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South Bihar Express – 13287: Train Schedule, Route and Food options

  • South Bihar  Express – Run between Durg to Danapur
  • Source station – Durg Railway junction (DURG)
  • Destination –  Danapur Railway station (DNR)
  • Running Days – Everyday
  • Coach Classes – 1A, 2A, 3 A, Sleeper,  General coach
  • Fare – 1A – INR 3300, 2A –INR 1950, 3A- INR 1400, SL- INR 500, GEN – INR 275
  • Departure Time – 07:25 Hrs (Durg)
  • Arrival Time –  07:55 Hrs(DNR )
  • Stops –  51 Halts en route
  • Pantry Car – Not Available
  • Journey Duration –  25 hours (Approximately)
  • Running status – On time
  • Journey Distance – 1125 Kilometers

Train overview: 
South Express train starts from the railway station of Durg and terminates at the railway station of Danapur. Durg is a district located in the town of Chattisgarh. The town of Durg keeps its important place in the geographical region of Chhatisgarh as the town forms the Durg-Bhilai urban agglomeration. The railway station of Durg is also very important railway station of the town serving Bhilai-Durg together.

Danapur, on the other hand, is an important railway station connecting the passengers to Patna, Capital town of Bihar. Danapur has good connectivity with the other means of transportation connecting the other parts of the town and state as well.

South Bihar Express train starts from the railway station of Durg and passing through the different railway stations of many states. The train stops at almost 51 railway halts coming en route from Durg to Danapur.

The train has the 1AC, 2ND AC and 3 AC tiers coach along with sleeper and general coach. There are all the onboard facilities have been provided to the passengers. The train does not have pantry car facilities so that passengers can order food in train through IRCTC e-catering services to get the fresh cooked tasty meals on the train. 

Train Route 
The train starts its journey from Durg railway station and terminates at the railway station of Danapur completing its journey from Durg to Danapur in 25 hours. The journey starts from Durg junction railway station by 07:25 Hrs in the morning and by halting at almost 51 railway stations, the train reaches at Danapur Railway station in 25 hours (Approx.)

During its journey from Durg to Danapur, the South Bihar Express goes through the beautiful locations of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar. The train journey awards the passengers with the beautiful views of all these four states natural gems.

The train takes as many as 51 railway halts in en route from Durg to Danapur however most of the halts last for 2 to 5 minutes. The major railway station halts are Raipur, Bilaspur Railway junction, Raurkela junction, Tatanagar Junction and Asansol Junction that come in the journey of the train.

Day 1 - Train starts from Durg Junction Railway station by 07:25 Hrs in the morning and makes its first halt at Bhilai PWR HS railway station. Most of the passengers’ board this train at Bhilai PWR HS railway station to reach Patna. Though the train halts just for 2 minutes at this station. The next halt comes at the distance of 37 kilometers from the source station at Raipur Junction. Here the train halts for 10 minutes. When the train departs the railway station of Raipur then its halts for 2 minutes at 2 small stations called Tilda and Bhatapara.  The train again halts for 15 minutes at Bhatapara junction railway station by 10:15 Hrs. After Leaving the station of Bilaspur the train halts at several small railway stations for 2 minutes at each including Champa junction.

The train reaches at Raigarh by 12:38 and halts for 5 minutes at this station. Passing through the several railway stations of Jharkhand the train stops at Raurkela railway station at 15:35 Hrs for next 15 minutes. When the train accomplishes its journey of 618 kilometers from source then it reaches Tatanagar Railway station. At Tatanagar the train stops for 15 minutes. Burnpur railway station becomes the last railway station where the train stops by 23:17 Hrs for one minute.

Day 2- Train halts first at Asansol Junction railway station by 00:05 for next 25 minutes of the station. The train leaves the station premises of Asansol by 00:30 hrs. During its overnight journey from Asansol, the train stops at Chitranjan, Jamtara junction, Madhupur, Jasidih and some other small railway stations. Passing through Jamui and kill Junction the train halts at Lukhisarai junction by 04:06 for next 2 minutes. The train halts at Fatwa junction, Patna Saheb, Rajendra junction and then Patna junction by 07:10 Hrs in the morning. Most of the passengers’ de-board the train at this station only. After 10 minutes of halt at Patna junction, the South Bihar express finally reaches at Danpur junction railway station by 07:55 Hrs in the morning.