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How to order food in Train

RailRestro offers a variety of choices to our train passengers to order food as per their craving. Like the scenic attractions of rail rides never cease to amaze travelers, it’s RailRestro which doubles your fun and enthusiasm by proffering tasty food in train to 600+ locations. Laced with glorious culture and breathtaking attractions, we love to make our journey flavorful with different foods which are perfect blend of various cultures and ages. RailRestro loves to be the ‘tale of your journey’ on every location you travel. Our effort is to make food delivery in train easy and comfortable for the passengers to make their journey foodlicious and memorable. RailRestro and its premium catering partners are active at 600+ cities which satisfies your appetite in no time and within a few clicks.

Create Your Travel Story with RailRestro:
Our approach is to reach every city across India and cover every platform. RailRestro facilitates passengers at 600+ stations where we deliver food online in train. You can hunt our menu for the best food in train across every location. Our premium catering partners include popular restaurants, cafes and food joints and we strive to deliver their delicacies from every location you cross. RailRestro currently operate in more than 450+ railway stations of India. We are rapidly expanding across the Railway network to reach every corner of India. Our journey started with few cities but our customer satisfaction and their support made us one of the India’s leading food delivery apps for train journey. We have vast number of restaurants and partners all over India.

RailRestro provides you the easiest way to analyze and manage your food for your journey. We also mentioned the food as per the locations and cities. Whether accustomed to pizza or burger to the full plate meal we serve all you need. Munching and eating in train is different amusement. Journey means enjoying and sharing delicious food. Allowing customers to search for their preferred food restaurant-wise, this app helps you to filter these joints according to discounts, locations and customer feedback. We offer the convenience of ordering from anywhere as well as with attractive discounts, order food online delivery ensures faster delivery. We present registration process and all internal services such as order placing and making payment easier and convenient.

Food is the Element that binds us together:
We admire the contrasting taste of India. Every city has distinct taste and their pride. We respect the tang and culture of every location in India and initiated our effort to proffer best taste and delicacy. Tempting and delicious food can be ordered in train using RailRestro app. We anticipate the desire and cravings and accordingly traveler traveling and about to reach their station. Our concern is to provide you the best service we can. Whether it’s the Daal Baati Churma of Rajasthan, Kachoris of Jaipur or the litti chokha of Bihar, Jain food, and every regional/local food can be delivered at your seat during train journey. With RailRestro, you can order regional choices while traveling by train.

Meeting the customers’ demand for faster delivery and coping up with the ever-increasing orders for food delivery has made us one of the robust and reliable food delivery apps in train. Thanks to our patronage of an exponentially growing number of users. Globally, the changing lifestyle and the increasing need for getting things done on the go have added fuel to the established online food delivery which is now common in train. Bustling and lack of time make several people to look for reliable food to order online and get to our required food delivered seat in train in no time. Features in this app allow searching by restaurant, location, and cuisine. We also enable you in checking ratings and reviews prior to placing orders. We are rated among the top online food delivery services in India present at 450+ locations. Order delicious food on train via RailRestro at hundreds of station in India, Currently, we have coverage at following stations: