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Food Delivery in Train at Angar

Angar railway station is a small station serving the village Angar in Sholapur district of Indian State Maharashtra. The village is located in a remote area of Sholapur district that’s why the train is the best medium to reach this village. The nearest railway station is located at least the distance of 20 kilometers from Angar and the nearest airport is located in Pune at the distance of almost 200 Kilometers. All of these factors make this place perfectly reachable by train only.

The railway station at Angar railway station is operated by Central railway zone under local administration of Sholapur railway division. There are a total of two platforms with four railway tracks function at the station.  The station is small yet maintained and clean. The basic facilities such as drinking water and sanitation services are available at the station. There is also a ticket window function at the station.  

About The Angar Village: 
Angar is a small village located in the lap of nature somewhere far from the hustling and bustling lifestyle of the city. The village is locally pronounced as “Anagar”. The village is located in the Mahol Assembly constituency in the district of Sholapur. The place is under the division of Pune.

Things to Know about the Place: 
The village is located in the district of Sholapur, one of the most populous city and urban agglomeration of the Indian state of Maharashtra. This city is famous for production of many things such as Sholapur Chadar and towels that are made of soft cotton. The city is also a large producer of pomegranate as the Sholapur has the pomegranate farming on a big scale. The place also keeps a first rank in Asia’s and second top rank on world in spinning mill for producing cotton and weaving material. The place has multi-cultural place and mainly 2 languages are spoken. Marathi and Kannada are spoken and understood in the overall district.

Places to Visit:
A number of places in the city offer tourism sites for the people roaming in search of visiting places in visiting sites in the state of Maharashtra.

  1. Allakot Swami Samarth Temple – This place is located in the Allakot that is located nearby the Sholapur city. There are a number of direct buses take the tourists to the temple. Really! The place is very peaceful and one can spend the day in exploring the place.
  2. Bhuilkot Fort – One of the ancient forts built during the time of Maratha Peshwai Kings. The fort has one garden alongside which gives the evening gateway for the local residents and tourists. The palace is famous as a picnic spot and the street beside gives a plethora of street food options to the visitors.
  3. Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary – The sanctuary is drought-prone area reserved for the protection of wildlife animals especially for Bustard bird.
  4. Vitthal – Rukmini Temple – This is a temple located in the districts of Sholapur in a village Pindharpur. The temple is dedicated to the Krishna and his beloved queen Rukmini. People from different regions of Maharashtra come to this place to offer prayers.

Cuisines at Angar Village
The local residents make their food very spicy which is rich is red chili and peanuts. The extensive use of peanuts gives a very different taste. The peanuts mixture is used heavenly in the dishes prepared here.

  1. Shenga Chutney - This spicy preparation is actually a sauce made with the basic element containing peanuts. The spicy like coriander, red chilies and use salt are used in making this sauce. This sauce is used as a spice to add up in some of the dishes and also served solely with lunch and dinner.
  2. Jowar bread – Very common food items of whole Sholapur region. The roti (Bread) is made of Jowar corns which are produced in the farming lands of Maharashtra. The Jowar breads are made crispy and little heavy food items.
  3. Khara mutton - This is a special kind of pickle made of mutton pieces. The pickle is served with non – vegetarian food items. The pickle is made of mutton pieces and spices which make sit oily and spicy.
  4. Goat Curry – The food items made of goat meat pieces made in a very broth of spices and peanuts.
  5. Mahaparshad- Entire Sholapur district is a place of religious importance. There are a number of temples located in the district. There is a special kind of meal is provided to the pilgrims and visitors in the temple. The Mahaprashad are made of lentils broth, Jwar Breads, vegetarian curries and fries and sweet dishes like Modak and Sheera. All of the pilgrims relish on the food provided by the temple.

The place mainly serves vegetarian food because of the religious background and location of temples. The restaurants in the district are specialized in vegetarian food items. Though, non-vegetarian food items are also served in the city at different restaurants.

Food Delivery in Train at Angar Station:
Ordering tasty food in train of your choice and having them during the journey was something next to impossible. Passengers had very few options like food cooked in the pantry car of the train or sold at the station premises. IRCTC in an PR event had conspicuously stated that IRCTC will not be responsible for any health hazards caused to the passengers, if they consume food from non-authorized food vendors in train” which means, if any passenger who opts for a food sold outside on the station premises and consumes it without any check, then IRCTC won’t be responsible for any health hazards. To avoid such health issues, order your food from e-catering services at your seat. RailRestro will soon arrive to Angar railway station with it’s wide variety of menu for the passengers. Meanwhile, download RailRestro mobile application to order food online in train during your journey.