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EAST COAST EXPRESS (18645): Train Route, Classes and Food Options

East Coast Express (18645) is a train which runs between two major cities Kolkata to Hyderabad. The train starts from Howrah Junction on day one at 11:45 and terminates at Hyderabad Deccan on second day at 17:55. The train comes under the category of express train. The distance between the Kolkata and New Delhi is about 1,580 kms. The train takes 30 hrs 45 min to complete the entire journey. The train halts almost 57 stations and finally reaches at its destination Hyderabad Deccan Station. East Coast Express operates seven day in a week. The average speed of train is 54 km/h. It has carriage classes like Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A), and Sleeper (SL). The train doesn’t run with pantry car facility. It has the facilities of onboarding and e-catering where you can order food in train at East Coast Express (18645) via RailRestro and get delivered your fresh food on your seat.

  • Train Name: East Coast Express (18645)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Stops: 59 
  • Duration: 30 hrs 45 mins
  • Type: Mail/Express
  • Pantry: No. The passengers can order food online in train and enjoy via e-catering service of RailRestro.

Train Route of East Coast Express:
The train starts its journey by departing Howrah Junction at 11:45 and completes its journey in two days. The train covers 28 stations in the first day of the journey and rest 30 stations it crosses on the second day and reaches to its destination.   However, the minimum halt timing is 1 minute and maximum halt timing is 20 minutes. Vijayawada Junction is the single halt where train halts for the longest time in its journey from Kolkata to Hyderabad. Passengers can order food online at Vijayawada Junction.

The East Coast Express arrives at 13:47 at Kharagpur Junction where train halts for 5 minutes and depart at 13:52. You can catch the train after having your lunch as the train halts at the lunch hour and there is no pantry car facility in this train. If you have to order you food in advance, you can order food online in train at Kharagpur Junction. After leaving Kharagpur Junction the train crosses one station and enters in the state of Odisha where you can experience the enchanting natural beauty and ancient Hindu temples.

Bhubaneswar is the thirteen station where the train halt at 19:50 for five minutes. As its evening time, you can have your food at the platform or receive your food packet that you have ordered in advance. Now, the train runs further toward its destination, so you better sleep-off at the comfort of your berth. Palasa is another station where train halts for 2 minute at 00:33 on the second day after crossing 10 stations. The train is already in the state of Andhra Pradesh and had completed 679 kms of distance. Rajahmundry is the sixteenth station where train halts for two minute at 08:10 in the morning. Passengers can order food in train at Rajahmundry junction and enjoy hot breakfast on their seat.

The next major junction to approach is the Vijayawada Junction at 11:15 where East coast Express halts for 20 minutes. You can order your food in advance for lunch. Passengers can order food in train at Vijayawada Junction for their lunch. After crossing eight more stations the train finally approaches to its destination at Hyderabad Deccan around 18:30 in the evening on the second day of railway route from Kolkata to Hyderabad by covering 1,592 kms of distance. The route of East Coast Express is one of the most beautiful routes of Indian Railways where you can experience the alluring nature, and stunning ancient Hindu temples.