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Food Delivery in Howrah Express- 12833

Train name: - Howrah Express (12833)

  • Howrah Express – Run between Ahmadabad to Howrah
  • Source station – Ahmadabad Junction Railway station ( ADI)
  • Destination–  Howrah Junction (HWH)
  • Running Days – Every day
  • Coach Classes – 2A , 3A , Sleeper , General Coach
  • Fare -  2A – INR 3000, 3A –INR 2100, Sleeper- INR 800, Gen- INR 430
  • Departure Time – 23:55 Hrs  (ADI)
  • Arrival Time – 13: 30 Hrs (HWH)
  • Stops –  61
  • Pantry Car – Not Available
  • Journey Duration –  38 Hours  (Approximately)
  • Running status –  On Time
  • Journey Distance – 20187 kilometers

Train overview.

Howrah Express is an every day running Superfast / express train that connects the town of Ahmadabad to Howrah, the ancient town of West Bengal. This superfast train stops at as many as 61 stops connecting many railway stations coming en route from Ahmadabad to Howrah Junction. In spite of halting at several stops, the train is very popular for being on time and run according to the schedule. While completing its journey from Ahmadabad to Howrah, the train passes through different locations of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Jharkhand then finally reaches at Howrah by crossing through many towns of West Bengal. 

While crossings through 6 major states of India known for its vicinity and diversity, the train passes through some of the most beautiful locations of the Indian railway route. If you get the chance to travel via train from Ahmadabad to Howrah then you must choose Howrah express to commute from Ahmadabad to Howrah Junction. The journey from Ahmadabad to Howrah via train is a bit long and the train does not house the pantry car. So you are advised to keep sufficient water with you during your journey. You can also order food in train during your train journey from Ahmadabad to Howrah to avail the fresh and tasty food in train. Avoiding station side food items will keep you healthy and fit during your train Journey.

Train Route

The train takes almost 38 hours to reach Howrah from Ahmadabad so fairly you will be on-board for 3 days. The train reaches Howrah junction on its 3rd day of the journey. Howrah and Ahmadabad, both are tourism sites and a number of tourists use this train to commute from Ahmadabad to Howrah Junction. If you are planning to board this train to commute from Ahmadabad to Howrah then you must book your tickets at least 30 days in advance in order to get your berth confirmed.  The train starts from ADI junction in the late night on its first day of journey and reaches Howrah on its 3rd day of journey completing 2078 of distance from ADI to HWH.

  • Day 1 - Howrah Express departs Ahmadabad railway junction (ADI) by 23:55 Hrs and leaves for Mani Nagar Railway station where its halts after completing 4 kilometers of the journey. Howrah express train provides good coaches and a comfortable berth to the passengers, so when you board your train you simply need to get flatten on your berth for the overnight journey.
  • Day 2-   Howrah express takes its 2nd halt at Mani Nagar Railway station and marks its 2nd-day f journey beginning. The train now moves towards Nadiyad Junction, Anand Junction, and halts next at Vadodara junction for 7 minutes around 1:50 Hrs.  During its 2nd day of the overnight journey, the train halts at several stations crossing the Bharuch Junction, Surat Junction, Udhana Junction, Bardoli station, Madhi Junction railway station, Vyara station, Navapara station for few minutes and then reaches at Nandurbar junction by  7: 05 hrs in the morning. You can have the morning tea on the train at this railway station. The train halts here for 8 minutes and then moves forward.

Halting at for few minutes at the railway stations of Dondaicha, Sindkheda, Amalner, Dharangaon, and Jalgaon railway station the train halts at Bhusawal Junction By 11:00 Hrs for next 10 minutes. This is the time for you have your lunch for the tummy-full journey on the train. You can order online food in train for your brunch option. Now the train passes through various railway stations halting for a minute or two. The train reaches Badnera junction railway station by 14:50 and halts for 5 minutes at this station.

While passing through Phulgaon and Wardha Junction railways station, the train next takes its long halt Nagpur railway station by 17: 50 hrs and halts for 10 minutes. Nagpur is famous for its juicy orange production. You can buy some Nagpur Oranges at this railways station. It’s around 6: 00’ o clock in the evening and most probably the best stop to order your meal on the train. You can order food in train at Nagpur junction railway station. After Nagpur railway station, the train runs speedily towards its destination by making few seconds of halts at almost 8 railway stations. Around 22:10 Hrs in the night train reaches at Durg Junction Railway station and halts for 10 minutes. Bhatapara becomes the last stop of the 2nd-day journey where the train reaches by 23:55 making 2 minutes of halt.

3rd Day – The train stops at Bilaspur railway station at first on its 3rd day of the journey.   Here the train halts for 15 minutes and departs the station by 1:10 hrs. Now the train has completed its 1368 kilometers of the journey from Ahmadabad.

Passing through the railway stations of Champa, Naina etc train reaches Raigarh by 3:02 and stops for the next 5 minutes. After Raigarh, Raurkela becomes the next big halting station where the train stops for 15 minutes. Here the train reaches around 6:00 Hrs around. Now you find yourself in the state of Odisha where the beautiful morning welcomes you with the sun rising view.

Now the train takes its 1st halt in the Indian state of Jharkhand at Chakradharpur railway station. Now the train stops at Tatangar railways station and afterward enters in the premises of West Bengal making its halt at Kharagpur railway station. By 11:17 the train reaches kharagpur railway station and after 5 minutes of Halt, the train moves next Stops at Santragachi railway station for 2 minutes, Till Now the train has completed its 280 kilometers of the journey and finally terminates at Howrah junction railway station by 13:30. By Afternoon the train reaches the historic town of Howrah.