Live Running Status of Durg Jat Sf Special (08549) Train

Train Reached at Junction
Last Updated: Last Updated: At 04:50 PM on 06th of December, 2022 Refresh

Live Running Status:

Station Date Arr / Dep Status
Durg Day 0 06-Dec Source 12:15PM Right Time
Raipur Day 0 06-Dec 12:50PM 12:55PM Right Time
Bhatapara Day 0 06-Dec 01:43PM 01:45PM Right Time
Bilaspur Day 0 06-Dec 02:45PM 03:00PM Right Time
Pendra Road Day 0 06-Dec 04:38PM 04:40PM Right Time
Anuppur Day 0 06-Dec 05:25PM 05:30PM Right Time
Shahdol Day 0 06-Dec 06:10PM 06:12PM Right Time
Umaria Day 0 06-Dec 07:08PM 07:10PM Right Time
Katni Murwara Day 0 06-Dec 08:30PM 08:40PM Right Time
Saugor Day 0 06-Dec 11:10PM 11:15PM Right Time
Jhansi Day 0 06-Dec 02:10AM 02:20AM Right Time
Gwalior Day 0 06-Dec 03:18AM 03:20AM Right Time
Agra Cantt Day 0 06-Dec 04:55AM 04:57AM Right Time
Delhi Safdarjng Day 0 06-Dec 07:55AM 07:57AM Right Time
Ambala Cant Day 0 06-Dec 11:40AM 11:55AM Right Time
Ludhiana Day 0 06-Dec 01:20PM 01:30PM Right Time
Jalandhar Cant Day 0 06-Dec 02:20PM 02:25PM Right Time
Pathankot Cantt Day 0 06-Dec 04:05PM 04:10PM Right Time
Jammu Tawi Day 0 06-Dec 06:10PM Destination Right Time

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