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Goa Express (12780): Connecting New Delhi to Vasco da Gama

Goa Express is a daily express train of Indian Railways running between New Delhi and Goa. The train connects New Delhi to the party capital of India. Goa is popular for its beaches, bustling nightlife, and, astounding monuments which attracts the large number of tourists from all over the world. There are several attraction points in Goa where you can rejuvenate yourself. This amazing and small corner of India invites the youth to come and rejoice. The place is also one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations for newlywed to feel the romance and love. If you are planning a trip to Goa with your group to cheer the life, Goa Express is one of the most preferred trains for the journey. During your journey you can continue your fun of traveling by ordering online food in train.

Train Description 

  • Train Name: Goa Express
  • Train Number: 12780
  • Train Service Type: Express
  • Service Frequency: Daily
  • Start: Hazrat Nizzamuddin
  • Stoppages: 29
  • Ends: Vasco da Gama
  • Distance Travelled: 2202km
  • Average Journey Time: 39hrs 25 minutes
  • Coaches: AC 2, AC 3, Sleeper, General Unreserved
  • Catering Facilities: Available

Average Ticket Price of Train
The approximate price of booking a general ticket

  • AC 1: INR 5,195
  • AC 2: INR 3,105
  • AC 3: INR 2,050
  • Sleeper: INR 780

The approximate fare of booking a tatkal ticket

  • Tatkal tickets are not available for this class
  • AC 2: INR 3,530
  • AC 3: INR 2,465
  • Sleeper: INR 980

During its journey, train traverses through different states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana. The only train which serves you to please your eyes by admiring the Scenic beauty of Dudh Sagar Falls. This is the only train that passes through the attractive Dudh Sagar Falls.

Major Halting Stations of train

  • Mathura Junction
  • Agra Cantt
  • Jhansi Junction
  • Jalgaon Junction
  • Manmad Junction
  • Belapur
  • Daund Junction
  • Pune Junction
  • Sangli
  • Castle Rock
  • Madgaon Junction

The train originates from Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi at 15:00 on day one and covers the distance of 2201 km to reach the destination to reach the destination. Goa Express completes its journey at Vasco da Gama at 6:30 on day three. During this fascination journey, train halted at some major stations to comfort the travelling.

Mathura Junction:
Mathura Junction is the first major station where train takes two minutes of break. Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, is one of the popular Hindu pilgrimage sites. The pious land of Mathura attracts travellers from all over the country. Train arrives to this junction at 16:43 pm and departs at 16:45 am. Being one of the sacred pilgrimage sites of Hindus, the station is well connected with all the major cities of India. The station offers all the important facilities to comfort the passengers. When the train reaches to the junction you will find the vendors selling the famous “Mathura ke Pede” at the station area. You must try this specialty of Mathura to delight your mood.

Agra Cantt:
Agra Cantonment is the railway station of the Indian city Agra located near the Sadar Bazaar. The junction is among the top hundred booking stations of the Indian Railways. Agra is one of the famous tourist spots in India, therefore the station area offers a tourist information counter. The station also offers conveniences like waiting room, retiring room, ticket reservation counter, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshments room. Train arrives to the junction at 17:30 pm and halted here for three minutes. After completing these three minutes of break train leaves the station at 17:33 am and headed towards the next destination.

Jhansi Junction:
Jhansi junction is one of the largest and busiest railway stations of Indian Railways that comes under the state of Uttar Pradesh. The station is linked with many industrial and important cities of India. Jhansi offers all the important amenities for the convenient of the passengers. You can use free Wi-Fi at the station area while waiting for your train. Train reaches to the junction at 21:10 and stops here for 12 minutes, which is enough for the passengers to explore the station area. Passengers can also buy the food items from the station area. Train has catering facilities which is limited and not so tasty. If you want to eat something different and delicious you can  order food online in train at jhansi junction  via Railrestro e-catering services. Railrestro offers you the best food options in train and you will get it delivered right to your berth. After this long break train leaves the station at 21:22 pm.

Manmad Junction:
Manmad junction is one of the major railway junctions of Indian Railways which falls under the state of Maharashtra. The train arrives to this junction at 9:45 on day two and departs at 9:50. The train gives 5 minutes of break to the passengers. The time when train enters the station is the perfect time to have your breakfast. Since the train does not have long break, you cannot explore the station area to use its amenities. If you want to have fresh and light breakfast you can order it online via food apps of Indian Railways. There are several major halting junction of Goa Express. When the train enters in the state of its destination, it offers you to mesmerize your eyes by appreciating the White Sea, Dudhsagar Falls. This is the only daily running train of this route that offers you to enjoy this scenic beauty from your train’s window.

E-catering Services of Goa Express:
Goa Express offers good catering facilities but it serves the limited food options to the passengers. During such long journey, passengers crave for more and they order online food in train. Before ordering your food make sure about your food partner, whether they are authorized from IRCTC or not. Always order your food from the authorized vendors to have a healthy and safe journey. Goa Express is one of the most booked trains of Indian Railways. So, if you are planning a trip from New Delhi to Goa Via this train, book your ticket in advance to get confirm booking status.