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Danapur-Pune Express (12150): Connects Danapur to Pune

Danapur- Pune Express (12150) runs between Danapur and Pune. Danapur is located in the capital city of Bihar while Pune falls under the state of Maharashtra. The train connects the two important corners of India. Pune is surrounded by numerous beautiful hill stations and holds the importance of medieval history. Pune is the most lovable city where you can easily feel the essence of composure. The culture and lifestyle of the city is really appreciating which easily seeks attention of the tourists. Pune is a home to several historical sites also and therefore it is an important destination to visit. The charm of this city attracts the traveller across the country to admire its natural beauty and to appreciate its culture. If you are planning to travel Pune from Patna, Danapur-Pune superfast express is the train you can prefer. During your journey you can order food online in train in Danapur-Pune Express to double the fun of your journey.

Train Descriptions

  • Train Name: Danapur-Pune
  • Train Number: 12150
  • Train Type: Superfast
  • Train Frequency: Daily
  • Start: Danapur
  • Ends at: Pune
  • Stops: 17
  • Coaches: AC 2 AC 3, Sleeper, General Unreserved
  • Catering Facility: Available

Average Ticket Price of an Adult

  • AC 3: INR 2650
  • AC 2: INR 1820
  • Sleeper: INR 690

Average Ticket Price of a Child

  • AC 1: INR 1325
  • AC 2: INR 915
  • Sleeper: INR 350

The train starts its journey from Danapur at 22:55 and covers the distance of 1,754 km to reach the destination. It takes 30 hours 23 minutes to reach Pune. During the journey train crosses many major stations. Some of the important halts of the train are:

  • Satna Junction
  • Katni
  • Maihar
  • Jabalpur
  • Bhusawal Junction

Satna Junction
Satna Junction is the major railway station of Madhya Pradesh located one km from Satna town. The station receives more than 200 trains on daily basis. Satna Junction is the most earning and busiest railway station of Jabalpur (Mahakaushal) region. The train reaches to the station at 8:15 on the second day of the journey. It stops here for 10 minutes which is quite relaxing for the passengers to get fresh and to have the breakfast. Travellers can also order online food in train at Satna Junction. RailRestro is an authorized catering partner of IRCTC, which deliver food in train. This is the better option to start your day and to enjoy the journey. Passengers can also avail the train pantry service to have breakfast. But they have limited option to serve and you want something different. Railrestro helps you to choose the variety. After these ten minutes of break train leaves the station at 8:25 am and headed towards the next halting destination.

Katni Junction
Katni Junction is one of the major railway stations that falls under the state of Madhya Pradesh. It also the largest railway station of this state in terms of area. The station comes under the list of top hundred booking stations. Katni station has all the basic amenities to comfort the passengers. Train arrives to the junction of lime city Katni at 9:40 and halted here for five minutes. Train leaves the station at 9:45 and move towards the destination.

The city holds a great spiritual importance as it is the land of Devi Maihar, located on the mountains. People from all over the country visit the place to receive the blessings of Devi. Maihar railway station comes under Jabalpur Railway Division. The stoppage of train at this station is just for two minutes. When the train passes through this station you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Madhya Pradesh region from the train’s window.

Jabalpur is one of the largest city of Madhya Pradesh comes in the list of tier 2 city of the state. It is also an important industrial, administrative and business center of Madhya Pradesh. The city is a major education hub in India. Surrounded by the dense forests, city offers you major attractions to admire. The train arrives to this station at 11:20 and stops here for ten minutes. The station area is very large and spacious and it really looks beautiful.  Station provides all the conveniences to the passengers to feel relaxed. The train departs from the station at 11:30 am and continues the journey.

Bhusawal Junction
Bhusawal junction comes under Jalgaon district of Maharashtra that serves Bhusawal. It is among the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways. Around 289 trains pass through the station and almost fourteen trains originates from here. The train arrives to the station at 19:30 and halts for ten minutes. You can order food at Bhusawal junction and get delivered at their seat. The train offers you the pantry services but it is limited and you crave for something more. RailRestro e-catering partner of IRCTC serves you the best food options in train for the journey.

After covering such long distance, train reaches Pune at 5:30 on the third day. This train is the most preferred train to travel from Danapur to Pune. If you are planning to travel from this train, it is advisable to book your tickets 120 days before the journey.