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Order Meal in Train at Satna Junction

Order delicious food in train at Satna junction. Experience the taste of regional specialties of Satna with our premium e-catering partners at Satna station. Railrestro offers wider coverage of restaurants from which you can chose to order food while traveling in train. You can either chose to pay online through our secure payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD). You can place your food order at Satna station via our website or Railrestro Mobile App. We love to serve you the best cuisines at Satna junction. If you're traveling in group and want to place your food order at Satna station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in ordering food in train at Satna station. Currently Rail Restro has active restaurants that delivers food in train at Satna Railway station.

Food Delivery At Satna Station

If you are looking for a good options that can get the best food delivery service around Satna along the railway networks, RailRestro is the best option. You can order according to the taste and preference and expect quality service. There are options of Mughlai, Chinese, local and continental dishes that are found all over the country. Railrestro will connect to the best restaurant according to your demand. 

A Brief Note on the Significance of Satna 

Satna though a small town in MP, yet there are many interesting destinations to see in this town. Satna is a little town that is located in Madhya Pradesh and lies on the borders of Uttar Pradesh. Although Madhya Pradesh is one of the most densely populated areas of the world, this town is relatively less in population. Therefore, it does provide as a good tourist destination in central India. The place is also quite known for the number of cement factories. 

Historically, it was a part of Baghel Khand, largely ruled by Rewa state whereas a small part was ruled by Feudal Chiefs controlled by British rulers. The town derived its name from the river Satnu or Satna flowing nearby. This river originates from Sarang Ashram located near Sarangpur, a village in Panna District. A place nearby Satna, Bharhut is famous because the remains of Buddhist Stupa of 2nd century were discovered here in 1873. 

Some of the places worth visiting in Satna

  • Chitrakoot: If anyone has any regard or interest in the Indian epics, they will love this place. Chitrakoot is the ancient area where the great Indian epic, Ramayan was written. There are a lot of interesting areas to visit along with caves that had been the home to Ram during his fourteen-year old exile.
  • Ramban: This place is famous for old relics of the great and ancient temple of Hanuman in this area.
  • Maihar: This is the place where the great temple of Sharda Ma is located. 
  • Bandhavgarh National Park: This is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India where one can also find tigers. 

RailRestro Food Delivery in Train at Satna Railway Station:

Your food will reach at the station if it is ordered at least forty-five minutes before the time of arrival of the train. You will get food that has been prepared fresh. Therefore, you don't have to worry about both the quality as well as quantity of the food. The payment mode is very convenient as payment can be done with the credit or debit cards, as well as cash. 

Satna Helpline numbers: 

Satna Railway Station: 08800-31-31-31 

Order food in train at Satna station now. For any assistance, call 8102888111


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4.6 Out Of 5 Star

RailYatri failed to deliver a confirmed prepaid order #740393 at MGS yesterday. I'm still waiting for their mail/SMS regarding the refund. Thanks to @RailRestro, received a nice meal at the next station.
Overall rating

Abdul Ahad

Thanku for the food, it was delicious, delivered on time and quality was good . Had a very pleasant experience
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Food delivered at lucknow against PNR no: 2711476038 on 29.04.17 was very good in quality .
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Susheel Kumar