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Konark express train overview: Schedule, fare and route details


Konark Express – Run between Bhuwneshwar to Mumbai

  • Source station – Bhuwneshwar Junction (BBS)
  • Destination – Mumbai CSMT (CSMT)
  • Running Days – every day
  • Coach Classes – Sleeper, 3A, 2A, Unreserved general coach
  • Fare -  Sleeper – 700 , 3A- 1705 , 2A- 2780 , GEN- 400
  • Departure Time – 15: 25 Hrs ( Bhuwneshwar Junction )
  • Arrival Time – 3: 55 Hrs  (Mumbai CSMT)
  • Stops – 39
  • Pantry Car – Available
  • Journey Duration – 40 hours (Approximately)
  • Running status – Mostly on Time 
  • Journey Distance – 1932 Kilometers

Train overview.

Konark express is a superfast express train connecting 2 Indian towns together. Konark Express (11020) starts from Bhuwneshwar junction of the Indian state of Odisha and termites at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The train connects both cities located at the distance of almost 2000 kilometers far away from each other. The journey timing is scheduled as 39 hours 30 minutes and most of the time train reaches Mumbai on its scheduled time. However, the speed and distances covered within the fixed time frame differ due to climatic and physical barriers sometimes. Konark express also house pantry car to serve food to the passengers in the train. If you want to enjoy the regional foods cooked fresh and hundred times tasty and safe as compared to pantry food you can order food in train in Konark Express at the major halting stations. 

Train Route:

Konark express starts from Bhuwneshwar Junction railway station from Day one by 3: 25 pm and reaches Mumbai on day 3 by early morning by 3: 55 am at CSMT. During its journey the train halts at almost 39 railway stations for 1 to 5 minutes at each railway station except Visakhapatnam where the train halts for 20 m1inutes.

Day One – Konark express departs Bhuwneshwar junction by 15: 25 hours and makes its first halt at Khurda road junction completing the journey of almost 19 kilometers by 15:55 hrs. Here at Khurda Junction Trains halts for 5 minutes and then again run further towards its destination. The next upcoming halt stations are Balugan by 16: 45, Chhatrapur by 17:26 hrs, Brahmpur by 17:50 hrs and make sit halt for 5 minutes at this station completing its journey of 166 kilometers from Bhuwneshwar.

On its first day of the journey, the train halts at different railway stations such as Ichchpuram, Somepeta, Palasa, Srikakulam Road, Vizianagaram Junction and Finally reaches Vishakhapatnam by 22: 15 hrs. Train halts at Vishakhapatnam railway station for next 20 minutes and then crosses through Annakapalle railway station by 23: 32 hrs.

Day 2 -   Tuni railway station is the first railway halt of Konark Express On its 2nd day of the journey. The train passes through Tuni railway station by 00: 16 minutes and makes it halt for 1 minute. Trains pass by different railway stations by making its halts at Pithapuram, Samalkot junction, Rajamundry, Nidadavolu Junction, Tadepalligudem, Eluru junction, Vijayawada junction and reaches Madhira Junction by 6: 02 hrs. Hereafter overnight journey train makes it halt for one minute after by completing the journey of 849 kilometers away from Source station of Bhuwneshwar.

Khammam junction and Mahbubabad junction are the next halting destination of Konark Express. The train reaches at Mahbubabad by 7: 20 hrs in the morning. You can order online food in train at Warangal junction where the train halts by 8: 08 hrs. Here you can have a healthy plate of breakfast for the energized day. The train departs at the railway station of Warangal after 2 minutes of halt and speeds up for next railways stations. After crossing through Kazipet Konark Express makes it 2nd biggest halt at Secunderabad junction by 11:30 hrs by completing its journey of 1143 kilometers from Source station.

Begumpet, Wadi junction, Solapur junction, Daund Junction and Pune junction are next to major halts of the train where it halts for almost 5 minutes.

Solapur junction is one of the major railway halts for Konark express where it halts for 5 minutes. The train reaches at Solapur junction by late evening and doesn’t halt for next 4 hours anywhere. Most probably this is the best time to order your dinner in the train to avail tasty and good food during your journey. You can order online food in train at Solapur junction form IRCTC e-catering partner to avail fresh and hygienic food for your dinner.

Train next halts at Daund junction by 22: 25 in the night by and crosses through Pune by marking its 2nd day of journey accomplishment by 23: 45 hrs near Mid Night.

Day 3 - Lonavala is the first railway halt of Konark Express where it halts by 00:53 hours in midnight. Karjat junction, Kalyan junction, Thane Junction is the next railway station where train halts for few minutes. Dadar is the last halt f Konark express. The train reaches at CSMT by 3: 55 completing its journey of the 3rd day and terminates at this railways station.

Konark express is one of the most sought trains from Bhuwneshwar to Mumbai running every day. Though there are almost 12 trains run directly from Bhuwneshwar to Mumbai on a weekly basis yet Konark express everyday service distinguishes it from other trains