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Order Meal in Train at Miraj Junction

Order delicious food in train at Miraj junction. Experience the taste of regional specialties of Miraj with our premium e-catering partners at Miraj station. Railrestro offers wider coverage of restaurants from which you can chose to order food while traveling in train. You can either chose to pay online through our secure payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD). You can place your food order at Miraj station via our website or Railrestro Mobile App. We love to serve you the best cuisines at Miraj junction. If you're traveling in group and want to place your food order at Miraj station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in ordering food in train at Miraj station. Currently Rail Restro has active restaurants that delivers food in train at Miraj Railway station.

Miraj junction railway station serves the city Miraj located in the singali district of Indian state Maharashtra. The station is operated by the Central Railways under the administration of Pune railway division of the Indian Railways. The station has a total of six railway platforms operating with broad gauge railway tracks. The station serves mainly three railway lines such as Pune-Miraj-Londa Railway line, Miraj-Kolhapur railway line and Latur Miraj railway section. The Miraj railway station is vital for the trains passing by Mumbai-Bangalore railway line and Miraj-Nagpur Railway section. The Miraj station was also proved to be a boon for Maharashtra’s district Latoor when the rail containing water tankers transported to the latur from Miraj station. The railway project “Jaldoot” was introduced from this station only.

The station is not very crowded as it serves very niche passenger travelling via that particular railway line. There are total 80+ trains pass by the station per week. There is some more train in demand for several routes to make the railway commute easy for the local residents. The station is not electrified yet. The station has all the basic amenities made available for the passengers.

About The city
The city Miraj is an ancient city of Maharashtra, India. The city has seen rise and falls of any empires such as Bahmani dynasty, Maratha Empire, Mughal empires and British Rule. The city has been also a military camp due to its lactation. The Miraj fort has been used as the military base in the city.

The city is famous for its medicals services. People from south Indian regions, north Indian regions and also from abroad especially Arabian countries come here for medical purposes.

The place is also quite famous among musicians and other music lovers. People from corners of the country gather here to buy musical instrument especially Sitar, guitar and string musical instruments.

City Miraj is also recognized for the performance of the Indian classical music. The city is also home of many musicians contributing in national, regional and international music industry.

Like the other Maharashtrian cities, Miraj is also known for the great celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi. The festival is celebrated with great happiness and enthusiasm.

All of the Maharashtrian cuisines and food items are served in the city by all the restaurants functioning here. One can also have north Indian and south Indian food items at the place.

Food in train at Miraj Junction Railway station
There are many restaurants partners of RailRestro function nearby the Miraj junction railway station. You can order food of your own choice at the station. All of these restaurants serve very delicious and freshly cooked food in train. All kinds of food are it vegetarian or non-vegetarian each and every thing is served in the train just by ordering your food from RailRestro website or app. You can browse the menu to get your favorite food items and order it via RailRestro. You can download RailRestro mobile application and get a discount of 5% on your order via application. 

Why to choose RailRestro
RailRestro is one of the fastest growing food networks providing food on train. RailRestro is IRCTC’s official e-catering company proving food in more than 350+ cities with more than 7000 restaurant partners across the country. We believe in “food-value” and we deliver the fresh and healthy meal on the train for passengers. RailRestro works day in and day out to deliver quality food values to the passengers. The RailRestro team keeps a quality maintenance audit going on to ensure good and fresh food delivered on your train right at your berth. RailRestro builds restaurants partnership with the best restaurants of the location providing maximum value of money over food preparedness and promising delivery system.

RailRestro has three major e-catering partners at Miraj junction:


Menu to order at Miraj Junction:

  • Biryani (Veg and Chicken)
  • Chinese items like Chicken Fried Rice, Veg Fried Rice, Chicken chilli, and Hakka noodles
  • Vegetable and Paneer curry preparations
  • Variety of chicken curry preparations
  • Thali and Combo meals
  • Rice and Roti items like Pulao, Curd Rice, Jeera rice, butter roti, Naan and Plain roti.

How to Order Food from RailRestro at Miraj Junction
To order your food in train you just need to enter you PNR number, then select the food items of your choice and then select the mode of payment either online or COD. Enjoy your meal at the station. 

You are advised to order your meal at least of 1 hour before reaching at Mau junction railway station. You can order your meal Using RailRestro website or app. you can also request a call back on website and our food advisor will connect to you ASAP.

For group food order in train, call us at 8102888111 or chat with our digital food advisors via our AI-based website. The great food will be served in the train for your great gathering with great discounts. Yeah! RailRestro serves group food on train with great discount over meal charges.

So enjoy your meal at the station. You can use different coupon codes available on website to avail discount on the food delivered at your berth by RailRestro. Food partners of RailRestro are waiting for you with a fresh plate of food of your choice at Miraj railway station. The hot and tasty food is not only a complement to your long distance train journey but also a healthy bite of meal to keep your body energies, fit and healthy. So keep munching even in the train at Miraj Junction with your food partner RailRestro. !

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4.6 Out Of 5 Star

Food was very nice..... quality was also very good. A good going step to make railway more better. Keep it up . I ordered for my uncle and he was delighted too!
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Manjay Singh

Best in class food served by Railrestro at Tundla junction. It made me journey worth it as I could enjoy my favorite food for the first time during train journey.
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RailYatri failed to deliver a confirmed prepaid order #740393 at MGS yesterday. I'm still waiting for their mail/SMS regarding the refund. Thanks to @RailRestro, received a nice meal at the next station.
Overall rating

Sameer Ahad