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How to order food in Train



How to order food in Train



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Jhelum Express (11077): Connects Pune to Jammu Tawi

Jhelum express is a daily express train running between Pune and Jammu Tawi. Pune is located in the state of Maharashtra whereas Jammu Tawi is the part of Jammu and Kashmir. The train departs from Pune and ends its journey at Jammu Tawi. The train is important because it connects the headquarters of the Southern command of the Indian Army, Pune with an important border city. This is one of the oldest trains that connect the cultural city of Maharashtra to the one of the heavenly corner of India. This is the first train that connects Pune to the capital city of India, New Delhi. The Jhelum Express is named after the river Jhelum, a beautiful river situated in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Passengers can book tickets in this train and can order food online in Jhelum Express and enjoy their food right at their seat.   

Train Details:

  • Train Name: Jhelum Express
  • Train Number: 11077
  • Service type: Mail/Express
  • Train frequency: Daily
  • Starts: Pune (PUNE)
  • Ends: Jammu Tawi (JAT)
  • Stoppage: 61
  • Distance Travelled: 2177 km
  • Time: 51 hours 10 minutes
  • Coaches: AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeper class, Unreserved
  • Catering Facility: Pantry Car is available for Passengers. However, they can also order food online in train through e-catering service.  

The train leaves the source station, Pune at 17:20 pm and reaches the destination at 10:05 pm on the third day. Passengers will enjoy the journey as the train passes through various India’s states, particularly, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, NCR and Punjab.

Major important halts of Jhelum Express  are: Ahmadnagar, Manmad, Jalgaon, Bhopal, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra Cantt, Mathura, New Delhi, Kurukshetra, Ambala city, Ludhiana, and Pathankot Cantt.

Average Ticket Price of the Train

  • 2nd AC approximately: INR,2,930
  • 3RD AC: 1,980
  • Sleeper: 745

Average Tatkal Fare of the Train

  • 2nd AC: INR 3,450
  • 3rd AC: INR 2,400
  • Sleeper: INR 945

Some Important Halting Stations of Jhelum Express:

Daund Junction
When the train departs from Pune it reaches to Daund Junction at 18:35. This is the major railway junction of the Mumbai-Pune route of Indian Railways. This is a major stop for the passengers train and a major freight redistribution hub as well. People commute daily from Daund to Pune city for work. The station offers all the basic convenience to the passengers. The train stops here for 15 minutes, which is enough for the passengers. The train arrives at the evening time, the perfect time to have snacks and tea. Passengers can order online food in Daund Junction to enjoy the journey with their snacks and tea. Railrestro is one of the most preferred e-catering service partners that offer variety of foods to the passengers. Passengers can order the evening snacks like Pakoda, cutlet and can have tea to enjoy the journey ahead. After the 15 minutes of relaxing break, the train departs from the station at 18:50 and move towards the next halting destination.

Ahmadnagar railway station is another important halting station falling under the state of Maharashtra. The train reaches to this station at 8:22 and stops here for 3 minutes. The station provides all the important amenities like waiting room, cleaned bathroom, computerized reservation counter, public call office, vegetarian refreshments, and book stalls. Because the train stops here for a very short time, it is not possible to get down of the train to explore the station or to buy some items of your use. When the train arrives to the station, it is the accurate time to have your dinner. If you are not carrying your home cooked food, you can also avail the pantry services for which you have to pay a certain amount. But, sometime it happens that you demand something different which is not available in the pantry. To satiate your taste and to get the food of your choice you can order food online at Ahmadnagar railway station from Railrestro food app. The delivery boy will be ready to serve you hot and delicious food right to your berth. But you have to order your food 1 hour before reaching the Ahmadnagar station.

Itarsi Junction
After covering the overnight journey, train reaches to Itarsi junction at 7:10 am on the second day of the journey. The stoppage of this train is for 5 minutes. This is one of the major Railway Junction of Indian Railways. People started having their morning tea with the slice of bread. You can hear the voice of vendors selling chai, breakfast in the train. You can order your breakfast to start your day. If you want to have your breakfast from outside, you can  order food online at Itarsi Junction. Beware of the unauthorized food vendors. To start an energetic and fresh morning, you can prefer Railrestro app to order your food. Railrestro offers you fresh and mood delighting breakfast to make your day. You can order this before reaching the station so that you can get the delivery on time.

Jhansi junction
Jhansi Junction is another major railway station of the Indian Railways falls under the state of Uttar Pradesh. The train arrives to this station at 13:35 on the second day of the journey. It is one the busiest and largest railway station of India and the technical stoppage for many superfast trains. It is linked with many industrial and important cities of India. The station has 8 platforms and almost 150 trains stop at Jhansi Junction. The station offers free Wi-Fi connectivity to the passengers and it also features a La-Festa restaurant. The train enters to the station when you are almost ready to have your lunch. The train stops here for 10 minutes in which you can take your food from the station food vendors and can stretch your legs by exploring the station area. You can also order your  order food online  at Jhansi Junction. Train leaves the station at 13:45 and move to its destination.

Mathura Junction
It is not necessary to convey about the specialty of this sacred land because you all are well aware of this place. During your travelling, you can feel yourself fortunate that your train is touching the pious land of Lord Krishna. Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Govinda falls under the state of Uttar Pradesh. The train reaches here in the evening time at 18:00 pm and you can feel the devotional vibes when you enter the city. You can also taste the Specialty of Mathura “Mathura Ke Pede”. You can see the vendors selling this special sweet of Mathura. You can buy the Peda for your journey also as it stays fresh for 3-4 days. You can also try the best food options in train at Mathura Junction via Railrestro app.

New Delhi Junction
The train arrives to the capital city of India at 20:45, the longest halting railway station. The train gives you the break for 20 minutes which is enough to get relaxed and you can make yourself prepared for this longer journey to reach your destination. You can feel free to explore the station and to use conveniences. While exploring the station you can enjoy the food and beverages items at the station. If you want to order your food online, you can get  delicious food delivered in train via RailRestro at Delhi junctionAfter crossing the Delhi Junction, train crosses two major states Haryana and Punjab. Train covers the major distance to reach the destination which is Jammu Tawi. The train ends its journey at 10:00 am on third day of the journey. But, you will definitely enjoy the journey.

Important Information for Passengers
The avaibility of tickets in this train is limited between the months of April to September as it attracts the large number of visitors due to its pleasing weather. You will also find rush during Navratri season because it is one of the closet railway station from the spiritual city of Katra. Book your ticket in advance so that you can get the seats of your preference.