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Food Delivery in SACHKHAND EXP- 12715: Train Schedule and Food Options

  • Sachkhand Express – Runs between Nanded to Amritsar
  • Source station – Nanded Junction Railway station
  • Destination – Amritsar junction Railway station
  • Running Days – Everyday 
  • Coach Classes –  2A, 3A, Sleeper and General coaches 
  • Fare –2A – INR 3000, 3A-  INR 2000, Sleeper - INR 800, General – INR 400
  • Departure Time – 9:30 Hrs
  • Arrival Time –    20:20 Hrs
  • Stops –  36 Stoppage
  • Pantry Car –  Available. However, passengers can order food in Sachkhand Express via RailRestro.
  • Journey Duration -  35 hours
  • Running status – On Time 
  • Journey Distance – 2100 kilometers

Sachkhand Express – 12715: Train overview        
Sachkhand Express – 12715 is a superfast train that interconnects the town of Nanded to Amritsar, One of the historical towns of the Indian state of Punjab. The train runs all the 7 days of the week from origin to destination. It takes almost 2 days of running duration in order to reach Amritsar Junction from Nanded.

The train is equipped with all the onboard facilities for the passengers to commute comfortably from one town to another. There are AC coaches; electric charging points, fans, clean toilets, bedrolls, towels, etc have been provided in the coaches for assuring comfort to the passengers. There is also a pantry-car attached in the train for providing onboard meals to the passengers, however if the passengers wish to get the freshly cooked meals on the train then they can order food in train from Railretsro, an IRCTC e-catering service providing resturant cooked food to the passengers at more than 300 railway stations. The Town of Nanded and Amritsar, both towns share the geographical distance of almost 2100 kilometers from each other and this great distance is covered by the train in the 35 hours of the journey.

The train offers 2nd ac coaches, 3rd ac coaches and sleeper coaches to the passengers for the reservation of berths. There are also few un-reserved coaches attached in the train providing cheaper accommodations to the passengers. The ticket availability rate of this train is average so the passengers can easily book the tickets on this train. If the tickets are in RAC or Waitlisted then passengers can check out the PNR status of the tickets to get the updates of the ticket status.

Sachkhand Express – 12715: Train Route
The train starts from the railway station of Nanded by 09:30 Hrs on the day of its journey. The train reaches at its destination on the 2nd day of the journey completing the distance of 2100 kilometers of geographical distance between both towns. After leaving the railway station of Nanded, the train stops at the railway station of Purna Junction around 10:00 hrs at the distance of 31 kilometers away from origin station.

The superfast train connecting Nanded to Amritsar, stops at almost 34 railway station en route but it stops for less than 5 minutes at most of the stations. The major railway stations coming en route are Bhusawal junction, Bhopal junction, Jhansi Junction, Gwalior junction, Agra Cant station, etc en route marking the most important railway halts of this train.  The train marks its last railway station at Beas railway station and halts here for 2 minutes. Now the train approaches at the premises of Amritsar junction on the 2nd day of the journey at 20:20 Hrs, the train terminates at this station.