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How to order food in Train



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Karnataka Express (12628): Connects New Delhi to Bangalore

The Karnataka Express is a superfast train of Indian Railways running between New Delhi to Bangalore. The train connects the heart of the nation to the IT hub of the country. Delhi and Bangalore is the main cities to crack the big business deals and people have to travel for this. Bangalore is located in the state of Karnataka whereas Delhi is the capital city of India. These two cities are the major hub for the job opportunities also. Students from every corners of India migrate to these places for higher studies and employment. This is the most preferred train to travel from New Delhi to Bangalore. Passengers can order food in train at Karnataka Express 12628 and enjoy them in train. 

Train Details:

  • Train name: Karnataka Express
  • Train number: 12628
  • Train service type: Superfast
  • Source station: New Delhi
  • Destination: KSR Bengaluru
  • Coaches: AC 1, AC 2, AC 3, Sleeper, General Unreserved
  • Catering Facilities: Available. Passengers can order food online in train via RailRestro (e-catering facility) 

Ticket Fare of Karnataka Express (12628)

Total Fare for 1 Adult (General)

  • AC 1: INR, 5,450
  • AC 2: INR, 3,145
  • AC 3: INR, 2,135
  • Sleeper: INR, 815
  • General: INR, 465

Total fare for 1 Adult (Tatkal)

  • AC 1: Not available
  • AC 2: INR, 3,670
  • AC 3: INR, 2,555
  • Sleeper: INR, 1,015
  • General: Not Available

Individual fare for the Passengers

Child (5-12 years)

  • AC 1: INR, 2,735
  • AC 2: INR, 1, 570
  • AC3: INR, 1,075
  • Sleeper: INR, 415
  • General: INR, 240

Tatkal quota For Child

  • AC 1: Not Available
  • AC 2: INR, 2,095
  • AC 3: INR, 1,495
  • Sleeper: INR, 615
  • General: Not Available

Senior Citizen Male Ticket Price

  • AC 1: INR, 3,330
  • AC 2: INR, 1,930
  • AC 3: INR, 1,320
  • Sleeper: INR, 510
  • General: INR, 465

Senior Citizen Female Ticket Price

  • AC 1: INR, 2,800
  • AC 2: INR, 1,625
  • AC 3: INR, 1,115
  • Sleeper: INR, 435
  • General: INR, 465

The train originates from New Delhi (NDLS) at 21:15 pm on day one and reaches to Bangalore (KSR) at 13:40 pm on day three. It takes almost 40 hours 25 minutes to reach the destination from the source station. The train passes through 32 stations in which there are many major halting stations where the train stops. Here are some of the important railway station that connects the route of Karnataka and New Delhi. E-catering is available in Karnataka Express (12628) and passengers can order food online via food ordering apps.   

  • Mathura junction
  • Bhopal junction
  • Itarsi junction
  • Bhusawal junction
  • Daund junction
  • Dharmvaram junction

Mathura Junction
When the train leaves New Delhi railway station, Mathura junction is the first halting station, where the train stops. The train arrives to the land of Lord Krishna at 23:01 and it stops here for three minutes. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and it is one of the sacred pilgrimages for the devotees. People visit to the place from all over the country. Tourists from outside the country also come to the place to seek the blessing of Krishna. This pious land is the major attraction for the people. People from Delhi come to the place on their weekend to receive the blessings of God. The station offers all the basic amenities to the travellers. Passengers can also taste Mathura ka Peda, which is the specialty of Mathura. The time when train arrives at the station, passengers can buy the pedas for their Journey. It is easy to preserve for such longer journey.

Bhopal Junction
Bhopal junction is the major and main railway station of Bhopal located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is also named as the “City of Lakes”, the 17th largest city in India. The station has 6 platforms in addition to refreshment center, waiting halls, vehicle parking, and communication facilities sanitation facilities. The station holds first rank in having sanitary napkin vending machine named as “Happy Nari”. Karnataka Express reaches the station at 6:55 in the morning. People can have their morning tea and coffee at the station. After five minutes of halting, train departs from the station at 7:00 and move towards its next destination. The train has total 32 stations but the frequency of train is superfast, so it stops only at the major stations and Bhopal is one of them.

Itarsi Junction  
Itarsi Junction lies in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. The train reaches to this station at 8:20 in the morning, the perfect time for breakfast. The most important part is that the train stops here for ten minutes, which is enough to get fresh. Passengers can also explore the station area and can use the amenities. Travellers can also order food online at Itarsi Junction. Being one of the leading e-catering partners of IRCTC, Railrestro offers the food facility at this Junction. Passengers can order the breakfast from and can start their day. Itarsi Junction is a huge railway station where passengers can avail all the basic facilities. Train departed from the station at 8:30 and head towards the next halting destination.

Bhusawal Junction
After departing from Itarsi Junction, train stops at Bhusawal Junction, also one of the major railway station falls under the district of Maharashtra. Train arrives to this junction at 12:45 afternoon. Passengers can feel themselves lucky as the train stops here for ten minutes. The time when train enter the station, is the time to have lunch and it is genuine that one can feel hungry. Train offers the paid catering services but they have limited option to serve. Passengers want something different that can satisfy their taste. They order food online in Bhusawal Junction to enjoy the food of their choice. Railrestro have enough option to serve. If they are looking for the dessert after food, Railrestro also serves the sweet and delicious desserts like Pooran Poli and Shirikhand. After having such tasty food, passengers can feel delighted and can enjoy the journey whole heartedly. Travellers can also order their dinner in advance from Railrestro app and you can get it delivered at the next halting station of train which is Daund Junction. The train will reach Daund Junction at 8:10, the accurate time when people generally like to have their dinner.

These all are the major stations through which the train passes to reach the destination. After covering such long distance, train ends its journey at Bangalore on third day. So, if you have any business trip or interviews lined up in Bangalore, you can prefer this superfast service of Indian Railways to reach Bangalore. During your journey you can also enjoy the scenic blessings of nature and can explore the villages and cities which falls enroute to make a travel diary. You can also write your journey experience and can share it on social platform.