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Order Meal in Train at Sonipat Junction

Order delicious food in train at Sonipat junction. Experience the taste of regional specialties of Sonipat with our premium e-catering partners at Sonipat station. Railrestro offers wider coverage of restaurants from which you can chose to order food while traveling in train. You can either chose to pay online through our secure payment gateway or opt for cash on delivery (COD). You can place your food order at Sonipat station via our website or Railrestro Mobile App. We love to serve you the best cuisines at Sonipat junction. If you're traveling in group and want to place your food order at Sonipat station, request a call back from our representative and we would be more than happy to assist you in ordering food in train at Sonipat station. Currently Rail Restro has active restaurants that delivers food in train at Sonipat Railway station.

Sonipat lies in the state of Haryana.  It comes under the National Capital Region (NCR) and is around 20 kilometres away from Delhi. The pious Yamuna River runs along the eastern boundary of Sonipat. There are many places to visit at sonipat. The place reflects the ancient Mughal culture and many tombs and location proves the fact. If you’re on a visit to sonipat, then do not miss to visit these locations.

  • Khwaja Khizr Tomb:
    The Khwaja Khizr Tomb is situated in Jatwara houses. The ceiling is decorative and made of multicolour floral designs. The cenotaph chamber is surrounded by a dome-shaped structure which rests on a small drum of octagonal shape. Archaeological Survey of India now protects this property.
  • Mughal architecture:
    Mughal buildings are surrounded in the outskirts of the city. The Mosque of Abdullah Nasir-ud-din is a worth visit.

Agriculture is also a major economic support for sonipat. The main crops which are grown in abundance are wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, oilseeds, pulses, barley, maize, millet, jute, baby corn, sweet corn, sesame and groundnuts wheat, tobacco, pulses, linseed, rapeseed and mustard seeds.  People of sonipat have adopted a unique cuisine style which is a mix of Punjab food and their traditional food. The traditional food includes butter milk, bajra/wheat roti, and range of vegetables like ladies finger, eggplants, and various kinds of badis. The traditional food of Punjab like Lassi, dal makhini, and laachha Paratha, Pao Bhaji etc. are adopted from Punjab. Non-veg food is also famous but a large part of Sonipat has a vegetarian choice as their delight. The state puts an extra emphasis on sporst and has given various sportsperson in games like hockey, basketball, lawn tennis, horse riding, gymnastics, swimming, rifle shooting, volleyball, boxing, cricket and football.

Sports Authority of India (SAI)
The Sports Authority of India has been established in the Northern Regional Center at Sonipat to provide world-class facilities for athletes (especially wrestlers). 

Trains crossing Sonipat Station
There are many trains crossing through sonipat station. Any passenger who has a valid PNR number can order food in train at Sonipat station to relish their journey with Haryanvi cuisines. Below is the list of few special trains which stops at Sonipat station. For a complete list visit the official website of Indian Railways.

  • Cdg Dli Express (04032) 
  • Jammu Mail (24033)
  • Shaheed Express (14674)
  • Asr Kir Express (15708)
  • Saryuyamuna Express (14650)
  • Paschim Express (12925)
  • Rou Muri Jat Express (18109)
  • Saryu Yamuna Express (14649)
  • Himalayan Queen (14096)
  • Jammu Mail (14033)
  • Ndls Janshtbdi (12058)
  • Malwa Express (12919)
  • Amritsar Express (11057)
  • Jhelum Express (11078) 

Food ordering in train at Sonipat Junction:
You can order food from RailRestro mobile application or visit our official website. You can also chat with our customer care representatives through our AI based website who are available for your assistance. If you are following some kind of specific food pattern, then you can ask to our food advisor to get those food stuffs delivered at your berth. You may call on the given number 8102888111 and one of our food advisors would contact you within seconds with the great food options on the train.

How to Order Food in Train via RailRestro
Follow five simple steps while ordering food in train. These steps will double your fun for the train journey by provision of best food. The word best food means “a platter of hot, fresh, hygienically prepared and packed food”.

  • Step 1: Visit our website or download RailRestro mobile application and login.
  • Step 2: Enter your PNR number and check the list of restaurants along with locations.     
  • Step 3:  Choose your food. Check the prices carefully. The ordered food is will be added to your cart.
  • Step 4: Pay for your food bill. Pay via offline or online mode.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your food at your seat.

Our catering partners at Sonipat Station:
Our catering partners at Sonipat station are dedicated to serve best food in train to the passengers who are looking for some great food option in train.


Menu to Order in Train
Our e-catering partners have various food options in the menu to offer to the passengers. Any passenger having a PNR number can order these tasty delicacies in train and enjoy their journey. 

  • Chinese: Apart from Fried Rice and Noodles, one can order exotic Chinese dishes like Spring rolls, chicken schezuan, Chicken Hongkong, Honey chilli Potato, Manchurian and Dimsums.
  • Thalis: Egg thali, South Indian Thali, Veg and Non-veg Thali. (Mini, Maharaja and Deluxe)
  • Veg curries: Methi Matar Malai, Koftas, Chana Masala and veg Jhalfrezi are the special. Apart from the specials it has a range of Paneer, mushrooms and potato preparations.
  • Tandoori Items: Tikka and kebabs are the most preferred.
  • South Indian: Masala Dosa, Idli S?mbhar, Uttapam, and upma.
  • Non-Veg Curries: A range of Egg, Chicken and Mutton recipes. Explore the menu.
  • Combo meals: Indian, Chinese, and tandoor combos.
  • Jain Meals: Rice items, veggies, thalis and combos available in Jain style
  • Snacks like veg sandwich, bread omelet, Poha, Puri bhaji and much more
  • Dessert like Gulab Jamun/Rasgulla/Rasmalai
  • Others: Curd/Raita/Papad/Pickle

Group food ordering at Sonipat junction:
You can also place group food order on train, if you are journeying in a group. On placing group food order you are given a great discount on total amount. So there is always a room for saving if you are ordering food on train via RailRestro. Use code “GROUP20” to get a discount of 20% on your order. RailRestro serves you the best food, prepared in hygienic kitchen conditions and served fresh and hot. A great satisfaction and a wide smile are complementary with RailRestro food packet.

We love to serve you the best food at Sonipat Station.



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4.6 Out Of 5 Star

Food was very nice..... quality was also very good. A good going step to make railway more better. Keep it up . I ordered for my uncle and he was delighted too!
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Manjay Singh

Best in class food served by Railrestro at Tundla junction. It made me journey worth it as I could enjoy my favorite food for the first time during train journey.
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RailYatri failed to deliver a confirmed prepaid order #740393 at MGS yesterday. I'm still waiting for their mail/SMS regarding the refund. Thanks to @RailRestro, received a nice meal at the next station.
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Sameer Ahad