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Food Delivery in Train at Palanpur Jn.

Palanpur is a city which lies under the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Palanpur in its early times was also called as Prahladana Patan or Prahaladanapura. Hot, humid weather with sandy wind is the condition in the summer season. Dairy, textile, diamond polishing and marbles are the main industrial business at Palampur. There are many famous temples and a famous steep well in the city which is a tourist attraction for which travelers from around the corners of India and world throng to the place. Some of the sightseeing are:

  • Kirti Stambh: It’s a 22 metre tower near the railway station. It depicts the history of the town and the dynasties it has gone through in the past.
  • Balaram Palace and Jorawar Palace: They are such creations which reflect the artistic beauty and immortal past of the Indian history. They are worth to visit at palampur The Jorawar place is used as a courtroom in the present.
  • Mithi Vav: It’s a famous stepwell and the oldest surviving monument of the town or Gujarat. The sculptures inside the well include Ganesh, Shiva, Apsaras, dancing figures, worshiping couples and floral or geometrical patterns.
  • Pataleshwar Temple: this temple was built by the mother of Anhilwad Patan. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Jain Temples: There are three Jain temples in the city. Kirti Stambh, Motu Derasar, and Nanu Derasar. Nani Bazar, Moti Bazar. Shahshivan, Chaman Bag and Mansarovar, a lake dedicated to the queen Manbai Jadeja, in 1628 are some of the other attractions.

Since Palampur lies in the Gujarat, there are many authentic Gujarati dishes served to the locals and tourists. Apart from the local food the city has imbibed western culture and there are many restaurants branded and unbranded which serves best western food at Palampur.

  • Dhokla: This is one of the traditional food items heavily consumed in Gujarat and its cities. There are many food joints at palampur which serves this delicacy as a breakfast and lunch. It is available at every corner of the city. It is made with a batter of chickpea flour, spices, salt and curry leaves. There are multiple colors used in the dhoklas to make it more attractive.
  • Jalebi: When it comes to satisfy the sweet tooth of your taste then palampur has special jalebis which are deep fried in oil and soaked in thick kesar-flavored sugar syrup. This is served with hot and sweet rabri at the top like a dressing.

The city of Palampur is blessed with a railway station which is connected with all the major cities of India. It is facilitate with all the amenities which a station should possess, like reservation system, water ATM, ticket vending machine, refreshment stalls, and waiting rooms. Any passenger can use these facilities and refresh themselves with tea, coffee and juice anytime or while waiting for their train.  

Trains crossing Palanpur
There are many trains crossing this junction. Passengers who have a valid PNR number can order food in train via e-catering services like RailRestro.    

  • Cdg Bdts Superfast Special (04512)   
  • Gandhidham Express (19151)
  • Palanpur Express (19152)
  • Koaa Aii Express (19605)
  • Bikaner Express (06013)
  • Bl Jodhpur Express (1905
  • Bdts Jsm Express (09063)
  • Adi Dee Premium (09417)
  • Bdts Bkn Superfast Express (22474)
  • Bdts Dee Express (19029)
  • Kolkata Express (19413)
  • Adi Varanasi Express (19407)
  • Gkp Adi Express (19410)

*To know the complete list of trains crossing Palanpur, visit the official website of Indian Railways.

Food Delivery in Train at Palanpur Station
The concept to munch fresh and tasty food in train from exotic restaurants was a dream. The probability to get food items of choice in train was zero. Is the scenario same for today? NO! Experience the regional taste of Palanpur which includes the fresh aroma of tandoori items, Chinese, Gujarati, and the spicy local flavors of chicken biryani, now delivered in train at your berth. Get these wonderful spicy foods in train within a few clicks. RailRestro, the catering partner of IRCTC, has a wider coverage of restaurants which are available for food delivery in trains at Palanpur station. The passengers traveling in a train can order delicacies of their choice from our premium e-catering partners and satisfy their hunger ping-pangs. From breakfast recipes to the Awadhi lunch and dinner items can be easily served at Palanpur junction station which you love to eat during the journey.

Our catering partners at Palanpur Station:
There are four major e-catering partners of RailRestro at Palanpur station which delivers best food in train. Download the RailRestro mobile application and order your food in the journey to get a discount of 5%. Passengers can order food from:


Menu to order at Palanpur Station

  • Thalis: Egg thali, South Indian Thali, Veg and Non-veg Thali. (Mini, Maharaja and Deluxe)
  • Chinese: Fried Rice, Noodles, one can order exotic Chinese dishes like Spring rolls, chicken schezuan, Chicken Hongkong, Honey chilli Potato, Manchurian and Dimsums.
  • Veg curries: Methi Matar Malai, Koftas, Chana Masala and veg Jhalfrezi are the special. Apart from the specials it has a range of Paneer, mushrooms and potato preparations.
  • Tandoori Items: Tikka and kebabs are the most preferred.
  • South Indian: Masala Dosa, Idli S?mbhar, Uttapam, and upma.
  • Non-Veg Curries: A range of Egg, Chicken and Mutton recipes. Explore the menu.
  • Combo meals: Indian, Chinese, and tandoor combos.
  • Jain Meals: Rice items, veggies, thalis and combos available in Jain style.

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If you're traveling in group and want to place group food order in train at Palanpur station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in food ordering. You can also chat with our digital food experts to place your order.  You can either choose to pay online through our secure CC Avenue payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD).

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