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SAMTA EXPRESS (12807): Train Route, Classes and Food Options

Samta Express (12807) is a superfast train which runs between Visakhapatnam to New Delhi. The train departs from Vishakhapatnam at 06:25 from platform number 5 on day one and terminates at H Nizamuddin station at 16:45 on platform number 6 on day two (these platform numbers can change). The train takes 34 hrs 20 minutes to complete its journey. The distance between these two cities Vishakhapatnam and H Nizamuddin is 1,917 kms. The train halts at almost 39 stations and finally reaches to its destination H Nizamuddin. Samta Express operates five days in a week which means train is schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The average speed of train is 55 km/ph. It has class second AC (2A), three AC (3A), and sleeper (SL). The train runs with the facility of pantry car, on board catering, and e-catering from where you can order food online in Samta Express. E-catering service gives you to order according to your choice of food and restaurant.

  • Train Name: Samta Express -12807 (Visakhapatnam to H Nizzamudin)
  • Classes: 2A, 3A, SL
  • Service Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Stops: 41 
  • Duration: 34 hrs 20 min 
  • Type: Mail/Express 
  • Pantry: Yes! Passsengers can also get food online in train via Railrestro and enjoy them right at your seat. 

About Source Station:
Visakhapatnam is a city in the Andhra Pradesh. The city is popular by the name of Vizag. It is a port city with biggest ship building yard in India and is also headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command. The city is known for its beaches, and it’s a home to chemical plants, steel plant, sugar refining, and jute industries. Visakhapatnam hosts two of the largest ports in the country. The city also has the first and oldest shipyard established in year back 1941.  

Train Route planning of Samta Express (12807)
The train starts its journey by leaving Vishakhapatnam junction at 06:25 in the morning. The train crosses 28 stations on its first day of journey and almost 13 stations on its second day and finally reaches to its destination H Nizamuddin. The minimum halt timing is two minutes and the maximum timing is 25 minutes in entire journey. Nagpur is the only single station where train halt for 25 minutes which is the longest halt timing in the entire journey. Passengers can order food in train at Nagpur junction and get it delivered right at their seat. After departing from the source station the train crosses five more stations and approaches to the Bobbili station at 08:15 for 5 minutes. You can have a cup of coffee or tea from tea vender shouting at the platform or available inside the train coaches.

Titalaghar is another station where the train halts at 12:25 for 10 minutes where you can order you lunch in advance via e-catering service and enjoy your meal in train. Passengers can order food in train at Titlaghar junction for their lunch. To approach Nagpur train passes through 12 stations in which it crosses some of the major stations where you can order food in train.

By 00:45 the train reaches to Multai and starts its second day journey. Now the train has entered in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in the central India. The city is famous for most prominent Hindu and Jain temples with more than 800 sculptures. It crosses 12 stations on the second day and the finally terminates to its destination New Delhi. After crossing Betul at 01:10 the train crosses 14 intermediate stations and arrives at Itarsi Junction at 3:45 and halts for 10 minutes and train run further toward the next station.  As its night passengers are sleeping comfort at their berth and the train passes from 40 stations and reaches to Bina Junction at 08:05 for 5 minutes where you can have tea and light breakfast. After crossing Bina junction “Jhansi Junction” is another station where train halts for 10 minutes and you can order food in train at Jhansi junction from e-catering service. Now, the train crosses to 56 intermediate stations to approach Hazrat Nizamuddin junction by 16:08 in the evening. Samta Express is one the most enchanting railway route in the Indian Railways where it crosses eight states and gives you the alluring view of nature, ancient temples, hilltop en route.