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12129 AZAD HIND EXP Train schedule, route and fare details

Train – Azad hind Express 12129

  • Azad Hind Express 12129 – Run between Pune to Howrah
  • Source station –  Pune Junction (PUNE)
  • Destination – Howrah junction railway station (HWH) 
  • Running Days – Everyday
  • Coach Classes –   Sleeper, 3A, 2A and General Unreserved coaches 
  • Fare - Sleeper - INR 750 , 3A-  1980 , 2A – 3420 , General – 425
  • Departure Time – 18: 25 Hrs
  • Arrival Time –    4: 00 Hrs
  • Stops – 29
  • Pantry Car – Available
  • Journey Duration -  34 hours
  • Running status – Mostly on Time 
  • Journey Distance – 2020 kilometers

Train overview

Azad Hind Express is one of the most popular train running between Pune to Howrah on an everyday basis. This train is also counted among some of the most sought trains running from Pune to land distances located in the town of Howrah. Pune and Howrah both are the prominent towns of India located at the distance of almost 2 thousand 20 kilometers away from each other.

Howrah is known for its Victorian style of beautification, on the other hand, Pune is known for its modern architectural beauty along with the Natural spots and captivating climate. Azad Hind Express takes almost 34 to 35 hours to reach Howrah from Pune. Trains depart the Pune junction by 18:25 in the evening and reaches at the station of Howrah junction by 4: 00 hrs early in the morning. The train provides pantry-car food to the passengers on aboard at this railway station. While commuting from Pune to Howrah train passes through the beautiful landscapes of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal. All of these four states are famous for their special kind of food preparations, if you desire to taste the freshly cooked food of these regional places then you can order food in train by RailRestro, an IRCTC authorized e-catering company.

Train Route

As mentioned above Azad Hind Express departs from Pune junction on Day one at 18: 25 hrs and terminates at Howrah Junction by 3: 55 hrs early in the morning on its 3rd day of Journey. During its 3 days of a railway journey, Azad Hind express train passes through some of the important railway halts such as Nagpur junction, Manmad junction and so on. Tatangar is also one of the most important railway halt of the train.

  • Day 1 – Train starts from Pune junction and makes its first halt at Daund Junction Railway station after completing 76 kilometers of the journey from Pune. Train halts here for 15 minutes. Many passengers aboard the train at Daund junction railway station to move towards Howrah. Ahmadnagar is the 2nd railway halt where the train stops for 3 minutes by 21:22 hrs. Next stations are Belapur station and Kopargaon junction railway station. Kopargaon railway station is the last lasting point of the Train on its first day of the journey. All together on its first day of the journey the train halts at total 5 railway stations by completing its 271 kilometers of journey from Pune junction.
  • Day 2 – Manmad Junction railway station is the 1st railway halt of the 2nd day of the train journey.  Azad Hind Express approaches at Manmad junction railway station by 00:30 in the midnight. Train passes through different railway stations during its night journey. Azad Hind Express halts at Jalgaon junction by 2:33 hours, Bhusawal junction at 3:20 hrs and Malkapur railway station by 4:13 hrs in the early morning. By early morning only Azad Hind Express approaches at Shegaon, Akola Junction and Badnera junction by 6: 55 hrs.

If you are lucky enough to have the window side seat you can enjoy the beautiful sun-rise morning from Widow Side view. These are some of the beautiful railway landscapes pass by the Maharashtra region. Wardha is the next halting station where the train reaches by 8: 40. If you wish to have fresh breakfast on the train then you can order breakfast in train from RailRestro at Wardha Junction railway station.

Trains halts next at Nagpur railway station. Nagpur is very famous for Orange production and Santra Barfi.  You can also try out the tasty cuisines of this location by ordering food in train at Nagpur junction. Badnera is the last railway halt of Maharashtra where the train stops for 2 minutes.

Tumsar is the first location of Chhattisgarh state where the train makes it halt for 2 minutes. After Tumsar train passes through different railway stations halts. Gondia, Raj Nandgaon, Durg and Raipur are the hating points for Azad Hind express in Chhattisgarh. Train halt at Bilaspur railway station by 16: 35 Hrs on its 2nd day of Journey completing 1300 kilometer of the journey till now. Train passes through different locations of Chhattisgarh by halting at Champa and Raigarh Junction Railway station.

From Jharsuguda railway station the train enters into the premises of Odisha by halting though Rourkela railway station. 

Now the train enters in Jharkhand and halts at Chakradharpur railway station. After halting at Tatangar, 2nd and last halting station in Jharkhand by 23: 45.

  • Day 3 – Now the train enters in the premises of West Bengal and halts first at Kharagpur railway junction by 01: 45 hrs in the Mid Night. Now the train doesn’t stop anywhere for next 2 hours and finally reaches Howrah Junction by 4: 00 hrs early in the morning and terminates here, completing its journey of 2020  kilometers on the 3rd day.

Azad Hind 12129 train passes through almost 4 Indian states to reach H Howrah Junction Railway station. The railway tracks pass through vivid locations and places. Though the journey is a bit long so you can turn this interesting and enjoyable you can always enjoy your journey with mesmerizing views and good food along with your train journey.