted by the nearby restaurant and RailRestro make sure to get it delivered at the station. RailRestro feels happy to serve you with tasty dishes.

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