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Order Meal in Train at Bareilly Junction

Order delicious food in train at Bareilly junction. Experience the taste of regional specialties of Bareilly with our premium e-catering partners at Bareilly station. Railrestro offers wider coverage of restaurants from which you can chose to order food while traveling in train. You can either chose to pay online through our secure payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD). You can place your food order at Bareilly station via our website or Railrestro Mobile App. We love to serve you the best cuisines at Bareilly junction. If you're traveling in group and want to place your food order at Bareilly station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in ordering food in train at Bareilly station. Currently Rail Restro has active restaurants that delivers food in train at Bareilly Railway station.

Bareilly junction is one of the major railway stations of Uttar Pradesh. It is actually an important railway zone of north India. This place is at a distance of 250 km from Delhi and the capital city Lucknow is at 522 kilometers. The railway station directly connects the trains to Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Many of the trains originate from this station only. However, many important trains pass by this railway route. The station is connected with the city via all means of transportation such as taxi, private cabs, autos, buses. UP Government run buses are also available at the railway station to take the people inside the city as very low rentals.

Bareilly city is also headquartering of Bareilly division. This city is listed as India's 50th largest city and 8th largest metropolis city of Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, the city Bareilly has been also enlisted among top 100 smart cities under the government of India's ambitious plan "Smart city mission". The city is located on Ramganga River (A tributary river of Ganga, originating from Uttrakhand). This city is also known as "Nath-Nagari "as the temple of Sapt Shiva situated in Bareilly, is believed to be protecting this city.

The city is famous for manufacturing furniture. The trade of cotton, sugar, and cereal is also an important part of the economy of this city. The city is famous for bans furniture and also known as Bans-Bareilly.

According to Great Hindu Literature, the epic Mahabharata Bareilly region was known as "Panchali" birth pace of Draupadi. Draupadi was also known as Panchali due to her birth at this place. It is also believed that the Lord Buddha has also visited the city. The place has gone through many historical changes, but it got its modernization during the Mughal Empire. 

The preferred language of the city is Hindi and Urdu. English is also spoken and understood by People. There is also a number of people speaking some regional dialects and languages.

Food: Bareilly is famous for Surama (Dark Black Eyeliner) kites and mouthwatering food. Foods have Mughal influence and the food is also prepared in Mughlai style.  Though you will find many vegetarian and nonvegetarian food items prepared here. There are some mouth-watering food items are cooked here, are really taste heavenly. The name could be same but the taste you will find nowhere out of Bareilly.

  • Nahari: Pronounced as (NEEHAARI), the very first thing would be recommended to must eat at Bareilly. This delicacy is a non-vegetarian broth made out of bone the goat and small meat pieces. The cuisine is kept on slow flame overnight in a big pot. It is cocked overnight and served in the morning with Rumali roti. People even like to have it as a cup of hot soup. So if you have a bone hunger and you love Mughlai preparation then must try it out. Even your train is passing by the railway routes of Bareilly; you can order any Mughlai food on the train from RailRestro.
  • Seekh Kabab: You would have eaten this cuisine earlier also but once you should try it at Bareilly. The Seekh Kabab prepared using the lamb meat marinated in herbs and aromatic spices. All most all of the non-veg restaurant serves this non-veg delicacy in Bareilly.
  • Dessert: If you are vegetarian and love the sweet dishes then Bareilly is the right place for you. You will find jalebi-Rabdi, gulab-jamun and very special Cheena Murki. You must try these food items if you are in Bareilly.

You can order food on train at Bareilly junction by our partner restaurants who are happy to serve you a fresh plate of food in your train. The food at Bareilly junction is relay amazing and if you are nonveg food lover then you must try kebabs and meat served here. RailRestro has many restaurant partners in Bareilly to order food in train. You can order food from these restaurants.

Tree of spice: this is one of the best restaurants in the city serving more than 200 of cuisines. You can order food of your choice from the menu. The restaurant would be delivering your food on the train. You can choose veg or non-veg food from the menu which is prepared after getting your order, exclusively prepared and a hot plate of food is delivered at your birth. You can also order a cake, fast food or soft drink on the train by this restaurant. If you are traveling with children or you want to order hot cow milk on the train, then again the answer is ordering milk from the tree of spices by RailRestro app.

Food Zaika: This restaurant is also serving delicious food on the train. You can select food of your choice from the vast arrayed food items listed in the menu. This restaurant has a long list of mouth-watering food items. You can order South Indian food from this restaurant. Apart from this, you can order all kinds of north Indian food from this restaurant.

Apart from this, you can order food from these restaurants serving a fresh and hot meal on the train.

  • Pihu restaurant food
  • R Bajpai
  • Daalchii
  • Yummy food
  • Vestal restaurant
  • Ashirvad veg family restaurant 

There are almost 9 best restaurants in the city has a partnership with RailRestro to provide food on the train. All you need to do is enter your PNR number and your station code, choose food item from the menu and select your payment method. You can pay online or chose to pay when the food gets delivered to you.

For group food order contact 8102888111 or chat with our digital food advisors to place your order. You can also opt for “Request a Call-Back Option” and our food advisors will contact you within minutes. Use the coupon code “GROUP20” and get a discount of 20% on your food bill.
We love to serve you the best food in train at Bareilly Junction.

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Food was very nice..... quality was also very good. A good going step to make railway more better. Keep it up . I ordered for my uncle and he was delighted too!
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Manjay Singh

Best in class food served by Railrestro at Tundla junction. It made me journey worth it as I could enjoy my favorite food for the first time during train journey.
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RailYatri failed to deliver a confirmed prepaid order #740393 at MGS yesterday. I'm still waiting for their mail/SMS regarding the refund. Thanks to @RailRestro, received a nice meal at the next station.
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Sameer Ahad