Quality Assurance

At Railrestro, we care for quality. For us, you are not just a traveller, or a one-time customer. We wish to cultivate a long-term relationship with you, by being your trusted friend and advisor, guiding you to quality food choices, wherever you are. Eventually, our aim is to give you a range of options for meals of your choice, whether you are travelling, at work or organizing a get-together.

We believe that quality is the cornerstone to trust, which is the foundation for an enduring relationship. Thus, we have formulated a rigorous procedure to enlist our restaurant vendors. Only those restaurants that meet our standards can become Railrestro vendors.

Some of the criterion used to shortlist restaurants:

  1. The restaurant is a local favourite.
  2. The restaurant has a valid food license approved by FSSAI.
  3. Other available reviews are favourable.
  4. Multiple food options.

We also request regular feedback from you, in the form of emails, sms satisfaction codes and surveys. We’ll use that feedback to nip any service or food quality issues in the bud. If any Railrestro vendor consistently receives negative feedback, it will be removed from our system, and in severe cases, black-listed permanently. For any querries related to our quality policy write us to [email protected].

If you are looking to order food in train, just download the railrestro app for android & iOS devices or call us at 81022 02203.