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Food Delivery in MALWA EXPRESs- 12920


Malwa Express-12920- Overview

  • Malwa Express – Run between Jammu to Indore
  • Source station – Jammu Tawi railway station(JAT)
  • Destination–  Indore junction BG (INDB)
  • Running Days – Every day
  • Coach Classes- 2A, 3A, sleeper, General unreserved coach 
  • Fare - 2A –– 2 A –INR- 2530, 3 A- 1800, sleeper – INR 655, General – INR 355
  • Departure Time – 9:00 Hrs (JAT)
  • Arrival Time –  12:50 Hrs  (INDB)
  • Stops –   42 halts en route
  • Pantry Car – Not Available
  • Journey Duration –  28 hours (Approx.)
  • Running status –  Delays sometimes
  • Journey Distance – 1540 Kilometers

Train overview.

Malwa Express 12920 is a daily express train running between Jammu Tawi located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and Indore junction BG located in the Indian town of Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The train runs all the 7 days of the week from Jammu Tawi and reaches Indore junction BG railway station. The train departs the railway station of Jammu Tawi by 9:00 hrs on day one and terminates at the railway station of Indore BG by 12:50 Hrs on next day of its journey. Both towns are located the distance of 1540 kilometers approximately and the train covers the distance in 28 hours of the journey duration.

Being one of the eminent tourism spots, Jammu Kashmir is frequently visited by the tourist around the corner of the country. In the same manner the traffic of the passengers leaving and reaching the Jammu Tawi Railway station is always on high. If you are also in Jammu Kashmir and planning to return Indore directly by the train from Jammu Tawi then you can book your train ticket in Malwa express. There are many facilities shave been provided on the board in Malwa express yet the Train doesn’t house Pantry Car. You can order food in train from IRCTC e-catering system to avail good food in train, cooked in a restaurant with all the freshness and hygiene maintained.

Train route

Malwa express departs the railway station of Jammu Tawi by 9:00 hrs in the morning on its first day of the journey and reaches at Indore junction BG by 12:50 on its 2nd day of journey completing 1570 kilometers of distance from Jammu to Indore.

Through its whole journey from Jammu Tawi to Indore junction, the train halts at almost 42 railway stations. Though trains halt just for 2 minutes at many of the railway halts. Few major railway stations such as New Delhi, Ambala Junction, Panipat Junction, Agra Cant, Jhansi  Railway station and Bhopal Junction. You can order food in train at Delhi junction railway station for availing your favorite meal in train at the railway station.

Day 1 – Malwa express 12920 departs the railway station of Jammu Tawi by 9:00 Hrs in the morning. After completing 77 kilometers of the journey from Jammu Tawi in 1 hour 5 minutes the train halts at Kathua Railways station by 10:05 Hrs. The train only halts for 2 minutes here and moves towards Pathankot railways station. At Pathankot train halts for 5 minutes and then by 10:40 Hrs the train moves from Pathankot railway station.

Mukerian, Dasayu, Jalandhar Cant, Ludhiana Junction, Khana Junction, Sirhind Junction are the railway hats where the train halts for 2 to 5 minutes at each railway station. Now the train halts at Ambala Cant junction by 15:35 completing 378 kilometers of the journey from Jammu Tawi. Kurukshetra, Panipat, Karnal, Sonipat are railway halts of Haryana where the train halts for almost 2 minutes at each railway station. After crossing through Sabji Mandi Railway station the train finally reaches at New Delhi Railway station by 19:00 Hours in the night. Its the time of dinner so if you wish to avail restaurant food freshly cooked and served at your seat form RailRestro, an IRCTC authorized e-catering company.

At New Delhi railway station the train stops at Faridabad junction, Ballabgarh railway station, Palwal railway station, Koshi-Kalan railway station and finally reaches at Mathura Junction around 21:40.mathura is famous for its Peda, an Indian sweet made of Milk and sugar. You can buy some packets of Mathura Peda from the regional howkers selling this sweet.

After crossing via Agra cant railway station and Dhaulpur railways station the train finally reaches Morena junction where it ends its first day of the journey.

Day 2 - Gwalior is the 1st railway halts of Malwa express on its second day of the journey. The train reaches at Gwalior junction railway station by 00:30 Hrs in the mid Night. Jhansi Junction, Lalitpur junction, Bina Junction are the major railway halt where the train stops during its overnight Journey.

Train halts at Bhopal Junction railways station at 7:25 hrs and stops for the next 15 minutes. Now the train has completed 1278 kilometers of its journey from Jammu Tawi. Bairagarh, Shehore junction, Kalapipal, Sujalur and Maksi railway stations are en route halts from Bhopal To Ujjain. The train reaches Ujjain by 11:10 and halts at this station for 10 minutes. Till now, the train has traveled almost 1461 kilometers away from Jammu Tawi. Devas is the last railway halt where the train halt for 2 minutes around 11:55 Hrs. The train moves rapidly towards Indore railway station by 12:50 and termites at this station completing 1540 kilometers of the journey.

If you are planning to travel Indore form Jammu Tawi then you can book your train tickets as advance as 4 months earlier than your scheduled journey. Seats are always available on the train as the train runs every day between both stations.